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14 Unique IKEA Hacks That Will Fit Your Budget

ikea hacks

14 Amazing And Budget-Friendly IKEA Hacks

I’m a big fan of IKEA furniture for several reasons. First, I have a soft spot for minimalist Scandinavian design, so I can almost always find something that fits my taste there. And second, you can’t beat IKEA in terms of affordability! I’ll assemble flat-packed furniture all day long if it means I’m not spending a fortune. But IKEA’s affordability factor can also be somewhat of a drawback, depending on how you look at it. We all want our homes to feel uniquely us, but it’s hard to feel that way when everyone you know has the same furniture pieces! So what’s the solution here?

Well, the good news is that you can have your cake and eat it too! (And by that I mean you can have your affordable IKEA furniture while still creating a unique look in your home.) All you need is some creativity, resourcefulness, and a can-do attitude! Today I’ll be sharing 21 different DIY projects from around the web that feature affordable IKEA items that have been revamped into unique, stylish, and functional home decor. Use this list as inspiration, and you’ll be dreaming up your very own IKEA hacks in no time!

ikea hacks

1. Wrapping Paper Storage

from Make and Do Crew

If your wrapping paper collection got a little out of control over the holidays, check out IKEA for the perfect solution. These storage tubes cost just a few dollars, and are great for corralling all your wrapping papers together in one place. They’re also great for storing plastic bags and toilet paper!

Ikea Hacks

2. Ribbon Organizer

from The Heathered Nest

A ribbon collection can quickly turn into a tangled mess if you’re not careful. Organize all the ribbon in seconds using a cheap utensil caddy from IKEA!

Ikea Hacks

3. Mobile Herb Garden

from IKEA Hackers

The only thing better than an indoor herb garden? A mobile indoor herb garden! Wheel your cart of lush herbs around the house for to make watering easier, or to find the best patches of light coming through your windows.

Ikea Hacks

4. Mobile Vanity Cart

from The Polka Dot Chair

IKEA offers several carts that can be useful in just about any room. This project shows you how to use a cart to store makeup, skincare items, and just about anything else you need to get ready in the morning! This would be perfect for anyone with limited built-in storage in their bathroom.

Ikea Hacks

5. Lantern Turned Terrarium

from Thou Swell

I actually own several of these big white lanterns from IKEA, but I had never considered using one as a terrarium. (Some people are so clever!) I’ll definitely be giving this project a try soon!

Ikea Hacks

6. Faux “Built-In” Bookshelves

from The Makerista

Use a few inexpensive bookshelves to create the look of vintage built-in storage in your home. This is a more intensive DIY project, but it’s certainly doable if you’re determined!

Ikea Hacks

7. Tribal Dresser Makeover

from Classy Clutter

Give your dresser tons of character with a simple makeover, like this one from Classy Clutter. You can choose any theme or color you want, and make it totally unique!

Ikea Hacks

8. Nesting Coffee Tables

from Classy Clutter

Nesting coffee tables are a great way to maximize the possibilities in a small space. Start with IKEA tables to make a set of nesting tables for much less than you’d spend at a decor store!

Ikea Hacks

9. Glam Dresser Makeover

from How To Nest For Less

This is another IKEA dresser makeover that caught my eye. This makeover is perfectly girly and glam, and I love the look of those pendant drawer pulls!

Ikea Hacks

10. Checkers Game Table

from Classy Clutter

It’s always a good time for a friendly game of checkers. :-) With this cute table, you’ll be ready for a game at a moment’s notice!

Ikea Hacks

11. Desk Turned Bar Cart

from Style Me Pretty

Having a bar cart can make it quick and easy to offer a drink to visiting friends and family. This modern-looking bar cart was made using an inexpensive laptop table from IKEA!

Ikea Hacks

12. Tiered Corner Shelf

from Live From B5

Use several small IKEA tables to create a tiered shelving unit that fits perfectly into corners. Turn a cluttered corner into a visual focal point where you can display photos and your favorite knick-knacks!

Ikea Hacks

13. LEGO Play Table

from PreK + K Sharing

Learn how to create a unique LEGO play table that is sure to impress the kids from PreK + K Sharing. If only I had known about this when my kids were little! :-)

Ikea Hacks

14. Bag Turned Raincoat
from IKEA Hackers

This project obviously requires a bit of skill with a sewing machine, but how cute is this little raincoat? IKEA Hackers can show you how to turn those roomy IKEA tote bags into a waterproof raincoat for your little ones.

Have you ever customized something you got at IKEA?

Here’s a quick and easy way to elevate any piece of budget furniture:

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Add silicone bumpers for a quieter drawer closing experience.

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  • Great ideas. I love our IKEA. I just wish it was closer to us. I love browsing boards with different uses for their stuff. A few years ago I made a dish towel apron for my mom using one of their kitchen towels.It turned out great, and she used it a lot.

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