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Simple Handmade Gifts – Part Two

I had so much fun featuring some Simple Handmade Gift ideas a few days ago…I decided I’d do it again! :-) I was going to wait a few more days…but then I realized…YIKES!….it is already December 8th! How did THAT happen?? Well, no time like the “present”…get it? ;-) Let’s get at it!

DIY Framed Family Recipes at TatteredStyle.blogspot.com

I’m not sure if this first one can be called “simple”…although it’s certainly not complicated.  I think it could actually be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be.  But bottom line is I LOVE this idea!

Dana at Tattered Style was given some treasured handwritten recipes, worn with age, by her Nana and decided to do something special with them. She framed them in simple black frames and hung them by long ribbons all in a row in her dining area. Isn’t this a lovely idea?

As soon as I saw this I knew I wanted to do something similar. Problem is…this post is about gifts…and I’m afraid I would want to keep it for myself. ;-)

What I like: A wonderful, personal, sentimental gift. One that I can easily see bringing a tear to the eye of its’ recipient. And talk about unique, one-of-a-kind gifts! I guarantee this gift will not be duplicated by someone else. This gift scores a 10 in my book.

Perpetual Calendar at JustSomethingIMade.com

What the previous idea lacked in “simpleness”….this one more than makes up for it! DIY doesn’t get simpler than this. Make your own perpetual calendar!  Includes a FREE PDF download and ideas for making and keeping your own. (FYI…great teacher gift idea this one!)

Or….if you’re a “font freak” like me and feel like gettin’ crafty…make your own with YOUR favorite fonts…and print out and assemble.

What I like: SIMPLE but oh-so-useful! Who doesn’t need a calendar?? And an excuse to have some “fun with fonts”!

Simple Handmade Gifts

Twenty Minute Totes at Purl Soho

For those of us with just enough sewing skill to possibly be dangerous…I am including a VERY easy sewing project.  A cute tote made from extra cute fabrics!
Molly at Purl Soho claims “you can whip up a bunch of them in a couple of hours (each one really does take 20 minutes or less!) and end up with a stack of pretty presents!”  While it may be more along the lines of a 45 to 50 Minute Tote for SOME of us…I still think it’s a great gift idea. :-)
Slip in a book, or drop in some yummy chocolates and you’ve got a gift wrapped up in a GIFT! No need to go hunting for the wrapping paper, scissors, tape and ribbon.

What I Like:  SEWING something truly says “handmade” to me. It definitely tells the person you are giving it to that they are LOVED. (It takes a LOT of love for me to drag my behemoth of a sewing machine out of the closet and set it up. Still daydreaming about that dream craft room…..someday). And the other thing I like….the bright and happy fabrics! I do think a “simple” tote like this deserves a really special fabric.

Lid Magnets at Grow Creative Blog

Another SUPER SIMPLE handmade gift idea. Unfortunately this blog seems to have gone AWOL, but the idea is simple enough not to need a tutorial! It’s a cute set of magnets made from juice can lids! She’s even made a set devoted to owls! SO cute! Obviously I need to start drinking more juice!

What I Like:  Another idea that can go a thousand different directions. Use pictures of someone’s “favorite” things….ie: cooking, snowboarding, gardening, traveling….etc etc.  Or personalize with someone’s name, a word, a phrase….see what I mean?  Endless. :-)  You are only limited by the amount of juice you can consume!!

And finally (for today)…..a couple of gift ideas for the kidlets!

DIY Craft Kit at Mama.Papa.Bubba

What little girl or boy wouldn’t LOVE something like this???   I know when my kids were little…coloring and creating were ALWAYS a fun prospect. Fill an inexpensive tackle box with watercolors and brushes, various sizes and colors of pompoms, pipe cleaners, construction paper, foam stamps, glittered foam stickers, crayons, sidewalk chalk, various stickers, and alphabet post it notes. :)

What I Like:  Inspires creativity, imagination and gives the VIDEO GAMES a rest! :-)

Snowman Kit…Just Add Snow! at The Fickle Pickle

Include a top hat, scarf, buttons, painted rocks, and a fake carrot nose!

What I Like:  Kids of ALL ages will love this gift! Who doesn’t like building snowmen???  Great family tradition in-the-making. Can be brought out year after year. An opportunity to build memories…. along with snowmen. :-)

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  • Just a quick note: no use in using only juice lids for the magnets: there are can openers on the market (hand crank) that open cans with no sharp edges at all. The come off the can with a smooth ridge like a juice can, allowing the magnets to be of all sorts of sizes. Happy gifting!

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  • I love this framed recipe idea. I have recipes like Dana’s that have the food spills and natural aging on them. My concern is that I want them to last for as many years as possible (hundreds if I have my say). Does anyone know of a way the paper can be treated to make it last longer? (Like the acid-free paper people use for archive projects)

    Thank you Dana and Jillee for this post!

  • Hi Jill ~ Thanks so much for featuring my treasured handwritten recipes idea. They are a constant reminder of someone who is near and dear to our hearts. I hope this encourages others to do the same with recipes from their loved ones. Your site is lovely ~ keep up the good work!

    XO ~ Dana

  • Also, I don’t see why you couldn’t use mason jar lid inserts for the magnets. If you can, you don’t reuse those in the canning, just for storing but not resealing, etc.

  • I have only a couple of handwritten recipes and I know my siblings don’t have any as I tried to collect them to photocopy for a family cookbook. I don’t see why photocopies wouldn’t be just as lovely for extremely personal gifts. If you did color copies, you’d retain any aging, discoloration, etc., as well. I think I will try it.

  • So many lovely ideas for those who love to make things. I will certainly give some of them a try. I love DIY things. Good job, Jillee. I appreciate the time you gave us coming up with all of these ideas. :)

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