This Is The One Reason I Never Want To Leave My Backyard

My New Fire Pit

One of our favorite ways to spend time together as a family during the summer is sitting around a campfire. There’s a little fire pit area in our backyard that we utilize regularly during the warmer months! But we recently upgraded to a new fire pit that has made those campfires even more enjoyable. I actually like it so much that I couldn’t resist the urge to tell you all about it in today’s post! :-)

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(And just in case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post! I haven’t been paid or received any compensation. I just really like this fire pit, and I always like to spread the news about good quality products!)

My New Fire Pit

Introducing My New Fire Pit!

Our new fire pit is a thing of beauty, in terms of both appearance and functionality! It’s called the Bonfire Fire Pit, made by a company called Solo Stove. Solo Stove also makes a bigger pit (the Yukon) and a smaller pit (the Ranger), but the Bonfire model is the perfect size for our backyard.

We’ve had other fire pits and fire rings in the past, but this one is particularly special. Here are some of the things I love most about it!

5 Things I Love About My Solo Stove Fire Pit

My New Fire Pit

1. No Campfire Smell(!!!)

The main drawback of sitting around a campfire is coming away smelling like smoke! That smoky campfire smell tends to cling to your clothes and hair, and usually won’t budge until you wash it out. But campfire smoke isn’t an issue with this low-smoke fire pit!

My New Fire Pit

It has a double-walled design with vents that draw in air near the bottom of the pit. The air gets warmer as it travels up through the walls, then the warm air emerges near the top of the pit and keeps reduces the amount of smoke coming off the fire. Cool, right?

My New Fire Pit

2. No Smoke In Your Eyes

Another benefit of the Bonfire’s low-smoke design is that we no longer have to shift around all night to keep campfire smoke out of our eyes. Sitting around our new pit is a much more relaxing experience overall!

My New Fire Pit

3. It’s Efficient

Because of its unique airflow, this fire pit burns wood incredibly efficiently. The ash falls through the bottom of the grate into an ash pan, separating the ash from the still-burning wood. That means a better, more complete burn, and more enjoyment for you!

My New Fire Pit

4. It’s Portable

You can even take this fire pit with you on your next camping trip! It only weighs about 20 pounds, and comes with a handy carrying case for maximum portability. It’s always nice to have options, right?

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My New Fire Pit

5. It Looks Great

Our old metal fire ring was looking pretty rough after being subjected to the elements for a couple of years. It was rusty, flaking, and quickly becoming an eyesore. But our new Bonfire looks sleek and modern! The stainless steel design is very durable, and I actually quite like the way the fire changes the appearance of the steel over time. This new pit has made an attractive addition to our backyard setup.

If you’ve been shopping around for a fire pit, whether for your backyard, for camping, or even for backpacking, I highly recommend checking out what Solo Stove has to offer! I’ve been thrilled with our new fire pit, and I know we’ll continue to enjoy it all season long! :-)

My New Fire Pit

What’s your favorite item in your yard, garden, or on your patio?

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  • I read your post the day it came out and was very impressed. I talked myself out of telling my husband. He wasn’t thrilled getting the one asked for a couple of Christmas’s ago, but he surprised me. Today he started telling all about the Solo Stove. I listened laughed and he had me ordering it within 15 minutes. I’m so excited. Stay tuned for report. It should arrive tomorrow and Grandkids are coming the day after! S’mores, yum!

  • Oh also I love this fire pit. It is one of the best. Almost too good. It burns so darn efficiently and hot that you burn through wood quick… Even hardwoods. I use mine at least 4x/week

  • This is dumb. I have one of these and you still smell like camp fire after…. But what is wrong with that? That is one of the best things about a campfire. If you don’t like it, stay inside with your gas fireplace.

    Also, who the heck roast marshmallows over a full on blaze? Newbs!

  • One of my pet peeves, and I bet it’s yours as well, is when others comment on an article without actually haven’t read it! Happens on FB groups all of the time, too!

    Glad to hear you’re loving your firepit! Before reading it, I was wondering if the inside was a a drum from and old dryer. I sometimes find them along the beach. Clever folks!

    • If you look at any of the pictures showing the bottom, you will see small holes around the bottom. These holes allow air to enter under the fire and rise as it warms. It does not draw the air down. As the fire heats up it will suck the air through those holes, causing an up draft.

  • What kind of wood are you burning? Is there smoke? If so, what do the neighbors think about the smoke entering their house through an open window? If there is smoke, and a neighbor has allergies, what then?

    • The neighbors can shut their windows. It’s not like people are running bonfires 24/7. On the days they do the neighbor can just shut their windows. It’s nice to be respectful to neighbors but a whole neighborhood can’t be responsible for one persons comfort. They have to make allowances for their sensitivities and not expect everyone else to. My son has a mold allergy. Mulch is a horrible for it. We don’t tell the neighborhood they can’t mulch their yards. We just take precautions.

  • This is cool.. We were just talking with my brother yesterday and found out they recently got a fire pit for their backyard. This one is kind of expensive. I think you can probably find a cheaper model at Walmart or Target. They decided to get one because they love to camp, but aren’t able to get away very often.

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