20 Tips and Tricks for the Best Holiday Cookies

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Exchanging holiday cookies is a fun Christmas tradition, but it’s not worth stressing out over! Worrying about a tough recipe, intricate decorating, and festive packaging can be just too much! With these clever tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to make better cookies, and  pick up some great tips for the easiest, fastest, and tastiest Christmas cookies ever!

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

If you aren’t super confident in your baking skills, or you just don’t have time, this tip is for you! Pick up a package of your favorite store-bought cookies. I got some shortbread cookies and these gluten-free ginger cookies (they are delicious and so soft!).

You’ll also need some chocolate for melting and some toppings. I got some festive sprinkles, some chopped pecans, and shredded coconut flakes.

Melt the chocolate, and dip half the cookie. Dipping the whole thing is hard to do, and I think it’s just too much chocolate! Set the cookie on a sheet of wax paper, and sprinkle it with your topping while the chocolate is still hot and melty.

They turned out so cute and delicious, too! Such a fun gift idea that takes so little time – and the kids can help, too!

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

With any baking recipe, you want butter and eggs to be at room temperature – leave them out for an hour or so before you get started! You also want to be sure to use unsalted butter. Adding salt to the mix separately is just a more consistent way to make a recipe.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Before using a cookie cutter, toss it around in some flour so the dough doesn’t stick.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Don’t have any food coloring for your frosting? You might have some of these drink mixes! Just mix them into white frosting for fun, bright colors. They work great for color, but add some flavor too, so don’t be surprised when your cookies taste like fruit punch. :-)

If you’re looking for a more natural way to add color to frosting, check out this post from Nourishing Joy.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

If you want to gift an assortment of cookies, try this one dough with six variations from Spoon University.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Can’t find the perfect size sheet pan? Learn how to use some tinfoil to make a larger pan just right from Food52. :-)

Check out this collection of creative but easy cookie ideas from Princess Pinky Girl.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Next time your get bits of egg shells in with your egg, try this tip from Naturally Loriel.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Find the perfect guide to baking chocolate chip cookies at Handle the Heat.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Make your own sprinkles in any color!

peanut butter bars

Instead of making individual cookies, try making a big sheet of bars instead! These no-bake peanut butter bars taste so good, and they couldn’t be easier to make!

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Baking is a lot harder if your oven isn’t actually at the temperature you think it is. Calibrating your oven is super easy, and it makes baking much more consistent.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Check out all of these cheap, simple solutions for replacing fancy kitchen gadgets.

Tips For The Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

Use dental floss to cut perfect cinnamon rolls! It works great for cutting a layer cake in half, too. :-)

Print out this cheat sheet for common kitchen measurements. Tape it to the inside of a cabinet so you always have it handy. :-) 

Pantry Staples

Out of brown sugar? You can make it yourself! Here’s a list of 20 pantry staples that you can make

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Frost perfectly smooth cupcakes (or cookies) by heating up the frosting first!

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Cookies

Try these little life hacks for storing (and pouring) chocolate chips, measuring honey, getting chewy cookies, and keeping brown sugar nice and soft! 

Happy Baking! What’s your best tip?

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  • I’ve said it a thousand times: If you’re serious about baking, you need a scale to measure ingredients. Takes out all the guesswork on why your recipe “didn’t turn out the same.”

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  • Even if the recipe doesn’t say to, you should always cream your butter and sugar together by mixing in a mixer for 2-3 minutes. And always spoon your flour into your measuring cups. Scooping with the cup packs in more flour resulting in dry baked goods.

  • When measuring honey, molasses, or corn syrup, spray the measuring cup with cooking spray . The ingredient will slide out of the cup with no mess or waste.
    Parchment paper is a must to have on hand when baking.

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