This Brilliant Hack Makes Cleaning Your Shower Less Painful

shower cleaning hack

There’s nothing I love more than finding creative ways to use a conventional household tool. So when I came across a new method for cleaning shower walls that’s both effective and easier than traditional methods, I knew I had to share it with you ASAP! :-)

Cleaning the tiles or glass walls in your shower thoroughly can be an arduous task. All of the scrubbing, bending, and reaching involved can easily lead to tired arms and back pain.

While I have great tip for cleaning your tub with a broom to make it easier and less painful, I knew that I’d need to come up with a different approach for shower walls. Eventually, the perfect solution hit me: a sponge mop!

If you’ve been on the hunt for a shortcut to clean the tile or glass walls in your shower, I highly recommend giving this method a try! Using a sponge mop makes it quick and easy to restore your shower walls to a squeaky clean state, without sacrificing your back or arms in the process!

How To Clean Your Shower Walls With A Sponge Mop

shower cleaning hack

You’ll need:

  • Dish soap
  • A sponge mop


shower cleaning hack

Step 1 — Prep

Start by preparing your cleaning solution by adding a big squirt of dish soap to a bucket full of hot water. Give the soap and water a stir until it’s foamy and bubbly.

(If your shower walls are particularly grimy or have hard water stains or mineral deposits, you’ll have better luck using my tried-and-true DIY shower cleaner instead. Just spray it liberally onto your shower walls and let it sit for about 30 minutes before proceeding.)

shower cleaning hack

Step 2 — Scrub

Next, dip a sponge mop into the soapy water and get scrubbing! (If you’re using a spray cleaner instead, make sure to dampen the sponge part of the mop before you start scrubbing.)

shower cleaning hack

I used a sponge mop with a scrubber that I found at the grocery store. It worked wonderfully for this, and the scrubbing attachment worked great on some of the tougher stains and spots. (I couldn’t find the exact same mop on Amazon, but it’s pretty similar to this one.)

shower cleaning hack

Step 3 — Rinse & Repeat

After you’re done loosening up all that soap scum and grime, you’ll want to rinse the walls thoroughly to wash it away. I suggest using your mop again for this, since it’s less likely to soak your whole bathroom in the process.

shower cleaning hack

Just rinse any remaining suds out of the sponge, dip the mop into clean water, then use it to go over your shower walls again.

shower cleaning hack

Repeat the steps again as needed until your shower walls are gleaming! Personally, I found this method to be super fast and easy, and it left my shower virtually spotless!

I even had enough energy leftover afterward to clean both my tub and the tile floor of my shower enclosure (which is rarely the case, I can assure you!) Whether you use this method to clean a shower enclosure or a tub/shower combo, it’s sure to be much quicker and easier than other methods you’ve tried!

Do you have any tips for cleaning shower walls (or keeping them clean)?

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  • I use a foaming bath cleaner and a plastic bristle broom to scrub and rinse the tub. No bending.

    I used a Swifter to wash windows outside yesterday. A squirt of Dawn dish soap with vinegar and water in a bucket with the disposable Swifter pad made for quick work. I put a thin washcloth on the Swifter to dry the windows. No streaks, no ladders, no bending, no back aches.

  • I do something like this for my bathroom and kitchen walls.I use a dry swiffer mop and wrap a micro fiber cloth around it ( instead of the dry sheet) after soaking it with an all purpose cleaner and wringing it out. The flat head of the swiffer sweeper makes it go flat against the walls and you don’t have to keep going up and down a step stool to do it by hand.We think the same sometimes Jillee!

  • I use your shower spray on the walls after a shower & it really helps keep them clean! I also found a special sponge specifically for showers on Amazon that works great! Thanks’ for your tips!

    • Grocery stores in my city, Pittsfield, MA, sell a product called “Clean Shower.” I spray our shower stall or bathroom tub/shower with Clean shower and just leave it. There is no need to rinse or wipe dry. At 83, I want quick and easy, as long as it works. To save money buy the large bottle of Clean Shower, and fill the sprayer when it becomes empty.
      As for “washing pillows when they become soiled, ” I ask why wash pillows it is really a strain for most washing machines and they take a lot of electricity or gas to dry them in your dryer. Thus, I purchase covers for our pillows. When the pillow cover becomes soiled, I take it off and throw the pillow cover into my washing machine. Several catalogs offer these pillow covers, such as “Make Life Easier” and “Signatures.” If you do not receive these catalogs, go on line and they will be sent to you, via USPS. They save a “barrel of money.”

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