The Surprising $30 Kitchen Tool You’ll Use All The Time

immersion blender

I hate having to haul bulky appliances in and out of my cupboards, and that was the main thing that drew me to immersion blenders in the first place. But the decision was even easier when I found one for under $30. It was a real win-win!

If you haven’t heard of this special kind of blender before, immersion blenders (sometimes called hand blenders) have a motor on one end and exposed blades on the other. Unlike a full-size blender, you put the blades of an immersion blender into a pot or container of food and blend it up right there.

Not only can you use one to puree a soup while it’s still in the pot pot, but you can also use it to tackle smaller jobs like whipping cream and making dressings. Today I’ll be sharing some specifics about why an immersion blender would make a worthy addition to your arsenal of kitchen tools, plus I’ll share a few of the best ways to put one to good use!

4 Good Reasons To Own An Immersion Blender

immersion blender

1. They’re Compact

Unlike a bulky standing blender that takes up valuable real estate on your countertop or in your cupboard, a handheld immersion blender fits just about anywhere. I like to keep mine in a drawer so it’s tucked away, but still easily accessible.

immersion blender

2. They’re Inexpensive

Unlike high-end food processors that can cost upwards of $100, you can get a decent immersion blender for under $40. I like my CHEW FUN Multipurpose Immersion Hand Blender, which only costs $26.99 on Amazon.

It’s affordable, sturdy (it has a durable metal blending stick rather than a plastic one), has a speed control knob and turbo button, and comes with a whisk and milk frother attachment to boot.

immersion blender

3. They Cut Down On Clean Up

Blender cups and food processors can be cumbersome to clean, especially if you have a small or shallow sink. With an immersion blender, you only have to clean the blender attachment.

Bonus Tip: Clean your immersion blender ASAP to avoid stuck-on food bits. Just place the end in a few inches of soapy water, blend, and rinse!

immersion blender

4. They’re Versatile

Immersion blenders can do so much more than just blend your favorite soups and smoothies (although they’re really good at that, too)! Here are 9 ways to use an immersion blender to make everything from a tasty breakfast to DIY bath products.

7 Of The Best Ways To Use An Immersion Blender

immersion blender

1. Salsa

I have a serious weakness for chips and salsa, and this recipe is one of my favorites because of how quick and easy it is to make. But it’s even quicker if you toss the ingredients into a bowl, blend it up with your immersion blender, and get right to dipping those chips!

immersion blender

2. Batters

Use your immersion blender to blend up a smooth batter for pancakes, waffles, muffins, cakes and more. (Just be careful not to overmix, because it’s a lot easier to overdo it with a powerful immersion blender than a whisk!)

immersion blender

3. Mayonnaise

Everything tastes better when it’s homemade, including mayonnaise! Blend up this recipe for a mayo that tastes super fresh and its packed with protein and good fats, then use it as a sandwich spread or creamy addition to your favorite tuna or potato salad.

immersion blender

4. Jam

Make this homemade jam recipe in your Instant Pot, then use an immersion blender to break it down into a smooth spread without dirtying an extra pot or your full-size blender. ‘Tis the season for strawberries, so make a big batch and spread the love!

immersion blender

5. Marinades & Sauces

Cheese sauce looking a little lumpy? Give it a quick whirl with an immersion blender and it’ll be smooth, blended, and more appetizing in seconds. It works great for marinades too—give one of these recipes a try.

immersion blender

6. Soup

While I love a chunky minestrone or chicken noodle, sometimes a velvety smooth soup is just what the doctor ordered! Use an immersion blender while making this recipe that’s perfect for using up ripe, summertime tomatoes.

immersion blender

7. Soap

This fully customizable bar soap contains all-natural ingredients, costs a fraction of the price of other luxury soaps, and comes together quickly with the help of an immersion blender! Whip it up as a treat for your skin.

Do you have an immersion blender at home?

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  • I love my METAL immersion blender! If you buy one don’t be a “dope” like I was. I first bought a plastic blender which, duh, is only good if you are blending, whipping cold or cool ingredients. Thus, I ruined the plastic blender. So, being “too soon old and too lates shmart,” I bought a metal immersion blender and I love it.

  • Just a heads up…….the Chew Fun blender you feature has a lot of bad reviews on Amazon. I have had my Cuisinart immersion blender for 10 years and it is still going strong!

    • Thanks Julie. I have had mine for a while and it works great. 73% of the reviews were 5 stars, 15% gave 4 stars and only 17% gave 3 or less stars.

  • My daughter-in-law uses it to make baby food- she freezes the leftovers in ice cube trays, then bags and labels the frozen cubes. Plenty of ready-to-use baby food at our house!

  • I use my immersion blender the most for whipping up a batch of whipped cream. It is very fast compared to a regular mixer. I am on my second blender. My first fell apart, not from over use, but because it was a cheap copy of a better one. Now I have a great one. You get what you pay for is a true statement.

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