Problem Solved! The Best Way To Reheat Leftover Pizza

pizza hack

Between not eating out as much and general recipe/cooking fatigue, lately we’ve been having pizza every one to two weeks. It’s more for the benefit of my husband Dave and youngest son Sten who never seem to tire of it, which makes it an easy choice when I’m feeling uninspired about dinner.

Whether I go the extra mile to make homemade pizza or just order delivery from one of our favorite local spots, pizza is an affordable option and always a hit. It’s not that I don’t personally like pizza, but I have never been a fan of leftovers because none of the methods I’ve used to reheat leftover pizza have done it any justice at all. (Soggy crust and rubbery cheese? No thank you!)

pizza hack

But I recently read about a new method I hadn’t yet tried to reheat leftover pizza, and after giving it a try for myself, it has totally changed my attitude! I’m now thrilled to know that I have a few pieces of leftover pizza tucked away in the fridge, because this reheating method is just that good.

In fact, I might even like this version of reheated pizza better than the first time around because of the way the bottom of the crust gets nice and crispy. So give this method a try for yourself, and next time you order delivery, you might just find yourself ordering more than usual just to ensure leftovers! (And hey, that counts as meal planning in my book!) ;-)

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How To Reheat Leftover Pizza (So It Doesn’t Taste Like Leftovers)

pizza hack

You’ll need:

  • 1-2 pieces of leftover pizza
  • Heavy-bottomed skillet (cast iron or stainless steel works best)
  • Lid
  • Water
pizza hack


Put one or two slices of leftover pizza into a cast iron skillet or stainless steel pan. (Don’t overlap or stack them, because having the whole bottom surface touching the skillet will help ensure even eating.)

pizza hack

Place the skillet on your stovetop over medium high heat, then cover the skillet with a lid and wait 2-3 minutes for the pan and pizza to start heating up.

pizza hack

Once the skillet is hot, add 1-2 teaspoons of water and replace the lid. Let it cook this way for another 1-2 minutes, giving the water time to steam up and reheat the cheese and toppings while the crust gets nice and crispy.

Once the water has cooked off, your pizza will be reheated to perfection and ready to eat!

pizza hack

For me, the benefits of this reheating method go beyond the pizza itself. I like how quick this method is (much quicker than waiting for my oven to heat up), and cleaning up my cast iron pan afterward is a breeze too. I just wipe it out when I’m done and that’s it!

I wish I’d known about this hack years ago, and I can’t recommend it enough. Give it a try the next time you have leftover pizza in the fridge and let me know what you think! :-)

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What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

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  • Sounds great! I never liked microwave reheating and putting it in the oven takes so long. Thanks for the idea! One question–how do you use a cast iron pan on your ceramic stove top without scratching it? I stopped using mine (sadly) because every time I did it left scratches. I miss my cast iron pan! :(

  • Reheat pizza? Heck, there’s nothing better than left over pizza for breakfast the next morning, and room temp at that. But if you have the right microwave, reheating it in there is not a problem. The only one that’ll do it right is a Panasonic Inverter model, so you can actually reduce the cooking power to a sensible level, as opposed to all the others where reducing the power simply means that the oven runs at 100% and then 0% over and over, until whatever you’re trying heat is either overcooked or turned into shoeleather.

    • Al, different strokes for different folks. :-) My one son likes it at room temp like you do, but I only like it warm. You might want to give this process a try.

  • As much as I’d love to have one, I don’t have an air fryer yet so thank you Jillee for posting this. I will be sure to try it next time we have left over pizza.

  • air fryer all the time. I use it for everything! I think they should be available as an integrated appliance in a kitchen I would be the first in the queue! I bought one in the first lockdown (in London, UK) and it has transformed my cooking and I use it probably 6 out of 7 days a week.

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