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30 Day Organizing Challenge

30 Day Organizing Challenge

With the holidays quickly on their way, I’ve noticed a lot of projects around the house that need some attention! I decided that a 30 day organizing challenge was just what I needed to get things in order. All it takes is a quick project everyday, and you’ll have an organized life from the closets to your day planner!

30 Day Organizing Challenge

Day 1

Start off by looking around your cluttered home. Notice where piles of things are naturally collecting, and place a container or paper bin there. Stop clutter in its tracks and make it easier to put things where they belong!

30 Day Organizing Challenge

Day 2

Find a cute basket and place it next to the front door. Fill it with library books that need to be returned, mail that needs to be sent, or anything that can be taken with next time you leave the house!


Day 3

Tackle the spice cabinet with a tension rod. It lifts the small bottles and cans so you can see everything and still have space underneath! Here are 25 clever ways to organize with tension rods.


Day 4

How’s the laundry room looking? Refill all your homemade laundry products, clean the shelf underneath them, and consider cleaning the washer and dryer. Learn how to clean a top-loading washer, a front-loading washer, and the dryer.


Day 5

I don’t know about you, but my wallet is full of unused punch cards and old receipts. Take a few minutes to go through your wallet and throw out all the trash! You might even want to try an app like CardStar to replace membership and rewards cards.


Day 6

Learn how to organize an artful bookshelf! Set out a few new photos in frames, get rid of clutter, and consider adding a plant or some flowers! :-)

30 Day Organizing Challenge

Day 7

Do you have a board game collection? Puzzles and board games can take up a lot of valuable closet space, so try putting puzzle pieces or game pieces into a baggie to save room!


Day 8

Organize the car! Use some silicon cupcake liners in the cup holders, add a trash bin, and get all your documents in one spot.


Day 9

Take a day for organizing your digital life! Declutter your desktop, sort through your email inbox, manage passwords and more. This one is a big day for me!


Day 10

Organize your entertainment center – putting discs into a disc wallet saves SO much room! Check out all these other tips for organizing the living room, too. If you don’t have time to handle each project, make a list and save them for the end of the challenge. :-)

30 Day Organizing Challenge

Day 11

Find a drawer or bin that could use some dividers! You can use tension rods, old boxes, or find some simple dividers from a dollar store. I used these mesh baskets to keep all my tape organized. :-)

Day 12

Choose one of these 25 ways to organize gift wrap and all your gifting supplies!

Cleaning Your Fridge

Day 13

Toss out all the old food in your fridge and freezer, give it a clean, and try some of these organizing tips!


Day 14

Focus on the kitchen today. Choose a cupboard or two, add a few organizing bins, or click here for tips just about organizing a pantry!


Day 15

I love my jewelry collection, and have tried quite a few ways to organize it! This one utilizes an old thread rack, I made this one with chicken wire and an old frame, but my favorite is this hidden shadow box jewelry case. It looks great hanging on the wall!

Day 16

Do you keep a day planner? If so, tidy it up and make sure you have everything on your calendar. If not, try these handy printables! The daily agenda is great for really busy days. Stay tuned for next year’s printables! :-)

Day 17

Organize the bedroom closet with a few cheap organizing bins. I wrote this post in 2012, and my closet has stayed pretty darn tidy since! :-)


Day 18

Finish up the bedroom by organizing the dresser and nightstand.


Day 19

Make a “Best of” folder for the pictures on your smart phone. It will make it easy to find your favorites quickly. :-) You can make as many folders as you want, but I love how simple it is to keep track of one folder full of the best.

30 Day Organizing Challenge

Day 20

Organize your keychain! If you started using CardStar to organize your wallet in Day 5, then you can throw out a bunch of membership cards. I was able to get rid of a few unused keys, and started using a handy keychain organizer. So much nicer!


Day 21

My essential oil collection takes up a whole drawer, but you can use these organizing tips for any small items!


Day 22

An organized bathroom makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier! Here are some tips for saving space in a bathroom of any size.


Day 23

Try the app PaperKarma to control all the junk mail you get. Just take a picture of the catalog or envelope, and the app does the rest – no more junk mail!


Day 24

My garage tends to be a gathering place for junk. Sort through everything and check out these tips for making your garage easy to organize!

Day 25

Searching for important documents can be such a hassle! Here are my best tips for keeping all your paperwork organized with a simple method!

Day 26

Check out these 10 steps to prepare your kitchen for the holidays. Clean the fancy dishes, stock up on basics, and learn how to calibrate your oven here.

DIY Organization

Days 27-30

At this point, you’ll know exactly what projects are left over! Check out this list of 45 organizing tips or these 25 frugal organizing DIYs if you need some ideas. Every home has a different closet or nook that needs organizing, so everyone’s challenge will end a bit differently. You might even get to finish a few days early! :-) Happy organizing!

What area of your home needs the most organizing help?

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  • I have/do the 30 day challenge every month as I clean on a daily basis, things (dirt or clutter) don’t get out of hand. But on the other hand, I don’t have kids at home, just a messy husband……………..when I had kids at home, it was a challenge just to get out of bed……….As always, thanks for the tips. It is a rare day that I can’t glean some info from your blog…………

  • This organizing challenge made me realize that we’ve stacked a lot of scratches in drawers and on tabletops. Must deal with them later. Thanks for this post! Seems like another bonding moments for us with my kids. :)

  • My proudest organization moment:
    I would usually haul wrapping supplies from upstairs to downstairs so I could wrap gifts at my dining room table, only to haul it all back up. I came to the realization that my buffet wasn’t being used for ‘good’. My older buffet has two long drawers in the middle, one on top of the other, as well as two doors, one on either side.

    The bottom long drawer holds all my rolls of wrapping paper. The top drawer holds the sheets of paper, rolls of ribbon, gift tags, tape, scissors, etc.

    Behind both doors are 4 clear, covered tote boxes. On one side, one of the totes holds bows and the other tissue paper. On the other side is a tote of Christmas gift bags while the other tote holds all other gift bags.

    Now, my wrapping supplies are two feet from my table!

  • My children have been raised with a Goodwill Box near the front door. As they outgrow clothing, or toys…it is up for grabs or gifted to another family member first. If no one in the family wants it, it goes in the Goodwill Box. The items in the box can also go to Salvation Army, Big Brother Big Sister, church or any other organization that can use it. We regularly go through our closets before holidays or birthdays, to make room. Because they are used to it, there is no fighting to get rid of clutter…THEY control what they want to collect and get rid of. We live in an apartment, sometimes we put toys next to the mail pickup with a note: FREE from apartment #. A few times we have found a thank you note later. :D

  • I like to shop my home when I do an organizing challenge. My questions to myself is: Would I buy this item for this purpose if I were buying it today? Does it work? Is it beautiful? Both beautiful and useful are best but every thing needs to be one or both.

  • I love the tips for the garage, I may just have to organize “his side while doing the rest of it, lol! I have to have the whole garage unified and organized!
    Next will be room from room moving in to I finish the house before the New Year. Thanks Jillee, you always have the best tips for my home exactly when I need the nudge! Have a great Thanksgiving filled with family and new traditions!

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