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Blindsided By Another Birthday? There’s A Better Way

birthday tracker

Whether you have a big extended family like I do or you just have a big social circle, it can hard to keep track of everyone’s birthday. Even when I do take the time to put them on the calendar, the ones at the beginning of the month tend to take me by surprise!

Celebrating the people I love on their birthdays is something that’s always felt important to me. I love to send cards to my friends and family members, but since I need to send them a couple of days ahead of time, they end up arriving late more often than I care to admit.

If you also have a hard time remembering all the birthdays you want to celebrate, the printable I have for you today will help!

birthday tracker

Introducing My Printable Birthday Tracker

This simple printable birthday tracker gives you a place to keep track of an entire year’s worth of birthdays on one easy-to-reference page. For each month, there are spaces for you to write down up to five dates and names so you always know whose birthday is coming up.

Just download the birthday tracker, print it out, and hang it up wherever it will be most useful to you, like near your greeting card stash or by your computer. Even if it only serves as a reminder to send a text or Facebook message on someone’s birthday, it’s sure to make your loved ones feel special and loved. Never forget a birthday again!

birthday tracker

Other Ways To Use This Birthday Tracker

In addition to having a copy of your own to keep track of birthdays, you could make a duplicate to give to kids or grandkids who are going out on their own. Having everyone’s birthday on one page will make it easy for them to put the dates in their phone or on their calendar.

This tracker would also be invaluable in the process of making custom photo calendars for gifts for family members. You’ll have no trouble getting everyone’s birthdays put into the calendar if you have your birthday tracker as a reference!

By the way, if you’re stumped for birthday card messages, check out these 35 Birthday Wishes For Husbands, Birthday Wishes For Sons, and Birthday Wishes For Daughters! Pick the one that suits the birthday person best, and add it to this free birthday card printable for a one-of-a-kind birthday greeting.

Printable Birthday Tracker

This free printable will help you keep track of important birthdays so you never forget one again!

A printable birthday tracker with the words "birthday tracker" prominently displayed.

Download The Birthday Tracker PDF

What other ways could you put this birthday tracker to good use?

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  • I send my cards out early, at least a week. Many like to put them out and enjoy them longer and some cards are like works of art. On getting those cards, if I find any that just say “this is for ____” if I don’t get it right then as I’ll never see it again. When I get them home I address them, at least the name, and where the stamp goes I put the date to put into the mail (2/22) and the stamp covers it up.

  • Birthday tracker is nice but when you have 12 birthdays in one month it would be nice to break this up into 3 pages with 4 months on each page. Thanks,

  • I like this. I showed it to my mom thinking it might help her . She actually has a binder with the months with pages for cards. She also has a wooden —- reminder that one of my sister in-laws made several years ago on a church sponsored craft day. It hangs on the wall with charms for each month with family members birthday . Leave it to my mom to have her own way of remembering things.

  • I’m also using a separate one as a reminder of when my yearly subscriptions are coming due. It’s good to see just how many I have, are there any redundant ones or ones I just no longer need/use.

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