Christmas Essential Oils: The Best Holiday Diffuser Blends

These essential oil blends capture the spirit and scents of the holidays.

The holidays can be a very nostalgic time, and Christmas essential oils make it easy to fill your home with scents that bring to mind those cherished holiday memories. In the same way that scented candles, simmering holiday-scented potpourri, or the smell of baking cookies make your house smell like Christmas, diffusing my favorite holiday blends has a way of filling me with the spirit of the Christmas season.

I love holiday scents as much as anyone, but synthetic fragrances can irritate both my notoriously sensitive skin and my husband’s asthma. Luckily, I don’t need to rely on artificial scents to enjoy my favorite holiday aromas, thanks to my favorite essential oil blends for Christmas!

These Christmas essential oils are the easiest way to fill your home with the scents of Christmas,

The ‘Scents Of The Season’ Kit: The Best Christmas Essential Oil Blends

All of my favorite Christmas essential oil blends are included in the Scents of the Season Kit, which I’m happy to announce is back in stock in the By Jillee Shop! This limited edition collection of essential oil Christmas blends was originally supposed to be a one-time deal, but it was such a fan favorite that I couldn’t help but bring it back as a special holiday surprise!

The three pure essential oil blends in the Scents of the Season KitWinter Spice, Peppermint Stick, and Freshly Cut — each capture a different aspect of the magic of the holidays that will fill your home with Christmas cheer. After a quick overview of each blend, I’ll share some easy ways you can put these blends to good use throughout the season!

Winter spice is a blend of essential oils that will make your whole house smell like Christmas.

About Winter Spice

Winter Spice is a blend of sweet orange, lemon, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, pine needle, and cinnamon bark essential oils. The oils in this blend call to mind classic holiday vignettes like clove-studded oranges, cinnamon in a warm oven, and freshly felled pines dusted with snow. Simply put, Winter Spice will make your home smell like Christmas!

About Peppermint Stick

Of any blend in the Scents of the Season Kit, Peppermint Stick is the hardest to describe. Featuring peppermint, eucalyptus, sweet orange, and balsam of Peru essential oils, this diffuser blend smells of the minty sweetness of a holiday candy cane, combined with earthy notes of warm wood and citrus. If that doesn’t help you get into the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what will!

About Freshly Cut

If you’re the type of person who loves the smell of real Christmas trees, you’ll love Freshly Cut! This blend of pine needle, silver fir, spruce, and sweet orange essential oils captures the invigorating freshness of a forest of evergreens with a hint of sweet citrus. This blend is perfect for enjoying that genuine fresh pine smell without any of the shed needles on your carpet. ;-)

Smell is the sense most closely allied with memory, and these Christmas essential oils will bring back memories of Christmas past.

I’m far from the only one who loves these holiday essential oil blends! Take a look at what reviewers have had to say:

I bought this set last year and loved each of the scents so much I bought two more this year. The fragrances are lovely blends that do not overpower and leave me feeling comforted and cheered. Thanks for bringing this special collection back!

Lisa J.

Beautifully scented essential oils that bring out holiday cheer. I’ve downsized from a large fresh Christmas tree to a small artificial one without sacrificing the amazing tree smell. I’m diffusing the oils on the mantle near the tree and the house smells amazing.

Elizabeth F.

I usually burn candles to get the scent of Christmas in the house, but I’m so happy that I can use these instead of worrying whether or not I blew out all the candles. All three of the scents are amazing. Made my holidays, that’s for sure!

Colette E.

Love the holiday 3-bottle collection of essential oils! My live Christmas tree days are over, and having three diffusers, I can have a different holiday scent in my great room with Freshly Cut by the tree, Peppermint Stick to lull me to sleep in the bedroom, and Winter Spice to bring joy in the kitchen!

Cheri B.

5 Ways To Use The Scents Of The Season Kit

Each of these essential oil sets includes one 15 ml bottle of Winter Spice, Peppermint Stick, and Freshly Cut. Unlike many fragrance oils, these blends are made with pure, high-quality essential oils and contain no carrier oils or fillers.

Here are some great ways to use these blends throughout the holiday season:

Using a diffuser is just one way to employ these Christmas essential oils.

1. In Your Oil Diffuser

Diffusing essential oil blends is the easiest and most effective way to spread their scents around your home. Add any of these essential oil holiday blends to an essential oil diffuser and let your home fill up with the aromas of Christmas. It’s much easier (not to mention a lot cheaper!) than buying a bunch of individual oils to make your own diffuser blends.

In addition to their pleasant and festive scents, these Christmas diffuser blends also feature oils that can help clean the air in your home. This makes them a great alternative to traditional air fresheners that can irritate sensitive noses and lungs.

I also highly recommend using these blends in your car diffuser. Fill your car with the invigorating smells of the holidays to boost your Christmas spirit while you’re out running errands or shopping for gifts (preferably while blasting your favorite Christmas album!) ;-)

Sprinkle Christmas essential oils on pinecones to scent a room.

2. On Pinecones

Instead of buying scented pinecones to scatter around your house this year, why not make your own? You can usually find decorative pinecones at craft stores and even big box stores this time of year, and you can use essential oils from the Scents of the Season kit to customize their scent.

Your essential oil-infused pinecones will look great in a nice dish or bowl on your coffee table, and, of course, they’ll smell great, too! 

You can include these Christmas essential oils in homemade gifts.

3. In DIY Christmas Gifts

I’m a big proponent of handmade Christmas gifts — they’re great as a frugal yet thoughtful gift option! There are so many great DIY gifts you can make with essential oils, and using Winter Spice, Peppermint Stick, or Freshly Cut in these projects is a total no-brainer!

Here are a few gift-worthy DIYs you could make using the Scents of the Season blends. (Visit the links for all the details!)

Put cotton balls with a few drops of Christmas essential oils in your vacuum cup to spread the fragrance while you clean.

4. While You Vacuum

Another easy way to fill your home with these festive holiday aromas is to do it while vacuuming your carpets! This little trick is so simple, and why wouldn’t you want to make your home smell great at the same time you’re doing a chore you’d have to do anyway?

Just add a couple of drops of your favorite holiday season essential oil blend to a few cotton balls, then place the cotton balls inside your vacuum’s dust cup. As air flows through your vacuum, it will disperse the scent of whichever oil you use (and, of course, your carpets will be cleaner to boot!)

You can put any of these essential oil blends on DIY clay Christmas ornaments and put them on your tree.

5. On Your Christmas Tree

The charm and aroma of real Christmas trees are undeniable, but I just can’t justify giving up the convenience of my pre-lit faux tree. But Freshly Cut helps me enjoy the best of both — I get all the convenience of my faux tree and the genuine aroma of real evergreens.

I put a few drops of this Christmas tree essential oil blend on simple “diffuser ornaments” I made from air dry clay. I just rolled the clay out fairly thin, punched out some shapes with a cookie cutter, used a straw to make a hole to hang it from, and let the ornaments dry.

After that, it was just a matter of threading a piece of string through the hole, adding several drops of Freshly Cut to the ornament, and hanging it on the tree! You could also add Freshly Cut to a felt Christmas ornament or felt garland (one of my favorite Christmas decorations) or hide a simple sachet in your tree’s branches.

Scents of the Season is a kit of Christmas essential oils that will make your home smell like the holidays.

The Easy Way To Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

Whether you use it around the house, give it as a gift to a friend or family member, or include it in a Christmas Eve box, the Scents of the Season Kit is virtually guaranteed to result in elevated levels of holiday cheer! I’m genuinely looking forward to putting the essential oil Christmas blends to good use over the next several weeks, and I hope you are, too.

Keep in mind that supplies are limited, so don’t wait if you want to get your hands on one.


What are your favorite Christmas essential oils?

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Essential Oils

  • Remember NOT to use essential oils around pets (especially peppermint and respiratory problems for animals and humans).
    If you want a Christmas scent that is safe, use Frankincense.

  • That’s very interesting about the scents. I would probably do a cheaper version of this blend. I used to have Asthma as a kid -but now have allergies. I haven’t had a problem diffusing oils. My main allergy during the holidays is our live Christmas tree. We don’t much storage space so the pre-lit isn’t possible. I can handle it for about a week and then start having allergy problems So I have to take my meds. I usually when I’m having problems from the tree just be careful how much I’m around it. Luckily my bedroom is upstairs which is enough distance. Other than my tree allergy I love Christmas.

  • I love the cotton balls in with the vaccume cleaner! I will try that one. I was wondering, The Fresh Cut, does it smell like pine? Or what? and is there a way I can only buy the Fresh Cut one?

  • I have asthma with triggers related to spicy scents. I can’t even walk by the cinnamon brooms or pine cones in a store this time of year without an attack. Diffusing natural oils is so much better than burning a candle, or using air freshener. I’m wondering if you’ve diffused the Winter Spice one around your husband & if it triggered his asthma – if that’s a trigger for him. I haven’t tried diffusing spicy scents yet. For me & my other family with asthma a spicy candle or air freshener will just about turn us blue in the face before we get away from it. I’ve actually had my worst attack in a public restroom that someone had filled with cinnamon air freshener. It was one of those “have to go now!” situations, so I tried to be as quick as I could possibly be. Once I was outside the restroom I was so lightheaded as I used my inhaler! I don’t know what I was doing, or if I looked sick or what, but a man asked if I was alright. When I saw his name tag said he was the manager I explained about the air freshener & told him that many asthmatics can’t handle spicy scents. He asked if anyone else was in the restroom, said he had no idea & that they had other scents in the back, and immediately went in both the men’s and women’s to remove them. He said he’d be sure to remove the cinnamon one from the order & tell the employees to take home the ones they had left if they wanted them.

    I just wanted to share that for those that may have asthmatics visit during the holidays, and may not know that spicy smells in candles, air fresheners & potpourris could possibly be a problem, even though this post is about diffusing natural oils.

    • Landon, I’m sorry you had such an awful experience! Thanks for sharing this information with us. My husband and other family members do not have a problem with these essential oils. Different things trigger asthma for each person. I wish I could tell you different, but I would suggest to stay away from these essential oils. I would hate if they triggered your asthma.

    • Sorry Corinne, at this time we do not ship to France. We are always working on our international shipping, but the rates are just too high to ship to many other countries.

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