13 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

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Home Refresh Tips And Spring Home Decor Ideas

I don’t know about you, but *I* am ready for spring! We’ve had a very snowy winter this year, and while I imagine it will take some time for the snow to disappear from our yard, I am more than ready for spring to arrive!

To help us all get us through the remainder of winter with our sanity intact, I thought I’d put together some tips for getting your home out of hibernation and ready to welcome the bright sunshine of spring! Because while it may still be too cold to spend much time outside, there’s no reason we can’t start cleaning and freshening the inside of our homes in anticipation of spring’s eventual arrival.

13 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

woman scrubbing her floors with a cuban mop

1. Start With A Clean Slate

Clean out all the dirt and grime winter left behind. Scrub the floors, and dust and wash the windows to let the sun shine through. Declutter shelves, cabinets, tables and countertops. You’ll be surprised how quickly your home starts to feel fresher once it’s clean.

sweaters folded on a shelf

2. Organize Before You Decorate

Once the threat of another major winter storm has passed, collect your ice scrapers, shovels, salt and other winter gear and store it in the garage or basement. The same goes for heavy sweaters and bulky coats — move them into storage to make room for lighter spring clothing. Reorganizing will give you a whole new outlook for spring.

3. Change Up Your Furniture

Now’s the time to swap that dark wood bench or upholstered chair for a lighter, spring-colored wicker replacement. Bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms will welcome the warm seasons when filled with wicker or other garden-inspired furniture. One of my favorite things to decorate with in the spring and summer are vintage watering cans!

vase of flowers sitting on a kitchen counter

4. Bring The Outside In

Fill vases with your favorite blooms and place them on tables, mantles and window sills is an easy way to make it feel like springtime indoors. Buy an inexpensive bouquet at the grocery store and split it up around the house in jars and vases of various sizes.

And flowers aren’t the only natural materials you can bring indoors. You could gather branches, pebbles, shells, etc. and display them in jars or other containers too.

5. Paint An Accent Wall

Spring is a great time to paint, since you can finally open your windows and let the fresh air and light in. For a low-effort, high-impact painting project, choose one wall in a room to be your “an “accent wall” and paint it in a bright color.

A single quart of paint can completely transform and freshen a space. You can add in accessories to complement it and change it fairly easily if you get tired of it down the road.

woman reading a book in front of a bookshelf

6. Rearrange Your Bookshelves

Mix up the monotony of rows and rows of books on your shelves by rearranging them in a way that makes a visual impact. Sort books by size or subject and arrange some vertically, some horizontally, or in patterns, or arrange books by color for an unexpected change.

Another fun option is to wallpaper just the inside of the back of your bookshelf or shelving unit. It’s quick and easy to do, and you get to try a fun wallpaper without committing to using it in an entire room.

7. Switch Up Your Pillows

One of the easiest and most inexpensive spring home decor ideas is to make or buy bright new shams or covers for your throw pillows. Swap out dark-colored or winter-themed throw pillows on your sofa or bed with colors and patterns that remind you of springtime, and don’t be afraid to lean into bold prints!

woman sweeping her porch in front of a yellow front door

8. Paint Your Front Door

Painting our front door is definitely something I’ll be putting on my to-do list this spring! Technically it’s on Dave’s list, but either way, I’ve wanted to try a new color for the front door for a long time now and this year is the year! I’m looking forward to giving the front of our home a fresh and colorful makeover.

9. Reimagine Old Furniture & Accessories

Adding doses of color doesn’t have to cost a lot. Secondhand items like side table and wooden chairs can be easily sanded, primed, and painted in the color of your choice. When you’re ready for a new look, give it away or re-donate it.

woman sitting on a bed in her pajamas

10. Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Strip those flannel sheets and swap them out for cool, silky cottons. Change out winter comforters, bedskirts, duvets, or pillow shams for lighter fabrics in light colors or floral patterns. Swapping out your bedding is a quick and easy way to decorate for spring, and you get a lot of impact!

11. Fill The Fireplace

When you’re done with your fireplace for the season, clear out any ashes and start fresh. Fill your firebox with silk plants, an arrangement of candles, some beautiful birch logs, or cover it with an attractive folding screen.

reed diffuser on a shelf in a bathroom

12. Embrace The Aromas Of Springtime

Once it’s looking like spring inside your home, why not make it smell that way too? Replacing your winter candles and potpourris with spring scents will make a noticeable difference throughout your home. Essential oils are a great way to do this — I love combining lavender and lemon in a reed diffuser. It makes my home smell so fresh!

13. Add Pops Of Yellow

Nothing says “spring” like the color yellow, and it makes lemons an inexpensive option for brightening up your kitchen (plus they’re handy to have on hand for cooking!) A large white bowl or tall vase of lemons (or daffodils!) can bring the feeling of spring into any space.

What are your favorite ways to freshen up your home for spring?

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  • I’ll right away grab your rss feed as I can not in finding
    your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter
    service. Do you have any? Please let me realize so that I could subscribe.

  • I guess I’m in the minority, but I actually love winter and all the fluffy clothes and cold temps that go with it. lol Having said that, though I do love the extra sunlight and longer days that spring brings. Those are some GREAT ideas to brighten up our homes for the new season. I started my spring cleaning today actually. The windows will have to wait until warmer temps come our way though. I’m also in the mood to repaint so my living room is next on the list. We repainted our front door red last year so no door painting this year. I love it and it goes with our charcoal gray shutters and cream colored house very well. One of our neighbors painted her front door a BRIGHT yellow and I have to say it looks AWFUL. lol Great idea but the color is just wrong. If she had gone more toward an orange, I would have like it. Anyway, sorry for the book!! Good luck with your door painting! I’m sure whatever you choose will be gorgeous. :)

  • I like your advise about bringing cut flowers to the house. Fresh flowers are by far my favorite way to up your decor. And a clean house, of course:)

  • To change out the color or pattern on a shelf unit you don’t have to commit to the look forever. Buy FOAM BOARD at the crafts store or WM. Cut to fit so it is a tiny bit snug so it stays in place. Then cover THAT with the wall paper. paint or contact or scrap book paper. If you attach a piece of embroidery thread to match just at one edge you can pull it off when you want to change things.

    For deep shelves I have also seen this used as a false back with decor items placed in front and storage items hidden away—think out of season decor or books you don’t want to display right now but don’t want to toss.

  • Hello Jillee, I have two questions for you. (1) What is the bookshelf paper? Contact paper, wallpaper? I love the idea. (2) I bought the diffuser but was disappointed to see the instructions say not to use citrus oils in it because of corrosion, yet I see you used grapefruit? I’d love to use orange, do you think it is okay?

    • Hi Sunni!

      So the picture of the bookshelf is actually a stock photo I found so I’m not sure what they used. I think contact paper or wall paper would work wonderfully!

      I actually use citrus oils in my diffuser all the time. They will EVENTUALLY degrade the plastic but by the time that happens you’ll probably need a new diffuser anyway!

  • Hi! When you post a scent to diffuse, do you just put the drops directly into your diffuser or do you have to mix them in a bottle first and let it set? Thanks.

  • I also want to paint my front door this spring! Any advice on colors? Do you stay away from light colors because of scuff marks? We have a white door right now and the bottom is covered in marks from the kids!

  • About two weeks ago I decided I have had with winter, even if winter is not done with us. Been “spring” cleaning ever since as time permits. By the time spring arrives I should be done. Snow is melting today, but w are getting more during the night. Grrrrrr

  • Something that can usher in spring (even if the weather is not cooperating) is changing up the menu. Opt for simple baked entrees (like Chicken L’Orange) w/ fresh steamed vegetables & bread sticks rather than cream and cheese based casseroles or stews with biscuits.

  • Hi Jillee, love your blog, read it every day. I don’t know if other people know of this or not. I have two lamps that have silk lamp shades, I’ve put off cleaning them because I just didn’t know how to do it. Magic eraser to the rescue! I took a clean eraser and used it DRY on the lamp shades, it was a miracle. These shades were horrible (2 dogs, 2 cats and tons of dust) Then I wondered if I could get the eraser clean, just ran it under warm water, eraser and lamp shade like new. I read the story of your recovery, I have 25 years, and i’t s been a wonderful life!!!

  • I like things that have a dual purpose.
    In my case, I can never find a pen to write down a message. Everyone walks off with them. I wrap an artificial flower around a pen using florist tape. Fill a vase with dried beans, aquarium gravel or pea gravel. Jam the pens in the vase and I have a bouquet and a supply of pens. With the flowers attached, everyone replaces the pen to the vase. All materials can be found at places like Walmart or the dollar store.
    Not a new idea, but maybe some of you have not seen it before.

  • I have an inexpensive way to freshen up and change my pillows : I simply buy some nice fabrics according to the season, dark in winter., full of color in spring,
    And I use a hot glue pistol (is it the correct translation ? That s how we call it in French!) to glue the fabric:

    I wrap nicely the pillow in fabric and glue it perfectly (it sticks 6 months without a problem,vene in a. Use living room – I just stick one side , so if you want to sleep on the pillow you use the unglue side as glue sometimes can be a bit hard)

    I also change my chairs cushions (undo the seat , I have chairs where the sitting base is not fixed by screws, so it s easy, I wrap with fabric, a hunch of hit glue, hop, whole new kitchen for summer !)

    And I play and use my fabric to

    Cover my dog mattress in the living room : so it s an element of decor too (and it goes to trash when it s dirty. Much easier than washing !)

    Cover a plant pot for example in a funny way,
    Or a few books
    Or make a table cloth

    With a nice and inexpensive fabric (I often use Ikea ) it s like making the house brand new for a few bucks, and with the hit glue pistol it s done in a few minutes !

    Thanks Jillie for all your ideas !

    And happy spring to all

  • I have a brick home with beige trim & painted my front door a bright teal (which is what is in my den that you see when you come in the front door)! The HOA pres. stopped by & was so impressed he went home & asked his wife to paint their door yellow!!

  • I looked online last year at different color ideas for painting my shutters and my house. My house is a light gray and so I went with black shutters and a red door (Red Gumball by Benjamin Moore). I absolutely love it. Red means lots of different things but the meaning in Scotland is that you have paid your mortgage off. Not there yet, but here’s to hoping! Instead of replacing my handle (which would have been about $100) I spray painted it metallic gold for a fresh look.

    • I LOVE those colors!!! Hope you don’t mind me coping them. I’m horrible with creative color matching!!!!! Copying is the highest form of flattery!!!!

  • Snow is coming down fast & thick here & I am more than ready for spring & some warmer temps! I want to paint my front door too. The house is a cream color with a dark green roof & trim. Anyone have suggestions for a color?

  • Love all the ideas! Starting a bit of cleaning and tackling a big painting project over spring break next week. Last year I painted my front door dark blue. It looks good and most people love it. Now that my husband has gotten used to the idea of a painted door…this year, I am sanding it down and repainting it, plum! Great minds think alike Jeanne!

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