Bulk Christmas Gifts: 30 Inexpensive Bulk Gift Ideas

Bulk Christmas gifts don't have to look cheap.

The best bulk Christmas gifts are the ones that enable you to spread holiday cheer to as many people as possible without wreaking havoc on your holiday budget. Picking out unique gifts for every person in your life takes a lot of time and money, while a thoughtfully-chosen bulk holiday gift lets you spread maximum cheer at an affordable price.

With the right bulk gift, you can afford a gift for everyone on your list who makes a difference in your life. That list might include:

  • Neighbors
  • Mail and package delivery people
  • Hair and nail artists
  • Cleaners
  • Gardeners
  • Teachers, caregivers, and bus drivers
  • Coworkers
  • Vets, pet groomers, and kennel employees
  • … and more!

And buying gifts in bulk doesn’t have to mean getting cheap junk no one will ever use — far from it! In the list below, you’ll find dozens of perfect gift ideas — from useful gifts to items for self-care and stress relief — that are inexpensive to buy in bulk.

Whether you’re looking for bulk Christmas gifts for employees, practical gifts for your friend group, or stocking stuffers that anyone will love, we’ve curated a list of bulk gift ideas that are sure to come in handy. These inexpensive gifts will show you much you care in a budget-friendly way!

There are lots of foods you can buy in bulk and give as Christmas gifts.

30 Inexpensive Bulk Christmas Gift Ideas

There are plenty of gift-worthy items that aren’t terribly expensive. Locally-made artisan products are always a thoughtful gift option, and you get to support a local business with your purchase!

Here are a few thoughtful gift ideas you can use as inspiration for bulk gifts, including homemade gifts, ideas for buying local, and things you can buy online or in your nearest grocery store.

How you package bulk Christmas gifts is what makes them special.

Food & Drink Bulk Gifts

We all need to eat and drink, so food and treats tend to make for great gifts! They’ll love anything homemade, but there are plenty of store-bought items that would make for equally festive gifts.

Beauty products make great Bulk Christmas Gifts.

Beauty & Personal Care Bulk Gifts

Putting a beautiful DIY gift tag on something makes bulk Christmas gifts special.

Home Decor & Kitchen Bulk Gifts

Give them something they can use to spruce up their surroundings or put to good use in the kitchen.

A lot of practical items make great Bulk Christmas Gifts.

Practical Bulk Gifts

Looking for a gift for coworkers? Try something practical.

Buy food items in bulk for Christmas gifts, then package them festively for great inexpensive gifts.

BONUS: Wrapping & Packaging Bulk Gifts

It’s not hard to put together a nice-looking gift — you can often just slap a ribbon and gift tag right on the package! Divide up candy and other treats by putting small portions into cellophane gift bags. Little Christmas stockings are great for small items like lip balms or homemade bath salts.

Once your gifts are packed up and ready for gifting, I recommend storing them somewhere accessible, like the near your front door or in the trunk of your car. That way, you can take advantage of any unexpected visits or encounters with people on your gift list — I experience a lot of these run-ins around the holidays!

And don’t forget the most important maxim of gift giving: it’s the thought that counts! Try not to get too hung up on choosing the perfect or ideal gift — the purpose of gift-giving is expressing gratitude and appreciation, and we shouldn’t let ourselves loose sight of that!

Do you usually give bulk Christmas gifts during the holidays?

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  • Is there a list of essential products / ingredients used on OGT+ ? If so, I would like to see it as soon as possible.I’ve been confused for quite a long time and I’d like to purchase most / if not all of the correct items online. I do know some – vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, oxi clean, blue dawn, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, lemon juice … I simply want to order all of the items effectively at one time. I do not drive. Thank You! Diana
    I just realized that this is not the correct place to post this!

  • Hi, don’t know how to reach Jillee and friends. Hope I will here. I paid to not have any ads when I receive the wonderful ideas in your e-mails, but, I still have ads mixed into the info. What to do?
    Be patient with me. I am OLDER and not so tech savvy. Want to know how to get those computations of the different subject matters you give us tips on.

    Thank you for your help, Nancy Nelson

  • Scented hand sanitizers, holiday dish towels, socks (aloe, fancy dress socks for me ) decorative scented soaps, electronic screen wipes, essential oils, car air fresheners, coffee pods, hangers (padded, felt, trouser, skirt, wooden). I find it more difficult o find inexpensive gifts for men, but I manage to purchase dozens of small gifts to hand out around the holiday.

  • I am a cookie Baker, everyone gets the gift of home made or semi home made cookies. When I make them, I make them in bulk and I choose 3 different cookies in order to provide some diversity with the cookies. I’ve never had a complaint and it doesn’t break the bank.

  • Please delete this comment if not appropriate. I make 3.5″ note cubes, I am now up to 22 beautiful mostly-landscape designs. They are priced as inexpensively as I can and are comparable to what you can find at Staples. (Amazon takes a big fee and paper is very expensive.) My favorite, and hot off the presses, is the Eclipse from August 2017. Here is the Amazon store if you want to take a look. http://amazon.com/shops/earthcube

    (I signed up for the “one good thing” newsletter after finding an excellent online video about cleaning the dishwasher — and the first email was about inexpensive gifts — so I am posting this in case there is interest.) My slogan for the product is “Make every desk a happy desk.”

    I guess you could say it’s a mother’s love, but these note cubes are truly lovely — and Made in USA (paper US or Canada) of 100% recycled paper.

  • I love all your hints! You showed on a drill an attachment to clean tile. I have the drill but don’t know what the attachment is called. If you could share with me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  • I know this service person job is getting smaller every year. I am the only one on my side of the mountain, about 40 homes, that still gets a hard copy of the newspaper. (old habits do die hard) My carrier is a young man in his 20s with many life issues. Of course I am going to give him cash with a card, but you have given me some ideas to spice up that cash gift with a real gift too. Thanks for the ideas for Christmas, and all year long.

    • I love your thoughtfulness about spicing up your carrier’s gift, and thought of another one that you could perhaps incorporate into his card; a sachet of hot chocolate/cocoa/malt drink for him to enjoy when he gets home. You would just cut a couple of slits into the card to hold the sachet and it would still fit into the envelope :)

  • I used to bake mini loaves of pumpkin bread and cranberry/pecan bread. Tie a loaf of each together with Christmas ribbon and a pretty enclosure card. My neighbors, the postman, the trash guys……they all seemed to like this small gift. I quit baking a few years ago, and still get comments about the Christmas breads.

    PS: Recipes are on the can of pumpkin and the bag cranberries.

  • We usually do a lot of baking for the gifts for neighbors and friends. We a bunch of favorites that we make every year. Also cheaper than buying a bunch of stuff. We always do at least one batch of peanut clusters to ship to one of my brothers family.

  • I buy the cheap fleece throws, especially at the end of the season when they get marked down to $1! I have an embroidery machine and I embroider them when I have down time throughout the year. They make awesome inexpensive gifts!!!

  • One of the cheapest and bst things to do is make a batch of holiday cookies. There are so many listed on the internet and some you don’t even have to bake. It is a gift that is given from the heart.

  • I made deodorant that I absolutely love out of coconut oil, essential lavender oil, baking soda and arrowroot. I LOVE it. It works SO well and doesn’t stain my bra like store bought deodorants do. It doesn’t have the toxic stuff in it. In the Dollar Tree, I found these absolutely amazing little jars. I made an adorable label. It cost almost nothing. Once you have the ingredients, it takes so little of each one that it ends up costing nothing. I love it and it is adorable. Yes, you can give it without being offensive. Either make a joke of it or tell the person that it’s not a hint it’s just something you love doing (making homemade things) and that you like how it turned out. Easy to do without being insulting.

  • >