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Start (And Finish) Your Mother’s Day Gift Search Here

mother's day gift ideas

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, I’ve been busy trying to think of a special gift for my mom. And since I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be wanting to celebrate their special mom, I wanted to share some of my Mother’s Day gift ideas with you in today’s post! :-)

I also put together a couple of free printables for you that I think will come in handy as you put together the perfect gift for your mom (or grandma, daughter, sister, etc.) I’ll quickly tell you a bit about the two printables I made for you, and then we’ll dive into 9 easy Mother’s Day gift ideas!

2 Free Downloads For Mother’s Day Gifts

mother's day gift ideas

Download #1: Mother’s Day Postcard

Use your printer to print out this postcard, use scissors to trim it down to size (4×6”), then write your greeting or message on the back side. Download my printable Mother’s Day postcard below!

Printable Mother’s Day Postcard

This simple 4×6″ Mother’s Day postcard is sure to make Mom smile! Download it free by clicking the button below.

A joyful mother's day card adorned with beautiful flowers and leaves, ideal for expressing love and appreciation.

Download The Postcard

mother's day gift ideas

Download #2: By Jillee Shop Gift Card

I used to feel like gift cards weren’t “personal enough” to make a thoughtful gift, but my adult kids have managed to talk me around on them. It simplifies life for the gift-giver, and the recipient can get exactly what they want—it’s a win-win!

So why not give a mother you love an e-gift card to the By Jillee Shop? Just buy one online, write the redemption code and amount on this printable gift card, and the recipient can enter that code online to apply it toward any item in the shop.

By Jillee Shop Printable Gift Card

Give Mom a gift card to the By Jillee Shop, then fill out the details on this printable card to make it truly gift-worthy.

A gold foil gift card, perfect for Mother's Day.

Download The Gift Card

Now that you’ve got your downloads, let’s get to the rest of these great gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

9 Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Mom On Your List

mother's day gift ideas

1. If She’s Sentimental… A Memory Jar

For the woman who loves taking trips down Memory Lane, a memory jar makes the perfect gift! To make one, grab a small stack of decorative paper and a cute jar to put them in.

On each piece of paper, jot down a favorite memory or heartfelt moment, then roll the paper up and place it in the jar. Continue doing this until the jar is full of memories that your recipient is sure to cherish!

mother's day gift ideas

2. If She Loves To Cook… A Kitchen Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a good gift basket? :-) If your mom loves to cook, pick out a few kitchen tools and gadgets she’d like and arrange them in a gift basket or box. Add some ribbon and a card, and it’ll be ready for gifting!

mother's day gift ideas

3. If She Has A Sweet Tooth… A Cupcake Bouquet

Inspiration from See Vanessa Craft

Want to put your own twist on a classic Mother’s Day gift? Give the gift of treats by putting together this adorable cupcake bouquet! Just bake up a batch of mini cupcakes, secure them to a foam ball with toothpicks, and frost them for a homemade gift she’ll enjoy to the last crumb!

mother's day gift ideas

4. If She’s A Bookworm… A Book Lover’s Gift Basket

Inspiration from Mom Unleashed

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a mom who always has her nose in a book, give her a book lover’s gift basket! Start with a book she’ll enjoy, then add a cute mug, a bag of coffee or tea, a nice candle, etc. This is a cute way to give her everything she needs for the a perfectly cozy reading marathon!

mother's day gift ideas

5. If She’s All About Comfort… A Pair Of Slippers

Inspiration from Pretty Providence

Here’s a perfect gift for the mom on your list who hasn’t worn jeans since early March! Pick a nice pair of slippers she’s sure to love, then fill them with a few smaller comfort items (like candy, a new nail polish, lip balm, a gift card, etc.)

Tie the slippers together with a length of gift ribbon, and you’re done!

mother's day gift ideas

6. If She Can’t Wait For Her Next Trip… DIY Luggage Tags

Inspiration from Lovely Indeed

Make a customized luggage tag for the mom on your list who’s a serial globetrotter. Start with a basic luggage tag, then use paint and a bit of painter’s tape to create a fun design. (I mean, who can resist polka dots?) :-)

mother's day gift ideas

7. If She Loves Baking… Homemade Vanilla Extract

As far as gifts for bakers go, baking ingredients like vanilla extract are a no-brainer! And if you have an Instant Pot at home, you can make homemade vanilla extract more quickly and easily than you can imagine! Now that’s a gift that won’t go to waste. :-)

mother's day gift ideas

8. If She Needs A Spa Day… A Spa Gift Basket

Inspiration from Mom 4 Real

Give Mom the gift of self-care this year with a quick and easy spa gift basket! Start with a small box or basket, and fill it with a few items she can use during her next at-home spa day, like a nice new towel, some sheet masks, her favorite candy, and a sachet of bath salts. (For more inspiration for your spa gift basket, check out my DIY spa guide here!)

mother's day gift ideas

9. If She Has A Green Thumb… A Garden Gift Basket

Inspiration from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

If Mom can’t wait to start her spring planting, give her a garden gift basket this year! Use a small flower pot as your “basket,” then add seed packets, gardening tools, a new pair of gloves, some plant markers, and more.

Finish off your gift basket by adding a small jar of my homemade gardener’s hand scrub. I’ve been using it for years to scrub my hands clean after working in my garden, and nothing else works as well as this stuff does!

mother's day gift ideas

How are you celebrating the moms in your life this Mother’s Day?

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  • A number of years ago my daughter gave me a Memory Jar for Christmas . I loved it and had forgotten a lot of things she wrote,I laughed at some and cried at others . I think it was one of the best gifts that I ever received.

  • Love all the basket ideas, Jilli. Wrote them all down as these ideas can be used for so many gift ideas, ie: birthdays, Christmas, just a gift to give for new reason. Thank you, once again.

  • Thank you so much Jillee, for the vanilla bean extract idea. I always get a little frustrated that 8 Oz of extract can cost around $32 at a box store. So I am definitely going to try this. I think though that I will make it like I make all of my extracts… Get the seeds out and chop up the beans (I will probably use a lot more than you did because I like my extract dark) and put it in one cup of vodka in a canning jar. Then I just leave it on the counter in a shady place and shake it a couple of times a day for about 8 – 12 weeks, then strain it an use it. I bet I could make some vanilla sugar too out of the used beans. Thank you so much! Carol

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