May Is The Best Month To Buy These 10 Things

buy in may

May is here, and I for one couldn’t be happier about it! It’s always been a favorite month of mine, and not only because it means Mother’s Day is coming up. ;-)

Looking at the month ahead, the kids and I will be celebrating Dave’s birthday on the 23rd, and then Memorial Day will be right around the corner on the 31st. But birthdays and holidays aren’t the only things happening this month that are worth celebrating!

The month of May brings about some of the best deals and discounts of the year, and we’ll be exploring those in today’s post! Here are 10 different deals to watch out for this month that are sure to make your May days even sweeter. :-)

For more monthly buying guides, check back in around the beginning of each month throughout 2021!

May Is The Best Month To Buy…

buy in may

1. Athletic Apparel

Keep your eyes peeled for great deals on workout clothes and athletic shoes this month! Retailers are pushing their athletic offerings to get people excited about the warmer, more exercise-friendly weather that’s just around the corner.

buy in may

2. Air Conditioners

If you’ve been meaning to replace your air conditioner, this month is the time to do it! May might not necessarily be the cheapest time to buy an air conditioner, but it will certainly be much cheaper to buy one now rather than waiting til later in the summer!

Prices on air conditioner units tend to rise along with the temperatures as summer progresses. (At a certain point, you may be lucky to even find a store that has A/C units in stock!)

buy in may

3. Summer Clothes

If you’re looking to stock up on summer clothes, be sure to take advantage of the upcoming Memorial Day sales! You’ll start seeing deals rolling out about two weeks before the Memorial Day holiday, but the very best deals won’t come out until a couple of days before. So make sure to keep an eye out for updates from your favorite stores—looking at you, J.Crew Factory!

buy in may

4. Mattresses

Another popular item you can expect to see on sale over Memorial Day is mattresses! Since mattresses are such a big-ticket item, you can find some really impressive discounts during these sales. If you’ve been meaning to replace your old, lumpy mattress, this month would be a great time to do so!

buy in may

5. Refrigerators

This is my last shout-out to Memorial Day sales, I swear. ;-) Appliances have been an increasingly popular item to mark down during Memorial Day sales. You can find discounts on all kinds of appliances, but fridges tend to see particularly good discounts! It’s a good opportunity to invest in a new fridge if you suspect your old one might be on its last legs.

buy in may

6. Office Furniture

This month, you’re also likely to find great deals and offers on office furniture! If your home office could use a makeover, now would be a great time to get started. Last year, major retailers like Walmart and offered steep discounts on swivel chairs, shelving units, and small desks, so keep your eyes peeled for similar offers this year.

buy in may

7. Party Supplies

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season, so why not celebrate with a party or barbecue? You’ll find discounts and deals on everything you need to throw the perfect Memorial Day weekend bash in your backyard.

buy in may

8. Star Wars Products

At this point, May 4th has been firmly cemented as an annual holiday celebrating all things Star Wars. (Why May 4th? In the famous parting words of the Jedi: “May the Fourth/Force be with you!”)

Last year both Amazon and Target participated by offering impressive discounts on Star Wars products. If you have a Star Wars fan in your house, it could be a great time to snag a gift and get ahead on future birthdays or holidays!

buy in may

9. Swimwear

May is the best month to get outfitted for upcoming pool days and beach trips, both in terms of price and selection. It’s a good idea to get your swimwear this month rather than waiting until June or July, because prices will only go up from now until fall!

(Don’t know where to start your search? My go-to source for quality bathing suits is Lands’ End.)

buy in may

10. Mother’s Day Gifts

The best deals on jewelry for Mom may have already come and gone, but you can still get a great deal on other gifts she’ll love! This month, you can score great deals on personalized photo gifts at sites like Shutterfly and Snapfish.

You can also score a great deal on a subscription of Mom’s favorite magazine, which is a gift that will keep on giving all year long!

What deals will you be looking out for this month?

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  • Jillee! Love the site and can’t stop getting ideas from it. One I got today was from my “Hack a Day” calendar… If you want your eggs to last longer coat them with mineral oil and put back in the fridge. This has been proven to give them another 7 days past the expiration date! OH – And do you have a DIY version of Fabreeze? Not just something that smells, but something that eliminates odors like that does. Now I buy the dollar brand and am completely satisfied with the off brand and very inexpensive. Do you have something exactly for odor elimination that works even on the worst odors like smoke as Fabreeze does? Would be great if you did! PS – When I get a notification that there has been a reply to my post in my email, there is no forwarding URL, I have to go back and find the original story by going to your email you first advertised it in and hit that to get to the right post again. Is there any way they could solve it so you can just hit something in that letter that says there is a reply so we don’t have to go hunting for the original email?

  • Don’t forget to get the swim accessories too! I just bought a pair of water walking shoes from Amazon that I love. I haven’t gotten them wet yet but looking forward to using them in the YMCA pool soon! Also I suspect beach towels and picnic/wine baskets are inexpensive this time of year too,, and maybe sunglasses as well which are good all year round. And don’t forget to buy you NEW SUNSCREEN since old sunscreen loses its effectiveness the next year!

  • Land’s End definitely has quality bathing suits! I buy the ” tuggless tank” that fits your body like a glove and does not ride up. You can wear it as a body suit if you want to for support. It come with all sorts options, cup and body length etc.

  • Hi JP! Sorry about your disappointment with this post. I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy all these things today, but if you’re in the market for a new mattress, now is a great time to buy one! Luckily, I post every day, so hopefully tomorrow’s post is more up your alley. :-) I also have a lot of old content on the website that you might be interested in:
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  • Thanks for the great ideas and tips we all gain from your helpful blog. I know I appreciate the info and enjoy reading the content! Keep ’em coming, Jillee!

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