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The Secret Way To Save Big On Everything You Need For Summer

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It’s shaping up to be a summer like no other, but lately I’ve been thinking that doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. You don’t have to travel or spend a bunch of money to have some summer fun, and there’s plenty of it to be had right in your own backyard!

Personally, I’ve found planting flowers and gardening to be very therapeutic, so I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. But your idea of summer fun might be watching your grandkids run through the sprinklers, grilling up delicious meals, or road tripping with the family.

No matter how you’d like to spend your time this summer, you may need to stock up on supplies or equipment before you can get started. But in today’s blog post, I want to share an easy way you can get everything you need for summer as inexpensively as possible!

Below, I’ve put together a list of 10 summer essentials you can find at your local dollar store. Many people don’t think to check the dollar store for this kind of stuff, but it’s a great way to jump-start your summer fun without breaking the bank!

10 Surprising Summer Essentials You Get At The Dollar Store

summer dollar store

1. Gardening Supplies

Shopping for gardening supplies at boutique garden centers can get expensive fast, but it doesn’t have to be! You can save quite a bit of money by getting some of your gardening supplies at the dollar store.

You can find things like hose attachments, gardening tools, gloves, seed packets, bulbs, pots of all sizes, and more!

summer dollar store

2. Swim Gear & Toys

Looking forward to some serious pool time this summer? You can find all the swim gear you need at the dollar store! Look for big beach totes, goggles, water wings, inflatables, pool noodles, and more.

summer dollar store

3. Footwear

There’s always a surprisingly good selection of summer-y flip flops at my local dollar store! They have a lot of different patterns available, so you’re sure to find something for everyone in the family. A lot of dollar stores also sell water shoes during the summer months, so keep an eye out for those!

summer dollar store

4. Yard Decor

Could your backyard use a bit of a facelift? Spruce things up a bit with some cute yard decor that’s perfect for the summer season! Check your dollar store for yard signs, wind spinners, bird feeders, doormats and more.

summer dollar store

5. Tableware

Dollar stores have some great summer-themed tableware that’s perfect for a backyard barbecue. You can find disposable plates, napkins, tablecloths, cutlery, cups, and more in fun, summery patterns! I found these tiki-themed supplies at my local dollar store, and now all I need now is a grass skirt! ;-)

summer dollar store

6. Road Trip Essentials

The dollar store is a great place to stock up on supplies for your next road trip. You can find coolers, snacks, drinks, card games, and more!

summer dollar store

7. Toys & Games

Yard games and toys from the dollar store are great for getting the family outside and playing together. For just a few bucks, you can stock up on things like jump ropes, bubbles and bubble guns, sidewalk chalk, and fun yard games like catch and toss.

summer dollar store

8. Faux Flowers

Spruce up your house inside and out with faux flowers from the dollar store! It’s an easy way to add a pop of color to any space, and I’m always pleasantly surprised at how nice they look too.

summer dollar store

9. Fourth Of July Party Supplies

Need some very last-minute supplies for an Independence Day shindig or barbecue? Check out the dollar store for hats, necklaces, and decor that are decked out in red, white, and blue.

summer dollar store

10. Graduation Gear

If you know a grad whose graduation festivities were cancelled this year, the dollar store can help you celebrate and honor their achievement. (Hey, better late than never, right?) Look for graduation-themed gifts, toys, and decor.

What’s one way you’re planning to have some summer fun this year?

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  • Our Dollar store in our town is great for finding some craft supplies. We found wreath forms there for a recent project. I would be careful about buying food from there. Just check the dates. As far as the milk sitting out for 30 minutes. At the grocery store I work at they have people in dairy. If your concerned just talk to a store manager.

  • I agree with BUYER BEWARE. That’s not to say I haven’t purchased items from the dollar store, I’m just careful with what I buy…………………

  • Dollar store items are.primarily made in China and very shoddy. In addition, many toys have tested positive for lead in the past. Best to pay a little more and safeguard your health.

  • I would be leery of purchasing any of the frozen food items from my local Dollar Store. Several times I have walked into the store, in the middle of the day, and observed large carts of frozen food sitting out at room temperature, waiting to be put away. Obviously they had received a delivery. There were no employees working on doing this. The only employee in sight was the cashier.
    The Dollar Store is my go to place to buy artificial flowers for Memorial Day arrangements.

    • I have seen the same thing happen at my local grocery store, the ONLY one in our small town. Milk especially siting out on the floor, maybe 30 minutes later as I am leaving, it is still out on the floor, no manager in sight to report it to. I have thrown out no telling how much milk that spoiled before the ‘use by date’. I have finally gotten smart in my ‘old age’ and quit buying there, I just go to WalMart, they are cheaper anyway. However, lately the milk from WalMart has been going bad and its the last item I put in my cart. People don’t care about their jobs, much less the consumer. Hope all have a Happy July 4th.

  • Hi Jillee – These are good suggestions. I like a lot of things from the dollar store too. They rock on things like glasses – 12 ounce and 6 ounce too, empty spray bottles for those that make their own cleaning supplies, glass bowls, etc. Excellent quality and prices. The things I like the best in here are the outdoor items – like sidewalk chalk. With all of the lockdown stuff, some friends of ours with small children have been inside for so long that the older one (7 now) is actually uncomfortable going out. I sent her this article to see if I can entice them to the wild backyard :). Thanks again for the ideas!

  • Good suggestions, however, be cautious about buying seeds. They often have seeds that are not viable because they are very old and have not been stored properly. Seeds are cheap enough that you can splurge on buying them at a reputable garden center. Better yet, save your own from last year’s plants!

  • Also you really have to watch what you buy at dollars store they are selling below grade of products that major chain stores refused because of quality .My husbands saying is “You get what you paid for”. So it is a buyer beware store.

  • I agree with all of these except flip flops. The ones I’ve gotten from the dollar store give major blisters and fall apart within a few days. Old Navy has super cheap flip flops (only a few dollars). They are comfortable and last me multiple seasons, and I’ve never gotten a blister from them.

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