Danish Dough Whisk: What It Is And Why You Need One

A Danish dough whisk is the perfect tool for mixing a wide variety of batters, doughs, and ingredients.

I had never even heard of Danish dough whisks before my son Erik gave me one as a gift a couple of years ago. Its unique design was certainly intriguing, and it very quickly became one of my favorite (and most frequently used) kitchen tools. I’ve also taken it upon myself to spread the word about this fantastic tool, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in this post.

A Danish dough whisk is has a wooden handle and a stainless steel wire coil.

What Is A Danish Dough Whisk?

A Danish dough whisk, or brodpisker (that’s Danish for “bread whisk”), is a special mixing tool with a long, sturdy wooden handle and a wire coil on one end that’s sort of shaped like the at sign (@). Sometimes called a Danish dough hook or Polish whisk, this tool not only looks cool (I may have practiced some of my favorite Harry Potter spells with it!), but its distinctive spiral coil makes it highly effective at mixing dough.

The By Jillee Danish dough whisk is the best one I could find.

The three stacked coils have a relatively small surface area compared to wooden spoons, balloon whisks, and other tools you might use while baking, making it easier to use and clean. It’s great for blending batters and doughs (and other types of mixtures, which we’ll get to shortly) fast and thoroughly and with less effort and mess.

4 Things I Love About My Danish Dough Whisk

A Danish dough whisk eliminates flour pockets in batters.

1. It Eliminates Hidden Flour Pockets

No baker enjoys discovering pockets of unincorporated flour hidden inside the dough or cake batter they just mixed up! One of the best things about the Danish dough whisk is that it virtually eliminates that problem. Danish whisks beat a typical whisk in this regard, hands down!

The steel coils cut through dough, batter, and other floury mixtures with ease, incorporating ingredients more effectively and giving those elusive pockets of flour nowhere to hide. I realize that it may be hard to believe that a flat whisk can effectively mix anything, but it really does work astoundingly well!

OGT reader Louise P. agrees: “I love this new addition to my kitchen tools. It does get in all the corners of the bowl, which eliminates flour pockets when mixing dough.”

A Danish Dough Whisk is perfect for making dough for English Muffin Bread.

2. It Doesn’t Overmix

Mixing certain doughs vigorously or for too long is a big no-no. When you’re shooting for tender baked goods like biscuits and scones, overmixing the dough can develop more gluten in the mixture than you want, giving the finished product a chewy or tough texture.

Because of the way this whisk cuts through doughs and incorporates everything so effectively, it can help you mix those delicate doughs more thoroughly with fewer strokes. And fewer strokes mean you’re much less likely to overmix it accidentally!

My mom’s legendary English muffin bread is one of those doughs that benefits from minimal mixing. After making it with my Danish dough whisk, I vowed never to go back to making it in my stand mixer (and that had been my go-to method for decades!) One OGT reader echoed my feeling exactly:

Bought this for my mother-in-law who loves your English Muffin Bread and said she wished she had the Danish dough whisk you mentioned. She was thrilled with the results and said it made the mixing much easier. We all love her bread and agree that it made a good recipe even better as it improved the texture.

Jenn N.
Danish dough whisks are easy to clean.

3. It’s Easy To Clean

No one enjoys scraping clumps of wet dough off of wooden spoons and balloon whisks. Luckily, Danish dough whisks have much less surface area for dough to cling to, making them much easier to clean than almost any other tool you might use instead. OGT reader Judith observed, “Cleanup is so easy, the dough practically falls off the whisk.” It doesn’t get better than that!

Cleaning and Care: In order to keep it in good condition, it’s best if you don’t put this wire whisk in your dishwasher. Instead, hand wash with soap and warm water after each use — ideally ASAP to avoid letting dough or batter dry on the whisk head! As with your other wooden kitchen tools, be sure to apply a bit of food-safe mineral oil (or another food-safe wood conditioner) to the handle every so often.

Even with arthritic hands, a Danish Dough Whisk is easy to use.

4. It’s Comfortable To Hold And Use, Even With Arthritis

I deal with hand stiffness and pain on a daily basis, so the fact that my Danish dough whisk is more comfortable to hold than almost any other kitchen tool is something I don’t take for granted! I’m not the only one who feels this way, either — several OGT readers have sung the praises of this easy-to-hold whisk!

I have arthritic hands that are also sensitive to cold. I bought this tool hoping it would help me to avoid having to mix foods directly with my hands, such as meatloaf. Boy did it work well. I was able to completely mix the meatloaf without any of the usual pain in my hands.


I have arthritis in my hands and I was amazed at how much easier the Danish dough whisk was to use than my old whisk.

Linda C.

I ordered the Danish dough whisk because severe arthritis has made it difficult for me to tightly grasp things. It looked easy to hold and use — and it is!


Now that you know a bit about why Danish dough whisks are such a useful tool, let’s explore a few of the ways you can put one to good use in your kitchen!

How To Use A Danish Dough Whisk: 6 Tips

You can mix both bread dough and cookie dough with a Danish dough whisk.

1. Bread Dough (And Cookie Dough!)

As their name suggests, Danish dough whisks are excellent for handling bread dough. Especially in the initial stages of bread-making, when you’re incorporating the flour and liquid together, the stiff, sticky consistency can make bread dough difficult to mix properly with almost any utensil — except this one!

This whisk’s unique coil construction is designed to make the mixing process easy and efficient. No other kitchen tool is better suited for the task! You may still turn your dough out and knead it, but the dough whisk makes mixing bread dough much easier. (Just wait until you use it while making cinnamon rolls!)

This baking tool is also ideal for sourdough bakers. Whether you’re mixing flour into your starter or incorporating your starter into your other bread ingredients, this whisk is ideal for every stage.

In addition to bread and rolls, this whisk is great for mixing cookie dough, too. It incorporates ingredients and additions much better than a spoon, turning cookie baking into a real treat. No more getting to the bottom of the bowl and realizing the last few cookies won’t have any chocolate chips!

2. Batter

Whether you’re preparing a pancake breakfast or a batch of muffins, there’s no need to pull out your stand mixer! Instead, just grab your Danish dough whisk to produce perfectly smooth batters without having to haul out your electric mixers.

It’s also great for mixing quick bread batters. Even the thickest batters mix together quickly and easily, and add-ins like nuts and raisins get distributed much more evenly than they do when mixed with a wooden spoon.

A Danish dough whisk is ideal for stirring any kind of porridge.

3. Porridge

No need to worry about getting a mouthful of dry grains when making oatmeal, polenta, or grits! Stirring any sort of porridge with a Danish dough whisk will help ensure that every grain gets fully saturated and cooked properly.

4. Snack Mix

The flat, curved design of this whisk makes it easy to get to the very bottom of whatever you’re mixing (and the corners of pans, for that matter). It’s great for mixing up big batches of your favorite snack mixes, from Chex mix to muddy buddies to pigeon mix!

A Danish dough whisk is ideal for mixing eggs.

5. Eggs

I’ve also found this tool especially useful for whisking eggs. I can mix up a few eggs using about half the effort compared to a standard balloon whisk, and there’s a lot less splashing involved!

6. Folding Ingredients

For folding in whipped cream or egg whites, a Danish dough whisk is the best tool for the job. It folds fluffy ingredients with fewer strokes, keeping mixtures airy and wonderfully light for soufflés, cakes, pies, etc. It really is an extremely versatile tool.

The Danish dough whisk has earned a permanent place in my kitchen.

The Last Word

Whether you’re a baking aficionado, making your first loaf of homemade bread, or somewhere in between, I firmly believe a Danish dough whisk will enhance your experience in the kitchen. Mine has earned a permanent position in my arsenal of essential kitchen tools, and I bet yours will, too!

For even more ways to use your Danish dough whisk, check out 11 ideas from OGT readers!

Don’t believe me? Take it from these seasoned bakers and home cooks:

I am 73 and have used tons of mixing gadgets and was naturally skeptical of this unusual looking gadget. I am thrilled I took the chance to try this dough whisk. This is one item I can definitely say has made my life easier.

JoAnn M. 

How did I go my first 53 years of life without Jillee’s Danish Whisk? I cannot believe I waited so long to buy it. I call it my wonder whisk!


I’ve been using the standard whisk my whole life (50+) and you always have to tap the whisk against the side of the bowl to release the batter or dough. Well let me tell you – this Danish Dough Whisk is simply amazing because you just don’t have to do that! I highly recommend everyone buy this whisk and get rid of everything else.

Beth C.
The Danish dough whisk has less surface area than a spoon or balloon whisk, so it glides through batters and doughs with much less friction.

After using mine extensively in my own kitchen, I searched diligently for a high-quality Danish dough whisk to offer in my shop. I’m certain you’ll love it — so much so that it comes with a 90-day no-risk money-back guarantee! Hurry over and get one for yourself (though they make great gifts, too!)


Have you ever used a Danish dough whisk?

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  • I saw a Danish dough whisk on a cooking show about 45 years ago and always wanted one. On a trip to the Danish town of Solvang here in California a few years ago I finally bought one and I love it. Just yesterday used it to mix up a batch of scones which came out light and fluffy because it wasn’t overmixed

  • I’m late . Hope your having a great Birthday. I have learned so much from your blog over the years and shared posts with family members. My favorite kitchen gadget is a Cookie scoop. I’ve actually bought it several years ago from Bed, Bath and Beyond . It’s been great. I’m hoping I won’t have to buy another one because it’s disappeared and the one closest to us has closed. I love to the Danish Dough Wisk. I was showing to my mom who’s also looking for ideas for fun gifts.

  • My most used and favorite kitchen tool is Pampered Chef’s Mix & Chop. I use it most for browning hamburger, but it works great to chop up pasta or any other soft food for little kids.

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