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Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Four

Well, here it is folks! My fourth and dare I say….final Simple Handmade Gift Ideas offering.
It IS the 21st people! Not all that much more time to make some of these amazing ideas from some equally amazing people! I present to you…Part Four.

Placemat Aprons by Made Everyday

This one makes me want to go drag my sewing machine out of the closet right now! I can’t stand how cute they are!  Of course I have ALWAYS had a “thing” for play kitchens, play food, pretty much anything play cooking related. How cute would it be to give one or more to the little girl or boy who is getting a kitchen from Santa this year? :-)

DIY Mason Jar Votives at Fellow Fellow

Oh Mason Jars…how do I love thee…let me count the ways! Just when I thought I’d seen everything done to or with a mason jar that could ever BE done….along comes this super cute idea! In a nutshell…it’s gluing strips of light-colored fabric to the inside of mason jars to make a lovely little votive.

I personally think they are just as cute WITHOUT a candle inside.  Would be darling as a pencil/everything else holder in the kitchen or at your desk. Or how about as a jar to keep your make up brushes in in the bathroom?? Bottom line:  Cute lit up….or not!

DIY {clothes pin magnets} by Ashley Ann Photography

I personally would love to get a couple dozen of these as a gift! Maybe one dozen WITH a magnet….and another dozen WITHOUT. I use them all the time at home! Mostly in the kitchen …but this year I’m even hanging my Christmas cards up with them. :-)  It would be nice to have some pretty ones like these!

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Tiny Polaroid Magnets at Pop Sugar

The “geek” in me LOVES this! It’s a simply darling idea…that requires just a touch of geekiness. If you have Photoshop and know how to use it…you’re set! If not, I have no doubt all you craftsters out there could figure out another way to make this happen. I just couldn’t resist posting this idea…even though it might be a TINY bit outside the “Simple Handmade Gift” parameters. :-)

How cute would these be on your fridge….or on Grandma’s fridge??

DIY/Printable Candy Bar Wraps by Creature Comforts Blog

I don’t know if this one can technically be called “Handmade”…unless you count the fact that you are handing them out with your hands. lol. But regardless, it’s still a cute idea and one that would be appreciated by any candy bar lover!

And besides….as it gets closer and closer to Christmas….the better and better these SUPER simple ideas become! :-)

Make and Package Your Own Soap at House of Hargrove

Now, this one I’m not completely sure about…but it is certainly intriguing and THRIFTY!! Make your own soap and package in a pretty way. This packaging idea from House of Hargrove is so attractive!

Learn how to easily make your own soap here:  How To Make Homemade Soap In A Crockpot

Frame A Favorite Recipe at Modern Parents Messy Kids

Along the same lines as the framed recipes in Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Two, this simple idea involves printing out a nicely designed version of a favorite recipe and then framing it. Think how happy Grandma or Aunt Tilly would be to see one of their prized recipe displayed so nicely.

And LAST but not least….

Last Minute Gift Coupons: Free Printables! by Inspired Barn

This is perfect for the person you just can’t find the right gift for…no matter how hard you have tried! Or if you’ve just plain run out of time…like I have many times! In a pinch, you can make your own customized gift coupons or to make it really easy on yourself….you print these out for free HERE. The recipient can redeem them for anything your heart desires to give…in the form of a coupon. :-)

OK….brainstorm with me here…..How about….dinner, a movie, babysitting, gardening, home improvement, chores, back rubs, projects, special dessert, a kiss, a hug, a board game of their choice, extended bed time (for kids), movie rental w/ the “works” (popcorn, pizza, soda, candy), a manicure, a haircut, a sleepover at Grandma’s, etc etc etc.  You get the idea. :-) LOTS of ways to go with this one.

OK…I lied…that wasn’t the LAST one….but THIS one is….the last one! If all else fails….or even if nothing fails, but you just know of someone, like a struggling college student,  who could really use $$$ instead of stuff…here are a couple of cute ideas I found for giving the king of gifts….cash.


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  • ooh, I LOVE the money ones!! Such a great idea for wedding gifts! It drives my husband crazy when I want to buy someone a wedding gift, because he just KNOWS they are gonna just return it, and it drives ME crazy to just give cash- it’s just so impersonal, but a CUTE money gift is so awesome! thanks Jillee! <3

  • My daughters called me regularly for our favorite family cake recipe, so I printed & framed it using a dishtowel that matched their kitchen colors as a mat. They still call regularly but not for the recipe.

  • You can look and find an easy recipe to make your own soap. There are sites that will give you step by step instructions. There is nothing like homemade soap. No detergent in it at all like the store bought soap. I make ours. In fact, I need to get started on it for next year. You do have to wait from 6 weeks to 3 months before you use the soap to let it “cure”. The longer you let it “cure” the drier the soap will be. The drier the soap, the longer it will last. =)

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