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A Beautiful and Surprisingly Affordable Garage Door Makeover

Garage Door Makeover

My garage door has definitely seen better days. Every time I pull my car into the garage, I look at my poor banged-up garage door and sigh a little bit. But I haven’t actually done anything about it until recently, because I was convinced that my only option was to replace the garage door entirely, and I wasn’t quite ready to commit to such a financial investment. A week or so ago, I had just about had it with my garage door, and was almost ready to start calling around for quotes, when I saw this post featuring a garage door makeover on Pinterest Addict.

Her garage door transformation opened my eyes to the possibility of not replacing my garage door, but simply giving it a fresh, new look. And better yet, this simple project turns any standard garage door into a faux “carriage” door, a country-chic style that I’ve always loved. So I decided I would give it a shot, and BOY was I surprised at how well it turned out! My garage now looks like a million bucks from the street, and not only did it take me about 30 minutes to complete, but the whole thing cost me about $40 in supplies. Spending $40 on a DIY makeover, rather than spending $1,000 or more on a new garage door, is a HUGE win in my book! Read on to learn how I did it, and how easy it is to do your own garage door makeover!

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“Carriage-Style” Garage Door Makeover

Garage Door Makeover

You’ll need:

Garage Door Makeover

Start by preparing the hardware. Stick the round pads over the magnets to prevent the hardware from scratching.

Garage Door Makeover

Then place the hardware on your desired locations on your garage door. Simple as that!

Next, you’ll create your windows. There are simulated window kits for garage doors that you can purchase online, but they’re quite expensive! A more affordable option is to create the illusion of windows with a coat of black paint.

Garage Door Makeover

Tape off the top rectangular sections on your garage door. (We chose to leave the two outside sections alone, because the frame of my garage door angles in at the corners.)

Garage Door Makeover

You can either fill each section in completely with your black exterior paint, or you can use intersecting pieces of painter’s tape to create a “paned” look. We chose to fill in each section entirely, just to keep things simple.

Garage Door Makeover

And that’s it! A total garage face-lift, from start to finish, in about a half hour. I’m so happy with how it turned out, and I wish I would have done it a long time ago! :-)

Here are a couple of additional tips I wanted to mention, based on our experience with this project:

  • If you’re having the same hot summer days that we are here in Utah, set aside some time at the beginning or end of the day to do your painting. We ended up painting in the heat of the day, around 2pm, and we found out that paint gets pretty finicky in the heat!
  • If you have access to a pressure washer (or even a high powered spray nozzle for your hose), use it to clean your garage door before starting. Painting over dirt is messy, and could also prevent the paint from adhering properly.

What’s your favorite affordable home makeover project?

Garage Door Makeover

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  • This is a great idea. My garage doors are ugly beige, very cheap looking. Haven’t been able to figure anything to do with them except replace at a good expense. Will go home and have another look at what I have and try your idea. Thanks so much!!!!

  • If I use all the parts of the kit comes with I’m wondering what to do with a handle that is already on the garage door. Did you not have one?

  • That looks wonderful! I just wish we didn’t live in an HOA where they have the thought police and ban anything that is not just the same as everyone else. I love the originality

  • It looks nice. I think a good washing helps anything, I take a deck scrubber on a long pole and a bucket of soapy water and the hose with the spray nozzle and give my garage a hearty scrub every summer. Big improvement.

    • Are they metal? I assumed they were plastic. I’m going to look next time I go to a home imrovement store. I already have real windows………I’d like to sell soon, that would be a nice upgrade.

      • I am NOT an “online” shopper…….but I clicked on “decorative garage door accents” (above) and got the answer. I will still check Home Depot or Lowes, but you can get them on Amazon for $21.99+shipping. They are magnetic plastic…..and I doubt if they’d need to be screwed in place. At the most, a dab of gorilla glue would hold them.

    • Debbie, take a look at your local hardware store. You’ll be able to find metal pieces (these are plastic) that screw on (instead of magnets). :-)

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