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17 Store Brand Products That People Actually Swear By

The Best Store Brand Products

One of the perks of having such smart and savvy readers is that I know just who to go to when I need advice or input! :-) I did just that a few weeks ago when I started thinking about name brand products versus their generic or store brand equivalents.

I usually buy name brands for certain products and generic brands for others, and sometimes I don’t even have a specific reason for choosing one over the other. I wondered if there were any great generic or store brand products that I was missing out on, so I knew exactly what I needed to do next!

I logged on to Facebook and asked my followers which generic products they prefer over the name brand equivalent, and I ended up receiving nearly 70 thoughtful replies that were packed with great recommendations! (A big THANK YOU to those of you who responded—I appreciate your input more than you know!)

In fact, I found the input so helpful that I sifted through the replies and organized them into a handy list so I could share them here with all of you! So in today’s post, you’ll learn about over a dozen of the best generic and store brand products according to readers like you!

This list really helped me to reevaluate my own shopping habits, and I hope it will do the same for you! :-)

17 Of The Best Store Brand Products, According To OGT Readers

The Best Store Brand Products

From Target:

1. up & up Advanced Therapy Lotion

This thick and creamy lotion helps to soften and moisturize even the driest of skin. Reader Joy says it’s “better than Eucerin,” which was all I needed to hear!

Eucerin has always been my go-to when I’ve had really dry skin. But the up & up product is less than half the cost of a smaller bottle of Eucerin, so that’s a big motivator to make the switch!

2. Market Pantry Butter

Market Pantry is another of Target’s many store brands. I’ve heard several good things about Market Pantry butter, both in terms of quality and price!

The Best Store Brand Products

From Costco:

3. Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper

You didn’t think I’d write a post about generic brands without mentioning Kirkland, did you? Many Costco members (including myself!) swear by the products from Costco’s store brand Kirkland Signature.

The most frequently mentioned product, surprisingly enough, ended up being toilet paper! Reader Michele says, “I think the best toilet paper out there is Kirkland’s, for the quality and the price!”

4. Kirkland Signature Batteries

People say these batteries work just as well as the name brand ones. Plus, they’re quite a bit cheaper than the name brands, so you can save yourself a considerable amount by buying a big pack that will last for months!

5. Kirkland Signature Pet Food

Kirkland Signature pet foods come in a couple of different varieties, but many people rave about the Nature’s Domain line in particular. These are high-quality grain-free pet foods that you’d likely pay an arm and a leg for at any other store. (There’s even an organic option available, if that’s your thing!)

The Best Store Brand Products

From Kroger:

6. Simple Truth Canned Goods

If you shop at Kroger stores (which includes Smith’s, King Soopers, Fry’s, etc.), then you may be familiar with the store brand Simple Truth. This brand aims to offer organic, “free from,” and natural foods at an affordable cost.

Simple Truth canned goods are a particularly popular choice due to their price and overall quality. They also appear to contain less sodium than some of the name brand canned goods, which is another plus.

The Best Store Brand Products

From Walmart:

7. Great Value Single Serve Coffee Cups

Walmart’s store brand Great Value offers items like single serve coffee pods at a reasonable price. Reader Holly likes the French Roast and Colombian varieties in particular. She says they are “…the only ones I’ve found that are strong enough for me. I think they’re better than Starbucks!”

8. Great Value Pie Crusts

These pie crusts are inexpensive, but they have a good texture and a neutral flavor. If you’re making a labor-intensive pie filling, using a pie crust like this is an easy way to save yourself some time and effort!

9. Great Value Ketchup

Readers like this ketchup for its smooth texture. They also like that it has a bit of a vinegar-y bite to it and a sweet finish.

10. Great Value Sunscreen

All sunscreen is held to the same FDA standards, so a store brand like Great Value will work just as effectively as the name brand stuff. And sunscreen can be quite expensive, so it’s a great way to save!

The Best Store Brand Products

From Aldi:

11. Berryhill Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Reader Sandy actually prefers Aldi’s version of Nutella to the name brand stuff. She says it’s “…more chocolate-y and has a better mouthfeel.”

12. Meat Counter Products

Reader Keriann thinks that the quality of the products from Aldi’s meat counter is worth the slightly higher price tag. She claims that “…Aldi meat is by far better than almost anywhere I’ve been to.”

13. …And Everything Else!

Reader Stacey is a big fan of almost all of Aldi’s store brand products. She says, “I use their brand of taco seasoning and love it more than any of the brand names. The cheeses are delicious and so are the sandwich meats. The veggies and fruits are the best too.”

From Trader Joe’s:

14. Trader Joe’s Canned Tuna

Reader Diane prefers the texture of Trader Joe’s store brand canned tuna. She says, “There’s actually meat in there, not mush.”

The Best Store Brand Products

From Whole Foods:

15. 365 Organic Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread can be really hit or miss, but people seem to like Whole Foods’ store brand bread. They say it’s hearty and tastes great toasted!

The Best Store Brand Products

From Multiple Stores:

16. Malt-O-Meal Cereals

While the Malt-O-Meal brand was acquired by Post Cereals in 2015, and thus no longer technically qualifies as a generic brand, I couldn’t bring myself to take exclude Malt-O-Meal cereals from this list. They are still reliably cheaper than the name brands, after all!

Everyone has their own favorite variety, and many people prefer the Malt-O-Meal versions to their name brand counterparts. (The “Marshmallow Mateys vs. Lucky Charms” debate can be particularly lively!)

The Best Store Brand Products

17. Medications

Generic medications cost less than their name brand counterparts because the seller isn’t spending as much to package or market them. Whether you’re buying store brand over-the-counter pain relievers or a generic prescription medication, they can save a lot of money over the name brand offerings!

What’s your favorite generic or store-brand product?

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Bright Ideas

  • I’ve actually bought Targets brand of the Advanced Therapy lotion. It’s okay for a basic body lotion. I’ve had the dry nasty looking hands from Winter. This year I decided to try the Gold Bond. I didn’t feel like spending all the money on the name brand and got the generic. It’s actually very rich. I ended up finding a generic version at Walmart of their Eczema formula. I think I must be sensitive to something in their 7 moisturizer formula. Other than that it’s good.

  • Another great feature of the Aldi’s brand of products is that they use natural flavors and colors. This is especially important when feeding my ADhD son. I’m sure everyone has heard about the dangers of red #40 or yellow #5. Aldi’s brand does not use artificial colors so you don’t have to scrutinize every item you purchase, looking out for artificial colors. You can rest easy knowing that Aldi’s brand foods are safe for your children.

  • I’ve said this before I love Walmarts equate brands medicines. Especially stuff like their brand of Aveeno is great. Walmarts brand of Vitamins are excellent and much cheaper than the name brands. I think their brand is Spring Valley. I get their generic saline when I’m there. Also the best off brands of Lactaid and there version of Beano is a much better deal cost wise.

  • I’ve been using Amazon Fresh lately. Their prices compared to my local Walmart or HEB are about the same. I’ve had a lot of luck with Amazon brand items and getting them delivered helps to save me money. I always spend more than what I intended when I walk into a grocery store LOL

  • I, also, love Target for clothing.
    Some of their food is cheaper, but if you have an Aldi’s near to where you live check it out for great prices on milk, eggs and orange juice. They have cube steak, pork chops, both boneless as we like them or with the bone in.
    They have frozen shrimp both cooked and uncooked, salmon, flounder, and many other choices. The only item that I cannot find is Dannon Yogurt. I shop at Market 32 for Dannon Blueberry Yogurt.

  • When I failed to put the name brand on my grocery list, my frugal husband came home with the Walmart Great Choice brand of French Vanilla coffee creamer. It is much creamier and richer than the name brand that I had used and is all we use now.

  • I personally don’t think Charmin is all that. It’s only 1 ply which is just gross. It make be thicker but I just prefer my tp to be 2ply. Less gross. Also my my area the 2 major store brands are Always Save and Best Choice. I do love Walmart and Targets store brands for Eye Care stuff and Allergy meds. The same type of name brand prescription strength for a lot less money.

    • From what we’ve experienced, the Sams Club brand is every bit as good. Don’t use near as much of it these days, however, as I’ve installed a bidet.

  • Anyone that thinks Kirkland toilet paper is good has never tried Northern or Charmin. I bought Kirkland out of desperation when the virus first started because that is all Costco had in stock. NEVER AGAIN…..Everyone in the family complained about it. Apparently Costco is not going to carry name brands again. I am now buying the really good stuff at Target. Same with paper towels. Viva is absolutely the BEST.

    • Different opinions is what makes the world go round. My family prefers the Kirkland brand over the brands that you mentioned. In addition, many of the Kirkland brand items are made by the same manufacturer as name-brand items and just private label them for Kirkland. :-)

      • I used to drive truck and deliver/pick up at many factories and food processing plants. I can gaurantee you that although the store brand is made in the same place, it is made to a price point, and to meet that price point corners are cut on the products, so they are absolutely not identical to the (admittedly) higher priced name brands.

      • Try Aldi’s, if there is one in your area, the prices a low and they have a bathroom tissue that is identical to Scott’s Bathroom Tissue at less than half the price.

  • To get more flavor from a single serve coffee pod I punch 3 holes in the pod. I put it in, take it out and turn it a bit and put it back in 3 times. I also use the Great Value brand.

    • Great idea! My Keurig has a ‘strong’ feature and I use that but will also try the 3-holes….do you punch them only in the top or also in the bottom? Do you place the 3 evenly around or does random work? Thanks

      • The “strong” feature slows the flow of water through the pod by slowing down the pumping speed so that the hot water spends a bit more time in the grounds, thus extracting more flavor from them. Also, setting the heat to its highest setting improves things as well.

    • Actually, if you’re trying to save money by buying no-name pods, you will be far better off if you skip the pods entirely and use the Keurig k-cup adapter with your favorite coffee (in my case Cafe Bustelo). I’ve tried many pods (which I only purchased at a bargain price) and,quite frankly, I have yet to find one that comes even remotely close to using my favorite in the adapter. And just fyi, Cafe Bustelo is a real bargain at Aldi, and they now have their own version on the shelf right next to the Bustelo called Cafe Bodega, which also is very good coffee, and even more of a bargain. And you won’t have al the waste from the disposable k-cups going to the landfill either.

  • Kroger’s store brand chips, in particular the corn chips, are just as good as the name brands. And I love Aldi’s chocolate bars and their gluten free line of products.

  • Walmart’s “Parent’s Choice” Shea butter baby wipes (if the store has none in stock- we will wait for their next delivery bc no substitute comes close). Beyond the price break, we are in love with the warm, original scent and the versatility of these hard working wipes. Chuck Taylor all star shoes are very hard to get/keep the white rubber toe/trim white- these wipes get them like new (even gets scuffs and deep scratches clean on the kids’ pairs), also great for cleaning up fresh spills on clothes- leaving no residue or fibers behind on the garment. Gentle enough to clean our pugs facial creases with daily, and tough enough to scrub oily, stained finger prints off the walls. These are not an ‘off brand’ compromise, they truly surpass all brand named competitors!

  • Hannaford’s version of Oreos tastes exactly the same as the orig. And this coming from a very picky teenager. She also loves their organic peanut butter.
    Shoprite has organic foods that are the exact dupes of brand name, on everything!

  • I actually work in a store with a natural and organics. Section . According to:the lady who used to run that department – the food industry has very strict rules and standards for foods to even have the non-gmo labels.Usually if food meets the standards they have a little lettering on the food products with the symbol.

  • A nurse practitioner I used to see recommended Walmart’s spring valley brand. She’s had wanted me to take a calcium supplement but they were al! expensive.except for this brand. I actually like this brand. I showed my mom and she was amazed at their price differences.

  • We’ve actually bought Walmart’s generic brand of Mucinex before and the ingredients are identical. I’m not paying full price if I can find a store brand with the same ingredients and dosages.

  • I also meant to add that one thing we always do is buy gift cards at Kroger. It doesn’t save us money at the stores or restaurants where we use them, but it stacks up the fuel point savings at Kroger quickly – especially during bonus point time. I have a 31 gallon tank & the limit is 35 gallons at the discounted price, so DH always puts the rest in gas cans to maximize our savings. When you’ve got 4 vehicles on the road it really adds up quickly. We buy gift cards for the restaurants we go to. If we need to buy a new appliance, or have a large project to get supplies for we’ll buy the gift cards for stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot or Sears & really stack up the fuel savings quickly.

  • I really like the Kroger brand of Dove’s sensitive skin body wash. I think it has better texture than the name brand. Also the Sam’s Club brand (Members Mark) of toilet paper and paper towels are as good as the name brand.

  • We have one grocery store in my area, and a Walmart 20 plus miles away. We buy a lot of generic items. The only thing we don’t skimp on is toilet tissue. We like soft tissue. We also use baby wipes for different things. Besides their original use.

  • Kirkland kitchen garbage bags never break and hold a ton! When I was a custodian that was the brand we used, and I won’t buy anything else for my home needs.

  • I have to admit to being really frugal. When my children were small and money was tight, I bought generic cereals and slipped them into name brand boxes I had saved. If there was supposed to be a prize, I had a bag of stuff from the dime store. I opened the cereal popped in something from my stash, and for several years the kids didn’t know the difference. I was happy because the cereal was the same usually for half the cost.

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