Need A Last-Minute Gift? These 5 Are Quick And Easy

last minute gifts

Do you keep a list during the holidays to help keep track of your gift-giving? If you do and you’ve already made a list this season, you might want to check it twice—there may be a few names that you’ve missed! (And if you don’t keep a list, but would like to start, get my free printable Christmas gift list ASAP!)

You shouldn’t feel obligated to get gifts for every single person you interact with on a regular basis, but I don’t think any of us wants to be the neighborhood Grinch either. You make an effort to thank the people who deliver your packages, cut your hair, and provide other services that make your life easier, but giving them a small holiday gift is a great way to express your appreciation!

And you don’t have to spend a fortune or go to great lengths to pull together a thoughtful last-minute gift. The ideas below are all based on things you can find at your local grocery store, and I’ve included a FREE printable for each one you can download and print to help tie your gift together. (You can download those near the end of this post!)

5 Last-Minute Gifts And Stocking Stuffer Ideas (With Printable Tags)

last minute gifts

1. Emergency Chocolate

Whether you’re buying a gift for a well-known chocoholic or taking a shot in the dark, a bar of chocolate rarely disappoints. Transform an ordinary candy bar into a cute and thoughtful gift by covering it with this fun wrapper. Who couldn’t use a stash of chocolate they can turn to in a stressful situation?

last minute gifts

2. You Are “Extra” Special

As groan-worthy as the pun may be, gum is another one of those things you can’t really go wrong giving on Christmas. Tying several packs of gum together and attaching this printable gift tag is a fun way to present this tried-and-true gift.

last minute gifts

You can find refrigerated cookie dough in all sorts of tasty varieties and flavors these days, so there’s sure to be a dough out there to suit the taste of anyone on your list. Attach the printable gift tag to it with some ribbon, and you’ve got a practical and super simple gift that anyone would love to get.

(An added bonus of gifting cookie dough rather than cookies? The recipient can freeze the dough, then bake it off in a few weeks when they’re longer up to their eyes in Christmas cookies.)

last minute gifts

4. We Just Popped In…

Popcorn lovers, rejoice! If you know someone who loves those huge holiday popcorn tins (and who doesn’t, really?), pair it with this “corny” tag for a funny, more personal touch. (I’m on a roll with these puns!)

last minute gifts

5. Season Filled With Sweetness

Fill a bag or plate with your favorite sweet Christmas treats (store-bought or homemade—your call!) and attach this tag for a gift that’s truly unique. (If you’re at a loss for treat ideas, my mom’s signature sour cream cookies are always a big hit.)

Last-Minute Gift Printables

Download all 5 of my last-minute gift printables in one convenient PDF file. Print just the pages you want to use, or print them all!

Looking for last-minute gifts or stocking stuffer ideas? Look no further than emergency chocolate. With printable tags, emergency chocolate is the perfect gift for any sweet tooth.

Download The Last-Minute Gifts PDF

Do you have any last-minute gift ideas you’d add to this list?

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  • Request….I hope you will repeat how to mend the eye shadow powder that has gotten all bashed up! I can’t find it in my collection of notes from your columns. CJ in VA

  • Great ideas. We actually did the cookie dough idea for a friend one year. We made a tag that said – thought you could use some extra dough. The friend is someone who does a lot of baking.

  • Love these ideas. I remember reading this last year. I showed these my mom and she loved them too. In response to another post, I’d hardly call these thoughtless. Sometimes things just great crazy and it’s nice for some great last minute ideas.

  • Hi Jillie,
    I always look forward to your pages! Hope you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas and a very blessed 2015…Be Well…Nan…Lady on the lake

  • All God’s Blesssng to you and those you love! Your wonderful ideas have pulled me thru….Again !!! Have a Wonderful Holiday Season! Can’t wait to see what great ideas 2015 brings ! Merry Christmas.. Great Big Hugs !! OX OX

  • Well, even though I am reading this 2 days after the post, I wanted to say that it is not too late! New Year’s Day is a great time to spend together (& most people have off). My birthday is the 30th so the only present I ask for is to cook for my family on New Year’ Day. This year Reindeer floats will top the list–guess I better stop eating candy canes.

  • Instead of these gifts I’d rather donate money to a charity in the recipient’s name. Some of these gifts scream ‘thoughtless’–I’d rather have a thoughtful greeting card than cheap stocking stuffers.

  • I came across your website about 5 months ago totally by accident.. I have read it every day since using many of your hints and tips. Thank you for your common sense knowledge and information .
    Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and yours.

  • Jillee
    You are such a special gift to all of US, May the Lord bless you this day, ease all pain and worries, and guide you away from all the goodies. Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

  • After 2 days of fighting the health care website, it was great to see these ideas this morning. I am so far behind!! I need a few more days to get ready. Thanks for the printables. This will make my afternoon go much smoother!! You are the best!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

  • OMG!! These ideas are great!! I must confess though, I’m not going to limit them to Christmas! They’re perfect to have ready to grab quickly and plant anonymously or present to a friend that needs a “hug”. Thanks for the inspiration, Jillee!!!

  • Super gift ideas especially the emergency chocolate. THANK YOU JILLEE for always giving to all of us and thank you to all of you who leave comments. They are very helpful and at times insightful……….HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A EXCELLENT NEW YEAR……………

  • I love these ideas, not only for the holidays, but to send to the troops I support overseas. Definitely sure to make them smile. Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!

  • Good Morning, Jillee – I couldn’t sleep any longer, as usual, so thought I’d check my e-mail, as I knew there would be one from you, and sure enough! These last-minute gift suggestions are really cute – I especially like the Emergency Chocolate, and will use that one for sure. Thank you for the printables, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

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