7 Easy “Gift In A Jar” Ideas You Can Put Together In No Time

gifts in a jar

Tired of bulky boxes, scraps of wrapping paper, and the constantly game of hide-and-seek with your scissors and tape? I certainly was back in the early years of my career blogging, which led to the birth of a modern twist on the classic gift basket concept: the “gift in a jar!”

Instead of using a basket, which the recipient may or may not actually use, I decided to arrange the gifts in one of my favorite large glass Anchor Hocking jars from Walmart! The jars themselves are endlessly useful, and using one as the “package” for a few smaller gifts is not only perfectly practical, but it looks beautiful too!

I’ve shared two installments of “gift in a jar” ideas thus far (catch up on those here and here.) And I’ll be adding to that list today with a brand new batch of simple and easy gift themes you can use for your own gifts in jar this year!

Because, let’s face it, it’s been a hectic year and the holidays should be something to celebrate, not stress over! And it doesn’t get much easier than filling a nice jar with a few small gifts. :-)

How To Make A Gift In A Jar

You’ll need:

  • Glass jar (these Anchor Hocking jars from Walmart are ideal and come in several sizes)
  • Shredded paper filler or tissue paper
  • Ribbon or bows
  • A gift theme (see below for ideas, or make up your own!)

7 “Gift In A Jar” Ideas To Give This Year

gifts in a jar

1. Bookworm Bonanza

Searching for a suitable gift for your favorite bibliophile? Put together a gift in a jar that’s all about reading! Choose a book you think they’d love and a book you think they need (my book One Good Life is brimming with tips, tricks, and hard-earned life lessons!) to serve as the centerpieces of your jar.

Sprinkle in a few bonus gifts if you want, like a clip-on reading light, bookmarks to keep their page, a reading-themed tree ornament, and some snacks to fuel their next marathon reading session!

gifts in a jar

2. Laundry Essentials

Everyone has to do laundry, making a laundry-centric gift in a jar a great gift for just about anyone on your list! Not only is the jar itself useful (I use one to store my homemade laundry detergent!), but you can fill it with useful laundry helpers like my Laundry Kit (which includes a set of colorful wool dryer balls, a bottle of Freshly Washed Essential Oil Blend, and a download of myHow To Wash Everything eBook), a few stain remover pens, and a few treats. (Treats make everything better—even on laundry day!)

gifts in a jar

3. 2020 Toolkit

With COVID numbers continuing to surge across the country, I don’t know who wouldn’t appreciate a jar full of the items we’ve come to rely on in 2020! Include a comfortable cloth face mask, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, a cute and funny enamel pin to help with social distancing, plus a few snacks for stress-eating.

gifts in a jar

4. Movie Night

Those who have missed the movie-going experience this year would surely appreciate a movie-themed gift in a jar. (As someone who has been craving a massive tub of movie theater popcorn for months, I certainly would!)

Choose a few DVDs or Blu-Rays, or add a streaming platform gift card (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play all offer them). Sprinkle in smaller items like microwave popcorn, classic movie theater candy, and a cozy candle to round it out. Lights, camera, action!

gifts in a jar

5. Pedicure In A Jar

Know someone who suffers from dry, cracked heels? Or someone whose hasn’t been able to keep up their regular pedicure routine? Fill a jar with everything they need to treat their feet from the comfort of home!

Add a tube of my go-to cream for super dry skin, some foot soak powder, some Epsom salt, a small towel to dry off with after their soak, and cute socks to keep their feet soft and moisturized (or simply to keep their toes warm!) The recipient is sure to be walking on sunshine and singing your praises!

gifts in a jar

6. Work-From-Home Survival Kit

Thanks to the pandemic, you likely have several friends or loved ones who have adapted to a new work-from-home situation this year. Why not give them a jar full of items to make their WFH routine a little easier?

Fill your jar with useful items like a mug for their morning coffee, a nice pencil cup, a small ring light for flattering lighting during virtual meetings, a bluetooth mouse, and a tabletop calendar to stay organized. And don’t forget a few treats, of course—all that hard work deserves a reward!

gifts in a jar

7. Pet Parenthood Kit

More time at home equals more time to care for a pet, so it’s no wonder that so many people brought a new furry friend into their homes this year! If you’re looking for a gift idea for a new pet parent, or simply want to that spoil your own pet, a jar packed with pet-related items is sure to please.

Fill the jar with treats, toys , treat/toy combinations (like catnip-filled fish plushies!), or a tree ornament to give them the place of honor they deserve!

Share your best “gift in a jar” ideas in a comment below!

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