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Did You Take Your Meds? Here’s A Helpful Reminder

take your meds

Mornings are often hectic, especially when you’re preoccupied with making sure everyone else is fed and able to get out the door on time. If you’re anything like me, hectic mornings like those can cause you to forget about important morning routines like taking your meds.

But being preoccupied is no excuse to neglect your own health, so I came up with what I hope will be a simple solution for all of us!

take your meds

The Medication Reminder Printable

This week’s download is a printable sign you can put up in your home to help remind you (or anyone else in your household) to take your daily medications. Whether you put it on the fridge, frame and hang it, or do something crafty with it, it’s sure to help you avoid those moments of forgetfulness.

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If you don’t take any daily medications yourself, you probably know someone who does. Printing out this reminder and putting it in an attractive frame would be a thoughtful gesture that says you care about the recipient and their wellbeing.

However you decide to use it, keep this cute memory-jogger somewhere you’ll see it every morning, and hopefully you won’t forget your meds ever again.

The printable was designed for letter-size paper, but you can easily change the size and scale settings when you print it to any size you’d like. Download the “Don’t Forget To Take Your Meds” printable below!

Medication Reminder Printable

This handy printable will help you and those you care about remember to take their daily medications.

Medication reminder: Don't forget to take your meds.

Download The Medication Reminder PDF

Do you have any tips that help you remember to take your meds?

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