This Is Every Bedding Item I Absolutely Swear By

jillee's favorite bedding

Over the past few years I have shared a lot of my favorite bedding products here on my blog. Creating a beautiful and comfortable bed is especially important to me because I actually have a pretty rocky relationship with sleep. (Insomnia anyone?)

Anything I can add to my sleeping experience to make it easier or more appealing is a good thing in my book!

Luckily, there are so many wonderful options out there these days for bedding and other sleep-related items. From linen to bamboo, from duvets to quilted comforters, the amount of choices we have can get a little overwhelming!

That’s why in today’s blog post, I thought I could put together a roundup of all my favorite bedding items and sleep-related products in case you are looking for some inspiration or recommendations. After all, there are few things more important to your physical and emotional health than a good night’s sleep! :-)

Jillee’s Must-Have Bedding Items & Sleep Essentials

jillee's favorite bedding

▶︎ Mattress

Jillee’s Pick: Sleep Number 360® i8 Smart Bed

Before we get to the actual bedding, I have to mention the mattress I have been sleeping on for the last three years. When I was asked to do a review for Sleep Number, I went into it with few expectations because I’d never given much thought to adjustable mattresses in general.

But I was in for a very pleasant surprise, because it turned out to be the best mattress I’ve ever slept on by far! And while I initially tried it out for that review, I dare anyone to try and take it away from me now! ;-)

When it comes time to replace my mattress again in the future, I will definitely be checking out Sleep Number’s offerings first!

jillee's favorite bedding

▶︎ Bed Sheets

Pick #1: Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

As important as your mattress is for good sleep, what you put on your bed is definitely right up there too! I bought my first set of Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets after my sister raved about how much she loved hers, and I was immediately converted (which you can read about here!)

They were, without question, the most comfortable, durable, and soft sheets I had ever owned… up to that point!

Pick #2: Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets

But quite recently, I discovered another material option while looking for some sheets for my son—eucalyptus sheets from Sheets & Giggles! Like bamboo, eucalyptus is a sustainable resource, and I actually think they are just as comfortable as bamboo!

This set is also quite a bit cheaper than the bamboo set, which certainly doesn’t hurt either!

jillee's favorite bedding

▶︎ Duvets

What you put on top of your sheets has a great deal to do with personal preference and is open to wide interpretation. I personally like the lightness and fluffiness of a duvet and duvet cover. (There’s something very cloud-like about the experience!)

Pick #1: Parachute Linen Duvet Cover

The last few years I have switched to a linen duvet cover and pillow shams, mostly because of the more natural look and feel. Ever since I upgraded to this linen duvet cover from Parachute, even when my bed is messy, it has an attractively lived-in look!

jillee's favorite bedding

Pick #2: Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Down Alternative Comforter

While I keep my linen cover on year-round, I definitely switch out the the actual blanket itself when the weather turns from hot to cold, or vice versa. My current summer duvet insert of choice is also made out of eucalyptus, and is the perfect weight combined with the linen cover I mentioned earlier.

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Pick #3: Parachute Down Duvet Insert, All Season

When the temperatures start to drop in the fall, I’ll switch out the eucalyptus duvet for my all-season down duvet from Parachute. It’s a bit of a splurge, but this California girl needs all the help she can get in the winter!

▶︎ Pillows

When you look at how many pillows I have on my bed, you may start to question my sanity (much as my husband does!) But I just can’t help myself, because a bed just isn’t a bed without lots of fluffy pillows on it!

I have a lot of different types of pillows too, which you’ll see based on my pillow picks below!

Pick #1: Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow

As far as our sleeping pillows go, my husband and I are Coop Pillow fans. We have tried a LOT of different pillows in our quest for a good night’s sleep.

We keep coming back to these pillows because of how adjustable they are, and how they keep us cooler than other pillows we have tried. They’re also machine washable, which is an added bonus!

jillee's favorite bedding

Pick #2: Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Knee Pillow

While my knee pillow spends the day tucked away in my closet, I bring it out every single night! As a side sleeper, this memory foam wedge helps keep my knees and hips aligned properly, which drastically improves how I feel when I get out of bed in the morning. If you’re a side sleeper, I highly recommend trying it for yourself!

jillee's favorite bedding

Pick #3: Decorative Pillows & Shams (see below)

And finally, there are the pillows that really are just for show, but that I still can’t live without! :-)

On top of our sleeping pillows, there are two decorative linen pillow shams that I bought from an Etsy shop called HomeyLinenLT.

jillee's favorite bedding

In front of those, I have 3 quilted euro shams that I got at Pottery Barn. I love the added texture the tufting provides!

jillee's favorite bedding

In front of those, I have one extra-long lumbar pillow with a blush pink velvet cover. This one also came from Etsy, from a shop called WillowandMoonHome. (Isn’t Etsy great?)

jillee's favorite bedding

And last but not least, I have two small floral pillows that I purchased from Target back in the spring. :-)

jillee's favorite bedding

▶︎ Beyond Bedding: Other Sleep Essentials

That covers the items that not only make my bedroom a room that I love to look at, but that also give me a consistently good shot at actually getting a good night’s sleep! However, we all know that even if we have the comfiest bed in the universe, there are still times that sleep manages to elude us.

As an added inducement to a truly peaceful night, I also depend on my trusty bedtime companion Slumber Essential Oil Blend. A few drops of Slumber in my diffuser helps me relax enough to get some high-quality shut-eye!

What are some of your bedding and sleep essentials?

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  • I am married for 45 years. I can tell you the sheets that were available many many years ago were much better quality and reasonable pricing than now. The bedding lasted much longer. Today it is frustrating to purchase quality bedding for a decent price. The reason I believe is that most bedding is not made in USA.

    Last year I happened to find a sheet set that was in storage from when my brother who passed away 16 years ago, it was not a new set. These sheets were dried in a clothes dryer and the elastic was still intact. I gave the set to my grandson. And he still uses them.

  • Can anyone suggest a sheet that actually fits? I have a year-old foam mattress with a depth of 13 inches. The 18 inch depth, bragged about by every company, doesn’t fit – at all. I end up with a wrinkled bed every single night because nothing fits my mattress snugly. It’s impossible to tuck the extra 5 inches underneath because the mattress is so heavy. I’d love a crisp bed, but so far the manufacturers I’ve tried don’t make anything for my size mattress. Frustrating!

    • Try cotton jersey sheets! They stretch like crazy, I have a 12″ mattress with a 3″ topper on it and the Threshold (Target brand) cotton jersey sheets fit like a glove. Plus, they’re super soft.

  • I am a side sleeper and I am in desperate need of new pillows – I just use king size & standard size on my bed. Can anyone recommend a GREAT pillow for side sleepers? Thank you!

    • Of course everyone is different, but I have slept on a latex foam pillow my entire life (replaced only a few times, as they last almost indefinitely) and find the constant buoyancy and support to be perfect. They never mash down and you never have to fluff or readjust them–EVER. I’m a mostly-side-sleeper but *try* to sleep on my back (in a vain attempt to reduce wrinkles–but alas!–not sure if it helps.) Latex foam is great for either position. I think last time I got one at Bed Bath and Beyond, with a coupon, for about $30. I have washed them in the machine with great success.

  • I love your site . It has helped me many times. That being said I do feel your choice of sheets is just too pricey for middle class wants. In Canada the bamboo sheets sets are 700.00 on Amazon . The other set are around 250.00 which is much better but still a stretch especially now with not as many customers. Let’s be honest I would love to own them though just on your recommendation.

  • We have had a sleep number for about 4 years now. The first 3 I loved it and could not sleep when I went away. Then we moved about 8 months ago and I don’t know if something changed with the set up but we had it professionally reinstalled. I can’t sleep and can’t get comfortable in my bed. If I ever buy another bed it will be a heavenly bed from Westin Resorts. Apparently you can buy those beds from them. That by far is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. And I know they are a lot less expensive than Sleep number. Just IMHO.

  • Hi Jillee, I don’t know if you have the same problems When I buy new bedding, with regards to the fitted corners;
    I always cut four lengths of inch wide elastic, melt the ends of the elastic with a candle lighter and then sew one piece across each of the fitted corners. Doing this prevents them from going ping in the middle of the night. For softness and comfort I buy brushed cotton (flannelette)

  • I absolutely LOVE Sheets and Giggles. I was an inventor during their start up. I’ve never been so impressed with a company’s customer service! My other fav are my pillows from COOP Home Goods. I recently had to buy some twin sheets for my moms unexpected move into assisted living and needed them fast. Unfortunately S&G wasn’t able to get them to me as quickly as I needed. I purchased several sets on amazon and was pleasantly surprised by Sonoro Kate. Thick, but breathable, good quality, great packaging. You can’t beat the price.

  • I also suffer from extreme insomnia. I will check out some of your finds. I think the small floral pillows you got from target are precious. The link provided though takes you to a different set of pillows. Maybe just that print is out (which of course is the one I want).

  • >