These Are The 9 Best Pizza Hacks You’ll Read All Year

pizza hacks

There are so many different ways to enjoy a delicious pizza in the comfort of your own home. In addition to good old fashioned delivery, you can also get frozen pizzas, take-and-bake pizzas, or you can even make it yourself!

No matter what sort of pizza you prefer, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can ensure that it turns out just the way you like it! In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 9 creative and practical pizza hacks that will take your next pizza night to the next level! :-)

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9 Pizza Hacks That Will Make Every Pizza Night Better

pizza hacks

1. Frozen Pizza Portions

At the risk of sparking a contentious debate about the merits of hot pizza versus cold pizza, some people just don’t enjoy reheated leftovers! And when it comes to cooking up a frozen pizza, you may wind up with leftovers that you’re not thrilled about eating.

But there’s a simple solution to this conundrum—cut the pizza before cooking it! That way, you can cook only as much as you’ll eat and keep the rest in the freezer for another time.

(If your pizza is frozen solid, leave it out on the counter for a few minutes before cutting. The job will be much easier once it’s softened up a bit!)

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2. Use A Pizza Screen

If you like the crust of your pizza to be crisp and evenly cooked, cook it on a pizza screen! The mesh pan will increase the amount of airflow underneath the crust.

You can also use a pizza stone to achieve similar results. Pizza stones are quite heavy though, while a pizza screen will be relatively light and easy to store.

pizza hacks

3. Crispier Crusts

For crispier crust around the edges of your pizza, use olive oil! Use a pastry brush to brush a little olive oil onto the outside edges before baking the pizza.

pizza hacks

4. Better Microwaved Pizza

When reheating pizza leftovers, using the microwave can alter the texture. For better texture in a flash, place a glass of water in the microwave along with the pizza.

pizza hacks

5. Keep It Warm

When you’re driving home with a carryout pizza, turn on the seat warmer on the passenger side and set your pizza there! The seat warmer will help keep your pizza nice and warm on the journey home.

pizza hacks

6. Crust Croutons

Don’t want your uneaten crusts to go to waste? Chop them up, toss them on a sheet tray, and toast them for a few minutes in your oven. Voila, you’ve got pre-seasoned croutons you can add to your next salad!

pizza hacks

7. Extra Crispy

For fans of extra crispy pizza crust, there’s a simple way to ensure crispiness for pizza you bake at home! Before baking the pizza, grab a fork and use it to poke holes in the bottom of the crust.

The holes in the crust will allow more steam to escape, drying out the crust and making it extra crispy. (Cooking a frozen pizza? Letting it thaw out for a few minutes will make it much easier to poke full of holes!)

pizza hacks

8. Add Some Greens

Looking to make pizza night a little bit heathier (or at least slightly more nutritious?) Top your finished pizza with a big handful of arugula!

Arugula has a peppery flavor that pairs perfectly with pizza, and it adds a bit of freshness too!

pizza hacks

9. Diplomatic Dining

When you’re feeding a group of people, it can be impossible to get everyone to agree on toppings. Instead, serve up a basic cheese pizza and make it a “top-it-yourself” pizza night!

Offer a variety of different toppings for your diners to choose from, like pepperoni, sliced peppers, sliced onions, and more. Cook them up beforehand so everything is ready to use when the pizza’s done!

Or better yet, start with a frozen cheese pizza. Then you can just pile the toppings on and throw it in the oven!

Share your best pizza hacks in a comment below!

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  • When I do homemade pizza I mix dough in my breadmaker. I add a little Italian seasoning to the dough. You can let it do one rise in the breadmaker, or you can just spread it out on the pizza pan and let it rise.

  • I purchase take and bake pizzas once or twice a month. I usually purchase a plain cheese or pepperoni pizza and then I clean out my fridge! Have a piece of leftover onion, or bell pepper-thinly slice or dice and throw on pizza. Have a little leftover chicken or pork? Throw it on. I always have pickled slices of jalapeno slices in my fridge so a few of those land on the pizza as does leftover sliced black olives from taco night. I may have a chunk of cheese so that gets grated and added as well as leftover breakfast bacon or sausage. I add a little Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and drizzle with olive oil. I put my pizza right on the oven shelf. I do make sure to put some aluminum foil on the floor of the oven for easy clean up. Bake a tad lower than the directions state because I have added to the pizza and want it all to get hot and gooey without burning and maybe a tad longer (will depend on how your oven bakes)-we love it and I end up not wasting bits and pieces of leftover meats, cheeses and veggies. In the summer when we have a garden, I also top with fresh basil.

  • When reheating pizza I do it in a frying pan. A smidge of oil in the pan just so the pizza doesn’t stick, heat pan, place pizza, cover pizza with a pan lid and heat on med low til bottom is crispy and top is gooey again, but not dried out.

  • I don’t know if this is a “hack”, but I preheat my pizza stone so that it’s HOT when the unbaked pizza hits it. The crust “poofs” and has a much better texture than it would using a cold stone. I also use a pizza peel so I can put in and remove multiple pizzas without having to handle the hot stone.

    As for leftover crust…what leftovers? This is what garlic-butter (or olive oil) dipping sauce is for!

  • On that heated car seat idea, use the seatbelt around it to prevent a food disaster in the event of a sudden stop. Works with casseroles, etc enroute to a pitch in, as well.

  • DiGiornos (not sure of the spelling) has smaller pizzas with better toppings now. I ate a garden special and it was really really good. The only thing i had to add was garlic. I cut it in half while frozen and seperate them. I get 3 medium sized pieces. Otherwise i will waste them. I place on aluminum foil with shiny side up and it gets crispy just how i like it.

  • It’s easy to reheat pizza with little loss of crispness or flavor. Just put a slice in a hot non-stick skillet for a few minutes, then top with a lid for a few minutes to warm and melt the toppings. Easy! Microwave? NEVER!

  • Jillian,
    Many cool hacks on pizza but how could you not include the air fryer reheat!
    I actually prefer my pizza reheated with crispy crusts which I easily and quickly get by adding a short oil spray to the crust before popping it in the air fryer. So good!

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