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2 Simple Solutions For The Most Common Holiday Problems

holiday problems

It’s Election Day here in the U.S., so to all my American friends out there, I hope you’ll be casting your ballot today if you haven’t already done so! But regardless of where in the world you live, it’s early November for all of us, which means that the holidays are just around the corner!

At times it feels like 2020 has gone on for several years, while at others it feels as though it was springtime just yesterday! I’m chalking this phenomenon up to the highly, or even overly, eventful year we’ve all had so far.

And while I always look forward to the holidays, this year I’m more eager than ever about the festivities ahead. And the reason for my excitement has to do with some very special announcements I’ll be making in today’s post!

As you’ll soon find out, I’ve come up with a couple of solutions for the two problems that always plague me during the holiday season. Today I’ll be sharing what those problems are, and what I’ve done to make sure those problems won’t be so troublesome this year!

The 2 Problems I Always Struggle With During The Holidays

holiday problems

1. Stress

In my opinion, the holiday season really is the “most wonderful time of the year!” I love getting the whole family together under one roof, cooking and baking up a storm in my kitchen, picking out the perfect gifts for everyone I love.

But as strange as it sounds, the same things I love about the holidays often lead to an abundance of stress! In my excitement over gifts and food and holiday fun, I take on way too much and become a stress case while I try to handle everything myself.

holiday problems

2. Nausea

The second problem I often encounter during the holidays is digestive distress. (This one shouldn’t be particularly surprising considering that stress often leads to issues with digestion!)

In addition to stress being a factor, I also have a particularly sensitive stomach. Indulging in all of my favorite holiday treats and rich comfort foods often leaves me feeling a bit sick to my stomach, which in turn makes it hard to accomplish everything I want to get done!

holiday problems

My 2 Secret Weapons For Holiday Stress And Nausea

While I would normally be dreading the wave of stress and tummy troubles that the holiday season will bring, this year I’m ready for anything! That’s because I have a couple of brand new secret weapons up my sleeve for keeping stress and nausea under control.

Allow me to introduce you to the two newest essential oil blends in the Essentials by Jillee lineup: Calm Mind and Tum Ease! These two blends are packed with powerful essential oils that can help calm anxiety and soothe digestive distress respectively, and I feel much more prepared for the upcoming season with these two blends on hand!

holiday problems

About Calm Mind

Featuring sweet orange, coriander, cedarwood, lime, and balsam of Peru essential oils, Calm Mind blend has a relaxing aroma of citrus fruits and warm woods. All of the oils in this blend were selected for their grounding and calming properties to help control anxiety, reduce stress, and balance emotions.

holiday problems

This blend is available in two useful formats: the standard 10 ml bottle and the Calm Mind Ready-to-Apply Roll-On. The standard bottle offers more versatility in terms of how you can use it, while the Roll-On is highly convenient for quick and easy application.

holiday problems

I use both formats regularly, but I really like using Calm Mind in my diffuser. It smells so nice, and I really do feel more at ease and more present when I use it, whether I’m at home or in my car running errands!

holiday problems

About Tum Ease

Tum Ease features coriander, tangerine, cypress, pink grapefruit, sweet marjoram, cardamom, dill weed, ginger, sweet fennel, and balsam of Peru essential oils. (Phew, that’s quite the list!) These oils lend several unique properties that can aid in the process of digestion, from soothing bouts of nausea to reducing inflammation.

holiday problems

In order to aid in a physical process like digestion, topical application is the best way to go. That’s why this blend is only available in one format, in the form of the Tum Ease Ready-to-Apply Roll-On. It’s pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil, meaning it’s skin-safe and ready to swipe on at a moment’s notice!

holiday problems

Wishing You Happier Holidays!

Since I am far from the only one who struggles with stress or the effects of overindulging on holiday treats, I hope these new blends prove as useful to you as as they are sure to be for me! With these two new tools in our health and wellness arsenal, happier holidays are all but guaranteed. :-)

Do you experience stress or nausea during the holidays?

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  • I agree about the stress. Last year I was about ready to wig out because my brother and family that I gave to weren’t giving me ideas. The other frustration was having ordered something from Walmart for them and hoping it would arrive in time. Lesson learned -use Target if I have to order stuff more reliable. For our Holiday family dinners my siblings in the area each bring food. For these dinners we wind up
    using our parents house because it has the most room and other reasons. I do have to watch it with eating. I have certain food allergies or sensitivities that I can’t eat as much of certain things. I always try to keep stuff like Imodium in the house. Ginger chews for upset stomach . Usually one chew works and also peppermint oil to rub on my belly area. Also wearing comfortable pants or having a pair sweat pants nearby helps.

  • I don’t get stressed during the holidays because I’m not the only one getting things done, and I learned years ago how to work toward a day and not have so much to do on the day. My biggest help for the sensitive tummy issues is not leaving a holiday table feeling like a stuffed pig. Sure there are plenty of the yummy dishes we only make at the holidays, but for me the key is in not eating too much of them. My rule is I fix my plate once with a spoonful of everything I want & I don’t go back for seconds. For me the key is the size of the spoonful. I don’t get big serving spoons full. Instead I dip up what might be a heaping spoonful if I was using the regular eating spoon. It really only equates to a few bites of each thing, but that’s really all we need anyway. When you stop and think about it, those first few bites are really all we enjoy of any dish. The rest we may not even notice while we’re talking to the others at the table. For me desserts are what do me in because once I go one bite too much on the sugar that’s when I start feeling nauseated. The number of holiday desserts are ridiculous, and it’s okay not to eat every one. I pick with a small bit of maybe two items. Makes the others taste even better the next holiday if I decide to pick something different I haven’t had in a while. I had to learn the hard way (by making myself sick) that it’s okay to cut pieces of something in half or smaller, and not the first time has that half piece been left because someone else is always looking for a smaller piece too.

  • Stress takes the fun out of the holidays so I delegate tasks to family members and friends to the degree practical. I have teens run errands and do things like wrap packages. I also make a point of getting plenty of rest even if that means the occasional nap. For nausea I use ginger beer which is great for calming my stomach. You can even get it sugar free, sometimes with stevia. Happy Holidays!!

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