Our Favorite Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix!

Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Ever since the weather started turning colder…we have been going through a LOT of hot chocolate at our house! We USED to be a Swiss Miss family until I discovered this semi-homemade version of hot chocolate that we fell in love with (don’t worry, I still love my crockpot hot chocolate recipe and can’t resist hot cocoa bombs!) It’s SO good once you try it, you will never want to go back to the store-bought stuff again!

Case in point: my husband Dave recently got back from a business trip to Calgary, Canada. While he was there he went to a restaurant called Tim Horton’s that is supposedly famous for their hot chocolate. He said THAT hot chocolate didn’t hold a candle to THIS.

That convinced me it was time to re-introduce our favorite hot chocolate to those of you who missed it the first time around.

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Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Jillee’s Family’s Favorite Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 cups powdered milk
  • 21.8 oz box Nestle Nesquik (you could substitute the homemade Nesquik, I just haven’t tried it yet.)
  • 16 oz instant coffee creamer
  • 1 cup powdered sugar (you can adjust this to taste. I like it a little less sweet and this amount is perfect).

Add all of the ingredients to a big bowl (trust me on this one!) and mix well. Pour into a storage jar or canister.

Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

To make a mug of cocoa, fill it with water or milk and heat in the microwave. Add 3-5 heaping tablespoons of mix to the cup and stir well.

Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

What I like most about this mix:

  • It mixes into hot milk or water wonderfully! No little globs of unincorporated hot chocolate mix floating on top.
  • It’s the perfect sweetness!
  • Like your hot chocolate with a normal amount of creaminess? Add 3 heaping tablespoons of mix. Like it EXTRA creamy? Add 5 tablespoons. It’s very customizable.
  • It is the perfect compliment to buttered toast in the morning. :-)  Especially English Muffin Bread! One of my favorite breakfasts!

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And finally…..

  • It makes a great gift!  Especially at Christmastime! For a neighbor or teacher, fill a mason jar with mix and attach a tag. For someone you’re closer to, make a whole big batch and put it in a beautiful glass canister. Trust me, they will LOVE you! :-)
Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix
A cup of coffee with a few marshmallows on top, placed beside a jar of homemade hot chocolate mix, sits on a table.

Semi-Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix!

Jill Nystul
This delicious, creamy, and EASY homemade hot chocolate mix is a family favorite in my household! You’ll love it during those cold weather months.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 16
Calories 363 kcal


  • 4 cups powdered milk
  • 21.8 oz box Nestle Nesquik you could substitute the homemade Nesquik, I just haven’t tried it yet.
  • 16 oz instant coffee creamer
  • 1 cup powdered sugar


  • Mix all of this together in a big bowl.
  • Pour into a storage jar or canister.
  • To make a mug of cocoa, fill it with water or milk and heat in the microwave. Add 3-5 heaping tablespoons of mix to the cup and stir well.


Calories: 363kcalCarbohydrates: 56gProtein: 9gFat: 9gSaturated Fat: 6gCholesterol: 31mgSodium: 199mgPotassium: 653mgFiber: 1gSugar: 53gVitamin A: 300IUVitamin C: 3.1mgCalcium: 306mgIron: 1.4mg

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Jill Nystul is an accomplished writer and author who founded the blog One Good Thing by Jillee in 2011. With over 30 years of experience in homemaking, she has become a trusted resource for contemporary homemakers by offering practical solutions to everyday household challenges.I share creative homemaking and lifestyle solutions that make your life easier and more enjoyable!

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  • How long is mix good for when stored??

    Also, on crockpot hot chocolate recipe, how do you store leftovers and for how long?

    Thank you for your time!!

  • This recipe looks fantastic, thank you. Apart from enjoying hot chocolate, I’m a massive (that being the operative word ) fan of malted chocolate and I think I’ll also experiment by adding some Horlicks to it.

  • How many servings will this recipe make? (Ballpark guess is fine!) I am wanting to make this as a teacher gift at school, about 120 servings (was thinking 4 T or 1/4 cup just for ease of packaging)

  • I just made this for gifts for my grand babies for Christmas and tried it out with an English muffin. (I haven’t made the english muffin bread yet, but plan too in the next few days.). Boy was that yummy!! Thank you for such a fun project.

  • Wow…this sounds amazing…can’t wait to make it. As for the grumpy comments about it being unhealthy….so what. This is not something you’re going to drink all day every day…it’s a seasonal fun drink…I say enjoy!

  • This is a perfect idea for our Christmas gift exchange – especially for this year’s theme. And I can’t wait to make some extra for chilly nights with my kids! Thanks and happy holidays!

  • Thanks Jillee! I love hot chocolate and so does my 5-year old nephew! I can hardly wait to try it! You are full of such great ideas! Thanks again! Also, congratulations for such a fabulous testimony! God bless!

  • This almost matches my grandmothers recipe for dry hot chocoloate mix!
    We have loved this for years!!

    25.6 ounces of dry milk.
    16 ounces of Nestle Quik Chocolate
    6 ounces of Coffeemate Dry Creamer
    6 tablespoons of Cocoa
    3-4 cups of powdered sugar

  • It’s Summer here in Australia & I’m a sucker for Iced Chocolate.
    Can’t wait to make this.
    Just one question what is Coffee Mate & is there a substitute?
    I don’t think I’ve seen it in my supermarket here.

  • Our family has been making this hot chocolate for at least 40 years now. I’ve yet to find anything that matches the creamy chocolate flavor. One thing we always have done is mix it together and then sift all of it into another bowl and stir again before putting into containers. Helps to sift out the chunks of powdered milk and helps blend it all together even better. Yum yum…I’m ready to make more right now!

  • The basic recipe for “Camper’s Cocoa” has been around for at least 25-30 years. The version I received includes salt and cocoa. And sifting the powdered sugar is a must! Tastes great on a cold day!

  • Hi. me too being Canadian. Tim Horton’s coffee is the best ! Better than Starbucks’ bitter tasting coffee.
    Tim Horton was a much loved Canadian Professional Hockey Player. He and his family created Tim Horton’s Coffee and Donuts with stores right across our country. The business grew into serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods of which they famous for. Their stores have become great meeting places (“meet you at Timmy’s “)and for their drive through services too. Tim Horton’s Tim Bits are a favourite, they are mini donuts or the holes of donuts. Driving past a Tim Horton’s with a dog is a real experience. They give a dog a free Tim Bit every time and dogs get to know where this is their place for their treat . Or even walking past Tim’s and not stopping in has my dog “whine” and get too excited. LOL. I LOVE their coffee and Hot Chocolate. Like your thoughts of making your own….. but don’t like the thought of using the powdered Coffee Mate at all. It is all Chemicals – sugars, transfats, an sodiums. In Canada it can’t be called a Creamer because there isn’t any dairy in it…. it can only be called a Whitener. It is a food stuff, not a food.

  • This looks fabulous and I’m going to give it a try. I love hot chocolate but never can get any around my house-it’s gone too quickly!
    Enjoy this blog so much!

  • I have used this recipe for 30 years or more. It’s super easy, tastes fantastic, and dissolves completely. We prefer the Nido brand powdered milk in it. It makes quite a lot of hot cocoa, so it’s great for a party.

  • Add a box of vanilla instant pudding mix and cocoa powder. When I was a kid my grandma made hot cocoa on the stove. When it was done she added a splash of vanilla. Adding this instant pudding mix to your batch will give it that taste.

  • I love hot cocoa, but I have a bit of a problem with dairy. Is this recipe “tweakable” so that the milk content doesn’t get above 2%? I’m not much of a scientist in the kitchen.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Thank heavens for Google Search! My military commissary stopped carrying my fav brand of sugar free hot cocoa and knowing cooler weather is coming it is time to find a replacement. I bought the sugar free Nesquick and knew somebody on the internet had to have version of the cocoa mix I used to make for my kids with the regular. Didn’t find it exactly but I did re-find YOU! After getting a new hard drive I lost all my fav bookmarks so each time I come across one of these great ones it is a joy. Happy day…I can make my cocoa mix and catch up reading what you’ve been posting. Hope the rest of your summer is sweet!

  • This has been a favorite recipe for years, but i think it’s worth mentioning that Carnation powdered milk is much better than Great Value or other brands. Much finer and tastes better. Unfortunately, Walmart quit carrying it (last i’ve checked anyway), anyone know where you can still find it?

  • Just made this mix today using your homemade Nesquik recipe (tripled), plus found a recipe on Pinterest for homemade powdered coffee creamer – absolutely delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is the basic recipe I’ve been using for a few years except I powdered french vanilla creamer, add 1/3 to 1/2 cup baking cocoa, and a 4 serving box of cook and serve chocolate pudding. Everyone loves this! I sent some to my mother last Christmas and she started adding it to her coffee instead of creamer. She’s requested another batch this year! LOL

  • I’ve substituted powdered stevia for the spodered sugar and blended in the food processor. I’ve also done a few batches using the sf brach’s peppermints. Just grind to powder before adding to muxture. Grandparents with diabetes loved the treat.

  • I make this too–but without any pwd sugar. But I make so much at a time, we mix and store it in a tote–like a giant rubbermaid tote. I have a cup every morning.

  • I have made this for years and its good to add a flavored coffee creamer if you like that sort of thing or make it like then and add a tablespoon of the flavored to your mug.

  • Jillee, we love your recipe for the hot chocolate. We are having what we call a “cold spell” here in South Florida and we have been drinking it every night and sometimes during the day.
    I would like to make a “Café con Leche” mix, that’s coffee with milk. How would I adjust the proportion of a 21.8 oz box Nestle Nesquik for instant coffee? Thanks

  • I love this recipe have used it for years. my family likes me to put the dry milk in the blender it helps it to blend more easily and no floating flakes .[ it makes the milk more fluffy]

  • I made a half batch of this at Thanksgiving and have been enjoying it since. Gave a big jar to my son and his girlfriend at Christmas (along with some homemade canned apple butter). Use to make this years ago and had sticker shock getting the Nesquik. I am going to make some more, using the homemade Nesquik.

  • this is awesome! didn’t even use the powdered milk, just added to a cup of warm milk. and i did use the home made nesqucik, fabulous! gave them as gifts this year too :)

  • I wanted to make the hot cocoa mix but wanted to use the homemade Nesquik. How much of the homemade Nesquik do I use in the recipe as opposed to the Nestle Nesquik?

  • You had me at Tim Horton’s because I love that stuff! I went through major withdrawal when I moved from Buffalo to Florida. Thanks so much for posting this!

  • The BEST hot chocolate mix I’ve ever had! I just finished making my first batch and I’m ready to make another. I have to many friends and family that would love it for Christmas! Thanks!

  • I’m with Jules, it is very creamy and good BUT I think I would like more chocolate!! @ Natasha did you add the homeade nesquick to the mix along with the store bought kind?
    Jilee, what should I do?!?! :) (ps you are great and I LOVE your site)

  • Jules,

    I would have to agree with your daughter on this one as I for one like the chocolate flavor so I went back and played with it a little more and found that if you add in a double batch of the homemade nesquik that it gives it really good chocolate flavor. I even went a step more and did one more single batch of the nesquik and added it in and I LOVE IT!!! But try this and see if your daughter approves. Good Luck

  • I am excited to try the hot chocolate mix – and I enjoyed hearing that your husband went to Calgary and ate at Tim’s – my home town and love Tim Horton’s especially their soup and donuts and bagels. Yum. Don’t miss the snow though much prefer St George’s weather.

  • My mom would make this every winter & I have made it every winter for my family-I don’t know where she found the recipe but it has been a family favorite for more than 40 years! Growing up in northern Minnesota you need a warm cup of hot cocoa to warm you up and this sure fits the bill!

  • thanks for sharing this! i have been trying to think of some easy gifts to have on hand for people we might not shop for, but want to have something special for, and this is a great idea! :)

  • Same recipe my mom used when I was a kid! Love that stuff! **hint hint** even better with a bit of Baileys or Kahlua, or peppermint schnapps added to it. . .

  • This is how my Mom has always made hot chocolate. I don’t know where she found the recipe, but she’s been making it that way for over 30 years and yes…it really IS the best!

  • Sounds yum and simple! I’m definitely going to make it.. And you’re right: it’s customizable I’d add cinnamon or Graham cracker crumbs and marshmallows our crushed peppermints or even some ginger or orange zest!!! Can’t wait to experiment! Also, I an finding things every day on your website that I love! Thank you for sharing!

  • Your ho-cho mix looks good :)
    I’m also in Edmonton and Timmies is definitely not famous for their hot chocolate. It’s famous for their coffee, but it’s gross too (though I’m one of only a few canadians to think so)

    • LOL Becky I totally agree with you! I like Duncan Donuts coffee sooo much better! I swear because it’s popular people just follow the leader and dont try different brands… but that is just my personal opinion! I live in Buffalo, NY and grew up on Tim Hortons in Ft. Erie ON. We mostly went for the donuts but now that it is in the states, that has changed a lot too!

  • I love the creaminess, never used coffee whitener or powdered milk before. Not too sweet either which is what I usually find. For British people reading this, powdered sugar is icing sugar, which makes perfect sense when you think about it but I had to google it.

    I did your nesquik recipe for this rather than nesquik, It worked perfectly doing a direct substitution, personally my preference would be to add some more cocoa powder to make it a bit more chocolately now I’ve tried it.

    I also recommend a hand held frother, aerolatte. This is one of those gadgets that is so useful for many things, like protein shakes, lumps in gravy and this,. I filled my mug 30-40% with milk, added 4 very heaped tea spoons of the hot chocolate powder, frothed it for a few seconds so there’s no lumps. Topped with water, microwaved for just over a min, frothed again for a few seconds to get a frothy top.

    Thank you.

  • I was introduced to this mix about 25 years when I worked at a cemetery. After a funeral we would bring the hearse driving a steaming warm cup of this cocoa in the cold & rainy seasons.. We made it in larger proportions though cuz all of us workers liked it too Its definitely yummy!

  • This looks wonderful! I’ve been wanting to try something new. My nieces are always so impressed that I have homemade hot chocolate at my house. When I make this for them, I’ll leave out the “semi” part of semi-homemade. Aunties have to have their secrets, after all. :D

    Thanks, Jillee.

  • Now, I enjoyed a Timmie’s Hot Chocolate just the other day, and it was pretty epic. Creamy, thick, delicious. I like hot chocolate that doesn’t require marshmallows to be drinkable, and Timmie’s? It’s that kind of hot chocolate.

    That said, Tim’s is not famous for hot chocolate, it’s famous for coffee and doughnuts, and for being affordable eats. My city (80,000) has 7 or 8 of them, I think. My husband both had a good chuckle about you referring to it as a restaurant – it’s no more a restaurant than McDonald’s or Burger King – it’s a fast food joint, but the food at Timmie’s is WAY better for you.

  • I just made my second batch of this! My family loves it!!!
    Shannon is right! Tim Hortons (affectionately know as Timmies to us Canadians!) is known for their coffee, which I don’t drink.

  • Guess who is up early to shop! Reminds me of my first DIY Hot Cocoa Powder recipe. Mine was Carnation Hot Cocoa Mix & creamer (Carnation, Nestle & Coffemate are now the same company). I would also toss in about 20 ground peppermints (processed to a fine dust– your Blendtec would work great). I sold it before Christmas. The one year I sold nearly 300 lbs of it- just by word of mouth through friends and family.
    Especially good when made with milk.

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