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Tips For An Organized Bathroom

Bathroom Organization

Welcome to Fall Organization Week on One Good Thing By Jillee! All this week we are focusing on organizing our homes…room by room. So far we’ve addressed the Kitchen, the Family Room, and the Bedroom. Things are about to get even more intimate as we head into the Bathroom. :-) We hope you will join us all week and, more importantly, that you will join in the conversation and share YOUR ideas as well! Everyone who leaves a comment this week will be automatically entered to win a special prize that will be announced at the end of this post! :-) Let’s keep this organizing party going!

Britta writes…………

Compared to other rooms in our homes, it might not seem like the bathroom should need much of our attention when it comes to organizing. But when you think about it, it’s a pretty vital room! We begin each day in the bathroom by showering, brushing our teeth, putting on makeup, and so on. Having to deal with the clutter and chaos of a disorganized bathroom can influence your mood for the rest of the day! So here are some steps I recently took to ensure that my bathroom routine, and hopefully my mornings as a whole, remain chaos-free.

Bathroom Organization

The first issue I confronted was the fact that I was using the corners of the tub as storage for my shampoo and conditioner, and wanted a better storage solution. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and picked up a shelf, a mirror, and a hook to hang up in the shower. The shelf now holds my shampoo and conditioner, and it has some hooks on the side where I can hang my razor.

Bathroom Organization

The mirror is for my husband, who prefers shaving in the shower. He can put his shaving cream and brush on the shelf while he is shaving, which is super convenient.

Bathroom Organization

The hook hangs on the opposite wall under the showerhead, and is the perfect place to hang our loofahs.

Bathroom Organization

Another thing I picked up at the store was a step trash can. Until now we had a small, open trash can, and it was kind of gross. It also contributed to the cluttered feeling in the bathroom when it was full. This new one I picked up is the perfect size and it has a removable liner which will make it easy to empty when it gets full.

Bathroom Organization

I also picked up an inexpensive over-the-door towel rack to hang our bath towels on. This freed up the existing towel rack, which we can now use for hand towels for our guests to use when we have company over.

Bathroom Organization

With shower-related issues sorted, I now had to face my storage issues. The medicine cabinet that we use to store most of our daily-use toiletries felt cluttered, but I wasn’t sure what I could do to improve things. Then I saw these great small bins at Target and knew they were my solution! They’re perfect for keeping the little things contained in the cabinet, such as tweezers and nail clippers. I also got another one for my husband’s comb collection. ;-)

Bathroom Organization

Fortunately, the under-the-sink situation has stayed pretty organized since I wrote about it on the blog a few months ago, so I just needed to tidy it up a bit. CLICK HERE to read about how I tackled this notoriously disorganized space!

Other Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Bedroom Organization

If you have drawers in your bathroom that never seem to stay orderly, then drawer organizers are a must! Everything will have its own space and stuff won’t be rolling around every time you shut the drawer.

Bedroom Organization

Hair dryers can take up a lot of space inside a cupboard or drawer. Get it out of the way while still keeping it accessible by mounting a magazine rack to the inside of a cupboard.

Bathroom Organization

An empty stretch of wall can be a great place for extra storage. If you’re DIY-inclined and a lover of mason jars (and I mean, who isn’t??), then why not make yourself one of these cute mason jar organizers?

Bedroom Organization

I’ve seen this clever method for storing makeup all over Pinterest lately. Simply hang a sheet of metal (even a sheet pan would work). attach some adhesive magnets to your makeup, and hang your makeup from the sheet. No more digging around in drawers to find your mascara!

Bedroom Organization

If your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of existing storage, there are a ton of great options out there for you. Wire shelves are relatively inexpensive and can add storage to even the most narrow of bathrooms. There are also shelves that go over the toilet if you’re seriously cramped.

How do YOU stay organized in the bathroom?

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  • I use different containers to keep things together. One for hair ties and bobby pins, another for band aids and such, nail clippers and tweezers in one container. Hair brushes and combs in there own basket. I loved the idea for using a magazine rack to store my hair dryer in! :)

  • Great ideas! I bought a fabric shoe holder with 16 pockets (4 across, 4 down). Poked small holes in the bottom of the pockets (to allow water to drain), & put our needs in each pocket. A pocket for “girls” bodywash, “boys” bodywash, shampoo, conditioner etc and hang it in the shower. I took a tension rod & laid it on the opposite side of the shower head to hang it (I have no wall on one side, just a shower curtain) & it works great, although you could probably hang it on the shower rod also. I only needed 8 pockets, so I cut in the middle, & when I need to replace it, I have another ready…just add a few grommets! ps. I sent one with my daughter to college…she loves it…AND it’s machine washable!!

  • I cannot use my under-the-sink cabinet storage so things are a bit cluttered on the sink area which I don’t like. I used to use an over-the-door shoe organizer, but found that it did not do very well with heavy items and ended up tearing. However, I’m thinking that maybe I could use one for lighter items, especially makeup, which would work better I think.

    • To add, I really like Command adhesive hooks. A great way to get them is at Michael’s and I use the 40% coupons on these. Love that they are removable and can be reused. I’m on a very tight budget and use workable items that don’t cost a lot – a Sterilite cart on wheels, Sterilite small 3-drawer organizers, dollar store drawer organizers, wire baskets to use empty vertical space. I think also that decluttering really helps and is necessary when you have a small house or small rooms (as I’m in the process of doing). :)

  • I installed a pegged rail instead of a standard towel rack. Each family member has a peg for their wet towels to air dry and use again. Less washing makes the towels last longer.

  • I have 3 daughter’s ranging from 2-9, and our biggest organization problem in the bathroom is hair doodads (dozens of headbands, charities, bows and clips). The bows and clips went on a clever bow holder a friend made (2 ribbons hanging from a pink painted piece of wood). For our plethora of headbands I covered 2 oatmeal containers (the large ones) with pretty fabric using glue and the headbands are slipped around the containers. You can fit about a dozen thin headbands from top to bottom. Then all the hairties, scrunchies, bun makers, Bobbie pins, etc are organized in small zip veggies and shoved inside the oatmeal containers. Lid goes on and problem solved. I got this idea on pintrest. There are tons of different ones using different things to hold the headbands. I liked this one because of the inside storage.

  • Can I just say… I HATE THE BATHROOM, I’ve organized and purged, and organized again, it never ever stays organized….. ugh….. That’s all, thanks for the post.

  • We have a three compartment dispenser that goes in the shower. I have shampoo, conditioner and body wash in it. Now the bottle clutter is gone and the kids don’t waste as much of the expensive toiletries because bottles can’t fall over accidentally!

  • I use a little pocket chart I think it was for jewelry but it hangs on a towel rack and holds all the little things as I don’t have any drawers and pipes fill up space under the sink. I also keep all the hair bands on a metal ring that hangs on a hook.

  • I keep my bathroom organized several different ways. All of our cold meds, pain relievers, band aids, etc, go on the door of our linen closet on an Elfa system. Everything is visible and easy to put back or straighten quickly when others (dh, dd) don’t put things back correctly. I also take the time 2 x a year to go thru the meds and toss anything that has expired. These tips take only a few minutes and I can always tell what I have at a quick glance.

    I use my daughter’s bath time to clean under my sink in the bathroom. I have everything containerized, so it only takes a few minutes every other month or so, to pull stuff out, wipe out the cabinet and make sure everything is in it’s place.

    I love using the time my daughter is in the shower to “steal” a few quick minutes to keep things straightened up in the bathroom, with so many products things can get out of hand quickly.

  • […] shared with you this week. We started out in the Kitchen, moved to the Family Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, and left off in the Garage yesterday. Today we wrap up the week with the Backyard. Little did I […]

  • I hung a jewelry organizer over the shower curtain in my girls’ bathroom. They keep their lotion and shower gel in the taller pockets, ponytail holders in the smaller pockets, and then their brushes and combs in the larger pockets at the bottom. It keeps the drawers free from all of their hair stuff plus it’s easy for them to find.

  • I tend to use shoe size bins for organizing in the bathroom but I can definitely use many of your tips. I think my son’s bathroom needs some simple bins to organize his mess. Thanks for sharing all the great tips.

  • I have a roll up makeup bag with a hook on it that i keep items in i would take traveling. It’s easy to use stuff from it when I just hang it on the towel hook and easy to put back.

  • I have something similar to the mason jar thing that you showed on my wall, however everything else is pretty cluttered and frustrating. I have no drawers only a cabinet under the sink…>:(. I am def going to look into these organizing ideas because it is becoming unbearable!

  • I use the tips you mention plus I always keep paper towels now near the sink just in case of spills and a Mr Clean so I can always have a clean sink which I can’t stand it to be dirty… I use a kitchen rack in my one bath to keep my towels stacked there so whenever anyone is visiting can always find their clean towels I love the towel racks so very much and I a have a crafty fish hook for my own towels … I believe whenever grandchildren visit they should leave the bath room as they found it which is dry and clean :) love your tips and all your inspirations to get organized.. I am learning not to leave any medicines in the bathroom to be safe and to protect the little visitors that might want to investigate… and wow what a great giveaway… wtg but I just love it when organized pros help peeps like me to improve my home … I grew up w/o a mother to teach me and feel like omgoosh I need to learn so much.. thanks tons

  • I love the ideas posted for organizing a bathroom! Especially screwing baskets to the inside of the vanity cabinets. Perfect for not getting your stuff wet with a leaky sink.
    I have such a small bathroom it is so hard to organize anything. I did invest in a 3 drawer rubbermade stand to put sanitary/hair/nail/razors ect. I also have drawers under the sink to contain my mess but it doesn’t always stay neat so I will definitely have to try the under the sink suggestions.
    I have a full medicine cabitnet and another over the toilet cabinet for extras, but even with everything having a place the small space looks cluttered. Definitely need a makeover.
    thanks for all the great ideas—carol-ann—

  • I prefer to use the vertical space in my bathroom because out counter space is so limited. I use a corner shower organizer, the kind that is a tension rod and has the shelves, on the corner of my counter. It has four shelves and since it is a tension rod it holds itself steady from the counter to the ceiling and frees up the counter space.

  • My tip: I have a small bathroom. There are 2 adults plus 3 small children. I found 2 small twin size h eadboards and stacked them on top of one another and screwed them to the wall for towels and bathroom items. I also put an over the toilet shelf over my washing machine so I could put laundry supplies. I bought the h eadboards at a thrift shop for 10$ piece. Everyone that comes over asked where did you get your beautiful piece for your bathroom? When I tell them it’s two h eadboards stuck together they can’t believe it. I also made a cereal station for my children. I have 2 big containers where they can turn the knob and cereal comes out. The pop tarts are in cute dollar tree baskets . The toaster is on the same shelf with plastic spoons and bowls. My children LOVE it ! They feel so big fixing it themselves.

  • Our only bathroom is 5′ x 7′, including the tub, so organization is MAJOR. I installed a hook in the ceiling above the back end of the tub, in the corner, and hung a plastic 3-tiered kitchen basket. This is a great place to store all of our tub toys – we just scoop them out of the tub and drop them into the baskets, sorted by size, and the water drips right back into the tub!

  • I tried to find a way to include a picture of my organization DIY that I made using foam poster boards (cut to size ), spray adhesive, material (2 different patterns /colors), scissors, hot glue gun, ruler and nails, but I couldn’t find a way to attach my picture. I am so proud of my completed DIY shelf for my everyday make-up and it can be customized to the size you need. I have been using it for the last 5 months and I cannot put into words How Nice it has been during my rushed morning routine to have my everyday make-up at arms reach and a way to keep my counters clutter free easy and fast. Since make-up isn’t very heavy, I haven’t had a problem with the foam board not being sturdy enough. I came up with the idea by watching a YouTube video about making a drawer organizer out of foam board and fabric and just customized the sizes and made it into my own fabulous shelf that I can take with me to my new vanity area when I finally get around to setting it up.

  • I love your idea of using a magazine rack as a blow dryer holder. I also use towel hooks behind the door but instead of rods that I found do not allow towels to dry I found a set of four hooks of a wooden slat that fits the width of my door. We hung it at doorknob level to allow each of my children to have a place for their own towels. I also hung a small corner shelf behind the toilet for electic toothbrushes

  • I love the shelf for your shower! This is something I need to invest in too! And the enclosed garbage would be a life saver with a curious 2 year old at home! I’m always worrying about what’s in the garbage. Closing it would help tremendously!

  • My bathroom is tiny and shared by 7 people. We use hooks for our towels which work nicely. The best tip I found was to put a shower curtain rod on the inside of the tub high up and against the wall. Then I hung wire baskets or hooks to hold our shower supplies and razors.

  • I use a clear shoe organizer in my daughters bathroom for her make up, bushes and hairs stuff. Right over te door. Love it. Now only if she would put things back.

  • I bought a wire shelf from Bed Bath and Beyond for my bathroom clutter (our bathroom has no medicine cabinet so we are Really short on storage) but I found that everything was constantly getting tipped/knocked over because of the metal bars on the shelves. Answer? Baskets from the Dollar Store! Everything now has a home, is out of guests sight, and the colors go great with my bathroom color scheme! It makes storage fun!

  • I use a basket for the things I use, then stash away under sink so I can tackle the mess left from the other 5 people in my house! Also, plz let me know how those gadgets end up holding up in your most wet environment!! Curious..

  • I use a rolling bar cart in my bathroom to hold folded bath towels and lotions. I put rolled hand towels in bottom round wine slots and a basket of washcloths on bottom shelf. The handle of the cart is perfect to hang my washcloth to dry.

  • My bathroom solution is a collection of small to medium baskets to corral categories of supplies in the cupboard, drawer and cabinets under the counter. We have a new house and are very fortunate to have plenty of storage in each of the bathrooms! I enjoy reading the tips — there is always something to make my system better (or cute ideas I can’t resist) even with plenty of space.

  • The drawer where our 5yo keeps his toothbrush and paste is frequently gross. Imagine. ;) I “lined” the drawer with a washcloth. Now I can just toss it into the wash weekly and not worry about cleaning toothpaste off the drawer or nasty thing growing. So simple but it has eliminated the frustration I felt as he is learning how to keep things neat. (A girl can dream, right??)

  • Over the door shoe organizers are great! I have them all over the house–coat closet for gloves/mittens, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas, keys, wallets, etc. Bathroom for hair accessories, makeup, etc. Linen closet for otc medicines, alcohol, witch hazel, peroxide, ointments, extra toothbrushes, etc.

    Also, I couldn’t find a place in my bathroom to hang a hand towel ring, so I hung a nice metal Command hook on the wall-to-wall mirror in between the two sinks. Problem solved!

  • I found a really cool stainless steel shower caddy that fits over the shower head. It has room for all my different shampoos, conditioners, razor, shaving cream, even toothbrush and toothpaste. I just ordered a fog free mirror to hang in there as well (I’ve read it is time saving to also floss in the shower – but I’ll be darned if I can do it without a mirror). I am really, really enjoying these organizing posts. I find something helpful in each and every one of them. Jillee, I think you should do a room by room too. I bet we’d get a lot of ideas from you too.

  • I use a combination of things to manage space in my tiny bath ~ an over the toilet storage tower adds space for frequently used items like various body washes & their matching lotions (I like to pick different scents nearly every day), hair products are in a drawer under the sink. There’s a hanging caddy for body wash, razor, wide tooth comb, etc & (unfortunately) I’m still using the corners of the tub for my WEN, since it uses a pump & doesn’t play nice w the caddy (don’t ask how I know lol).
    Makeup & first aid supplies are in med size plastic 3 drawer storage units kept outside the bathroom, as are extra linens.
    All of this will have to be rethought when I move at the end of the month, and the gift card would be an absolute blessing in helping me get organised, especially in the miniscule kitchen!

  • When my husband travels he brings home the cream rinse, lotion etc from the hotel rooms. I found a cute basket at a thrift store for them and put them in the guest bathroom.

  • Plastic bins to keep cleaning supplies together. Plastic bins to keep extra shampoo, toothpastes, toothbrushes together. Small plastic bins in the drawers to keep band aids, Neosporin, tissue packets et al together. And a small bookcase for reading material!

  • I have shelves in my bathroom. I use baskets to store things like toilet paper and brushes. I use S hooks to hang my hair dryer and curling brush on wire shelves in my bathroom. I also hang my necklaces from the S hooks on the side of the shelves. I keep an old ice cream bucket under the bathroom sink to put the toilet brush in.

  • Our bathroom is small so we utilize the under the sink area for storage with small bins and hooks. We have floating shelves and wall hooks for items we use regularly.

  • We have hooks on the back of the door to hang bathrobes. We also have a storage cabinet that sits over the toilet. My best tip, though, is purge what you don’t use!

  • i’ve learned that less is more in our bathroom. We have 3 shelves above the commode and that is ALL the storage we have. one shelf holds rolled towels/washcloths, the other two have a total of 4 small baskets for holding items brushes, hairspray, lotion, shaving cream. How we accomplish this it to keep all the extras out of the bathroom in in a hall closet. extra cans/toothpaste/etc dont need to be stored in the bathroom. We wait until the one in the bathroom is completely empty before we bring the replacement item in.

  • One of the best things I did in our bathroom isn’t an organizational tip unless it keeps you from having to have a hand mirror. When we changed our mirror/medicine cabinet out, we mounted the old mirror on the back of the door. Now I can see the back of my head when I’m styling my hair as our sink with the new mirrored medicine cabinet is directly in front of the door.

  • I’m curious, the hook under the shower head isn’t the same one in the link. Do you know where i could find the one featured? And how much it is?

  • I use stick on hooks on the inside of the vanity doors to hold mirror, brush, hairdryer, etc. Other stuff is sorted into themed baskets inside for cleaning supplies, oral care, hair care, and decorations. (I like to change out the decorative items in the main powder room by season.) No need to go outside the room to fix it up.

  • I have 2 deep drawers in my bathroom vanity. In one of them I have one of those plastic organizers that fit in the bottom of the drawer and make small square or diamond shaped compartments (I think they are marketed to use in dresser drawers for socks). I keep my daily toiletries in this drawer, with everything in a separate compartment. I have used this for 10 years now, and it is one of the most useful organizing tools I have.
    Love your site, Jillee, and I also learn so much from all the comments.

  • I put a set of 3 plastic drawers under the bathroom cabinet and stored all our meds in it. Each drawer is labeled with what type of med is in that drawer and then I used small plastic baskets from the dollar store inside each drawer. I LOVE it. Makes finding what I need easy and the kids can actually put it away because they know where it goes.

  • This is such an enjoyable series……I love the ideas and really enjoy reading the various posts…..picked up some good pointers in this one…..

  • That Britta and her under the sink solution!!! Brilliant for a small space. I looked up the storage she bought and will get one asap! You girls are so wonderful to share all you do with us. Thanks

  • I have VERY little space in my bathroom. I have no cabinets at all so I have installed 3 shelves over the toilet and a small 3-drawer roll around plastic tote under the sink next to the shower…(barely fit).

  • Love all the great ideas and tips. I use a large lazy susan under my bathroom sink. The only problem is not to store anything taller than the pipe that’s hanging. It’s so easy to find things and they don’t get pushed to the back of the cabinet. I have a cleaning bucket, cleaning supplies ie: sponges, ajax, used toothbrushes and such. Thanks for the giveaway !!

  • I use these clear small containers (8w x 2d x 2h) from command. I put them behind the middle mirror of my medicine cabinet (alternating heights according to the shelf position) and I use them for my essentials oils. It keeps them accessible, out of sunlight and visible. You just use the command strips (adhesive) to attach them to the mirror. I purchased three of them and LOVE THEM…..

  • My bathroom garbage can solution is a IKEA hack (wish I could send a picture). The Rationell Variera trash basket is a small trash basket that hangs on the wall. I covered it with fabric to pretty it up and left an extra piece of fabric as a cover flap to hide the trash. Keeping floors clear is my pet peeve (every room). Keeping the bathroom floor clear makes the vacuuming of carpet & cleaning commode tile area almost painless.
    I hung one on the inside of the sink cabinet in the kitchen too–no pretty cover–but a small trash can from the Dollar Tree serves a a liner & is easy to empty.

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the magazine holder for the blow dryer and curling irons!!!!!!!! I am going to do that today!!! For my idea, I use a handled, plastic basket under the sink for all my cleaning supplies for the bathroom. That way, it’s contained and portable.

  • I am getting ready to remodel my master bath. I am going to get an 18 inch wide kitchen pantry cabinet to put next to the sink cabinet. It has adjustable shelves and I have purchased several purple organizer items to use on the shelves. I am going to remove the bottom couple af shelves and put in a slide out rack so I can get to items at the bottom without having to get on the floor to see what is at the back! I have some divided containers for makeup and a drawer one for hair stuff. I cannot wait to get it done, but first we have to finish the kitchen remodel. It just needs the grouting done on the counters and backsplash and it will be complete!

  • I love the wire shelving idea, but I especially love the sink cabinet in that picture. Floor water on wood is inevitable in the bathroom, that’s a disaster (rot, mold, swelling, etc). Having a floating cabinet solves that problem.

    I have a radiator in my bathroom but found that the over-the-toilet shelves work perfectly there.

  • I found a good solution for hanging towels. Our toilet room has a door for privacy from the rest of the bathroom. I put large command hooks on the back of the door so the towels are hidden from view. Also, if you don’t have a linen closet, consider buying a kitchen cabinet from lowes and hanging it above the toilet. We have done it in both bathrooms. Looks great and give lots of storage. You just have to hang it high enough that your husband won’t hit his head when he sits down. By the time you buy all those organizers, a cabinet would have cost less and looks good. They are not very expensive at all.

  • I like to keep my lotion and a couple of other things on my counter top in the bathroom, but I keep them in a small tray I found at the dollar store. It seems to make my few items look orderly and nice instead of making it feel cluttered.

  • We have a VERY small bathroom. We use bins under the sink so keep ourselves organized as well as shelves in the shower. I also keep my cords inside an old toilet paper roll to help prevent the cords from snagging on things.

  • The biggest help for me has been the individual drawer organizers for kitchen flatware —Rubbermaid makes them — I have these long, thin organizers in my medicine cabinet and it keeps things together and prevents items from falling out when the door is open and I am looking for what I need. LOVE that idea of the magazine holder inside the cabinet for holding the hair dryer.

  • We have an old shower rod that is hanging inside our shower, up against the back wall. There’s several baskets hanging from it and all of our shower items are organized in it. That way we don’t have to pick everything up when it’s time to clean.

    We also have a couple of small shelves hanging up next to our sinks. Our daily toiletries are sitting on them. Again, it’s less to pick up and it helps keep the counters looking nice.

  • Over-the-door does not work in our rental house. The doors fit too close, so I use tension rods. We lacked towel bars in one bathroom, but I found one on the internet that fits between the floor and ceiling (Zenith Products). We also needed a shower organizer, so I popped for the expensive simplehuman design. Boy, it is worth every penny- that thing is great! We also have an unused tub in another bath, so I use it for storage. I put a plastic shelving unit in it to store cleaning supplies and little used necessities suit cases, etc. I used a tension shower rod and extra long shower curtain which hides everything. You would never know it was there, but I don’t really care if anyone looks because I think it is a great use of space.

  • Hair brushes and combs live in a beautiful vintage McCoy cachepot. Tooth brushes, in a cup in a color matched basket basket next to it along with toothpaste, shaving cream and, tucked into the handle the current disposable razor. For my vanity drawers I’ve raided my overflowing kitchen supply of plastic storage boxes . I have all sizes and shapes and they work for everything! Their virtue is that they usually have higher sides than the purpose bought ones. From small ones for essential oils to larger ones for cotton pads and makeup extras! Everything has a space and a place. When I designed the vanity I included rounded shelves along one side. Towels are stacked there and washcloths sit in small baskets sold for napkins.

  • Baskets baskets baskets! I use baskets on a shelf for my hair tools, my girls’ headbands and ponytails. And a tray organizer for my Bobby pins, combs and clear elastics underneath my sink I have a basket for lotions. Love the shower tips!.

  • I use Command hooks on the back of the door to hang up damp towels. It also helps that my husband has his own bathroom so I have the luxury of some added space to organize just my things.

  • Ohhh pullleez! How did I ever make it through 2 kids(3 including my adorable hubby!) I LOVE your simple ideas: the magazine racks that I almost threw out yesterday, now hold my blowdryer, and the other is now under my kitchen sink for my dish detergent and my scrubbers! What a simple, easy & cost-effective solution! My mason jars are beautiful hanging up on my “inherited piece of wood from my grandfathers homestead from the 1800’s” -even moreso now with a mirror behind them touched with individual paper flowers for the season!!! Elegant and simple! I have only 1100 in this old farmhouse and you are my source (or addiction!) for my lack of closets and space! THANK YOU! From the whole family-we need you and your readers! Michelle:)

  • I recently took a short pressure shower rod and installed it at the end of our rectangular glass door shower stall. I then took shower hooks and hooked baskets on them. I now don’t have one of those corner ceiling to floor shelves that get icky and moldy, I don’t have bottles and stuff on the floor of the shower getting gross, they are all within reach in those baskets!
    I also organized my drawers with modular organizers and put velcro on the bottom of them so that they won’t slide around, looks good!

  • I love the makeup storage idea! I have a couple of bins under the sink that we use for hair things- I have a 12 year-old with all kinds of hair ties and bows, which were previously just floating around (talk about a mess). I got her three bins, and she has headbands in one, flat-irons/curling irons in another, and pony-tail holders and other odds and ends in the third.

  • Thank you for the great ideas. In my bathroom I use stackable plastic bins from Dollar Tree to store my items I don’t use that often in the back of my cabinet. It leaves the space in the front of the cabinet free for the items used more often.

  • I have some of the dinkiest bathrooms in existance and whoever built our house was not bright enough to add medicine cabinets (grr). Since my husband also thinks they’re silly and I don’t have the skills necessary to install one, I improvised with some small open shelves to put on the wall to hold the gells, deoderant and such taht I couldn’t fit into the (one) drawer. It works well as long as I don’t get lazy – I have to put them in “just right” to keep it all looking tidy. The shelves were ordered from Ikea.

  • I use terra cotta pots for my make-up brushes, in a larger basket that has all my lotions. I use small stackable Rubbermaid drawers for my make-up and make-up tools. LOVE the magazine rack idea for the hair dryer!

  • Very good and helpful ideas that I’ll use as I start to get organized.
    I don’t like to put a negative in, but, I do hope men (and women) who like to shave in the shower will re-think it. That’s a lot of water going down the drain. We’re facing critical water shortages in most parts of the country and it’s a habit that is easily changed.

  • We have an over the the toilet rack and baskets under the sink. We could definitely do more to streamline things, but it keeps all our stuff (mostly) in line!!

  • This is great! I just recently moved into a new place and the bathroom is SMALL, to say the least. I got spoiled to a larger bathroom with tons of cabinets and counter space, so having some fresh ideas to help me make my new situation work better is wonderful!

  • I have diy cardboard organizers in my bathroom drawer, but for years nothing stayed organized. This year, I finally figured out I need to LABEL the sections so that things get put back in the right place.

  • I have baskets that I keep in my cabinet. I’m not all that organized yet, but I am making it my goal to get organized. All these tips were a big help in getting to my goal, Thanks!

  • I am loving this organizational series!! I have a tiny bathroom. I don’t have a medicine cabinet either. :( I found a cabinet for over the toilet which I use for some things. Under my sink I have an organizational system similar to what you have showed. And for my daily use items, I keep everything in a small plastic bin (easy to wipe clean). Each night I pull the items out and as I use them, they go back in the basket. The basket stores neatly in one of the cabinet drawers. I LOVE the magazine file idea for my hair dryer. I’m definitely going to try that. Thanks for the giveaway Jillee.

  • Five of us share one upstairs bath. The vanity has four doors, two small drawers, and one long drawer. I found baskets that fit under the sink. Each person has their own basket. Of course they are color coded so no fighting. One small drawer holds feminine “stuff”, the other holds the small trash bags and extra baby wipes. The long middle drawer holds the hair dryer and various hair irons. The shelves are deep enough to hold the baskets and store extra tissue boxes, bathroom cleaners, etc.

  • i love your bathroom organization products. My only tip would be to only place those things you absolutely use everyday on the sink counter, anything used less often gets put away, too much clutter otherwise.

  • I love the magazine holder for the hair dryer – I plan to implement that one immediately! I use a lot of containers to organize the clutter – and a lot of vintage containers to hold qtips, cotton balls and toothbrushes. The local thrift stores are great, just imagine the size and/or color that would work and see what you can find. Of course, office desk organizers are great, too.

  • I don’t really have any hints to share, but I am thoroughly enjoying this week’s organizing theme. I am getting so many ideas that I intend to use! Thanks for the chance to get a gift card. I love The Container Store!

  • I use baskets to help corral clutter under my sinks. I have one for my dryer, curling iron, brush/comb, and hAir accessories. I have another one that I keep my makeup bag in, which holds all my makeup and allows for easy transport to the counter or my suitcase. I have another one, that is divided, to hold lotions, sunscreens, and peroxide and rubbing alcohol.

  • I have a pedestal sink in my bathroom, which means it’s hard to store anything. Hubby purchased several small wooden chests that we stack asymmetrically in the corner. One has the clippers and other hair cutting tools, one has first aid stuff, and the last has a hodge-podge of other items. Between the chests and the small medicine cabinet, everything is stored out of sight!

  • I’ve used shoe boxes for years to keep things tidy under the counter or in the linen closet! I also repurposed a 2 tiered corner shower caddy for the counter top, it keeps everything organized , up and off of the open space! Tessa~~~

  • I have a wooden rack hanging over the toilet that has a hole cut out to stick your hairdryer in, a place for a curling iron, brush, and area to stand styling products in. It frees up so much space in the cabinets, it’s great!

  • Thank-You for sharing all of these Awesome ideas! I especially Love the hair dryer storage. I have a bunch of those magazine holders hanging around.
    I just do storage /rubbermaid or $ store bins in my cabinets. I love all of the storage options that IKEA has also.

  • I use little plastic drawers on the shelves in my bathroom cabinet. Organized by what I use it for
    1 drawer has blush and powder & brushes to apply
    1 drawer has eye shadow, liner, pencils and brushes
    1 drawer has tubes of bb cream cc cream and sponges to apply these products (& foundation which is on a turntable on shelf above. I cannot stand to “look” for stuff. If I don’t make a habit of putting it back immediately (has to be handy) I may never find it again.
    Would love to win the card have lots mores ideas.
    PS. I am not a spammer. lol

  • Our master bathroom has two very small under the sink cabinets and no linen closet. I found some white distressed looking crates. We hung them on the wall to hold extra towels, soap, t-paper. It’s helped tremendously!

  • My best tip for organization is this….if its cluttered or causes you stress….put your thinking cap on and figure out a way to make it better. Don’t keep trying to use a system that isn’t working.

  • I’ve found the best organization method for me is to throw out all the stuff I don’t use. There are always half empty bottles of things I didn’t like or replaced with something better. It’s surprising how quickly this stuff stacks up. Thanks for the organization tips!

  • Keeping medicines in small plastic baskets sorted by type, cold/cough/flu/etc. Sunscreen also has its own basket. It helps when someone is ill and you need to find medicine fast.

  • Hi.

    This wouldn’t be an organizational tip, but more of an aesthetic one. I tiled underneath the bathroom sink on the floor of the vanity. It gives it a nice finished look and you can also match it to your flooring if you wish. Plus, it’s durable, so when things get wet, it’s an easy matter of wiping it off.

    Also, those textured shelf liners are great for lining the drawers of the vanity so that the contents don’t slip and slide.

  • I have 1 large bathroom that doubles as our ‘cat room’. The best thing I have done is purchase an over the toilet cabinet. I now have an organized space for towels, wash cloths and toilet paper. Even with 2 cats ruling the room, it stays organized, neat and clean.

  • Using clear plastic storage drawers under the sink works quite well. I’ve found it to be the best way to make use of vertical space while still having easy access to items. The Container Store has lots of different sizes. And even better, the drawers can be stacked to get even more use out of that vertical space!

  • I have lots of counter space so I roll my towels and stack them on a large, round tray. I also stand up all my makeup brushes in a heavy, clear, glass planter I found at Ikea for $2. Inside my cabinets, everything is in plastic baskets or bins that I can just slide in and out for easy access.

  • I have a clear plastic three drawer storage container that I keep under the sink. I am a makeup nut so I keep all things face related in the top drawer. (Foundation, blush, concealer etc). I keep all eye related things in the second drawer. (eyeshadow, mascaras, eyeliners, etc.) and then I keep all lip related items in the bottom drawer. (lipsticks, lipliners, lip balms etc.) Then I just pull out the drawer I want, set it on the counter and use what I want and then the drawer goes back under the sink. Love these organizational tips.

  • I use a wicker basket to keep extra towels in, since there is no closet in my bathroom. I also use lots of small storage containers to keep things organized under the sinks.

  • I have one of those pretty mirrored trays to gather toiletries on my counter.. To corral smaller things, I added a smal fruit dish that comes from my aunt’s china, and I use my grandma’s covered candy dish for some medicine. Repurposing these family heirlooms is a nice way for me to use them, and for me to remember their former owners.

  • What an amazing assortment, Jillee!

    I found a set of hooks at IKEA. They attach to the bathroom tile wall with suction cups. Perfect for those towels that end up in a pile on the bathroom counter. I have to admit, though, that they are still in the package.

  • The biggest thing fore is just throwing away old or used up products. My kids want to keep empty bottles to play with in the tub but they quickly add up to a big mess.

  • Thanks for all the tips! We’ve been putting some “displayable” necessaries, Qtips, cotton balls, in pretty glass jars that we can leave on an open shelf.

  • I use inexpensive 3-drawer plastic rolling carts all over… in coat closet – 1 drawer for hats, drawer 2 holds gloves, & drawer 3 is for scarves… we’re a family of 6 so we need lots of storage! I use 3 more carts in the pantry under the wall shelves to store craft supplies and gift wrap items.

  • I am really enjoying these organization tips! One if the best things that I did in my bathroom was to get a small Sterilite 3 drawer unit. It’s about 12 inches high and about 10 inches wide . I keep my makeup in this unit. One drawer for eyes, one for face, and one for lips. It sits neatly in a corner of my bathroom counter, and makes it convenient and easy to keep the counter neat. I also use a decorative flower pot for my makeup brushes. They stand on end and are within easy reach !

  • Intend to use the drawer bins idea for our bathroom! Thank you. Those numerous fingernail polish bottles and manicure tools were always cluttering our countertops, so I bought a small tool caddy from the dollar store and kept what fit in it. Now it all sits inside the cupboard, ready for “grab-and-go”.

  • I’m really liking all of these tips! My best bathroom drawer organizing tip is using small plastic containers of different sizes to house all of my daughters’ hair accessories. It keeps the bobby pins separate from the ponytail holders, and each item is much easier to find (when we all take the time to put things back in their proper place!) Somehow all the little containers fit together like a puzzle with just enough room for the brushes to lay down the side.

  • Ever since my sister and I started caring about our hair and make up, my mother was brilliant and put an over the door shoe organizer in our bathroom. It (I still have it over a decade later) has clear pockets so I can see everything. It is amazing for keeping things organized in a teeny bathroom. All your hair products, lotions, and bottles can fit. The bottom pouches are double wide and so my hair dryer can fit. All your hair accessories, including curling irons and straighteners can fit. It’s my personal favorite bathroom organizing tool.

  • I do a quality purge! I keep rarely used items together, and often used items grouped together. The rarely used, I keep boxed up in another area of the house. I keep my skin lotions in my bedroom, because I leave the humid bathroom, after bathing, as soon as possible.

  • We have two tiny bathrooms with very little storage space. I keep the toiletries I need each day in a basket. To make mornings faster and easier, before bed each night I line them up on the counter in the master bathroom in the order I use them. In the morning I put each item back in the basket as soon as I finish using it so there’s no clutter on the counter once I’m done. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • In my bathroom cabinets I use odd shaped or colorful glasses. I have purchased @ second hand stores. I perfer glass I find it easier to clean. Also. I purchased decorative clay pots (as you would use for house plants) and use them on my bathroom counter. I have a lighthouse theme, so. when I found a set of 3 rangeing from small to large. I use my hot glue gun & added pieces of felt to the bottems to prevent scratching. If you wanted you could paint or decal pot to your liking. I have my brushes. & comb in a large one, hair clips in another etc. Enjoying the comments & ideas for organizing room by room.

  • Oh – I forgot to leave my tip — for the kitchen — My small items in the freezer were constantly getting overlook – then thrown out (wasteful!), so, I have started using an empty salad container to hold all those little things. Just toss your vegetable peels/ends in a freezer bag (or cheese ends, or any small amounts of leftovers) then put into the salad container – it won’t get lost in the freezer!

  • Love all the hints for home organization – I am just moving into a new home and intend to put them all (or most all) to good use – especially in the bathroom.
    Thanks so much.

  • My bathroom is mega small. But there is a floor to ceiling cupboard behind the door that has three shelves and beneath the doors are three fairly deep drawers for linens and hot rollers, hairdryer, etc. On the shelves I keep various sized plastic drawer units. In one there are hair clips, ponytail holders, etc. In another , a bit larger, 2 drawers are for makeup…all organized so it can be selected easily to compliment different colors of clothing. The lower drawer is for dental items that aren’t needed everyday.
    On the the shelf above this is a still larger 2 drawer unit that keeps medical supplies, again organized so they can be accessed quickly when the need arises….band aids, bandages, tape, anticeptics, etc. In another drawer are medications for seasonal needs such as allergies, colds, flu, etc. Again these are all organized so they can be put to use quickly when they are needed. Also, near these drawers, in a plastic sleeve there are first aid instructions and directions stating which cold and flu remedies to use for different symptoms. I have found that when someone is feeling sick and feverish they are not always able to recall which thing works best. This has proven to been invaluable when feeling under the weather.

    • The only problem I have with under the sink…pipes, I will pull out the draw, organize and when I push it in, pipes are in the way…I then have to redo it

  • I am loving your organization series! I have one little trick that I use in the bathroom, instead of drawer organizers that can start to look a bit messy, I use zippered pouches. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and can easily be packed in a suitcase when traveling.

    • I love that idea! I hate opening my bathroom drawer to see stuff all over the place. And things inevitably end up in the wrong divider. It seems like a zipper pouch would be even more organized. Also they come in lots of pretty patterns =)

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