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10 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets For Summer Cooking

Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - collage: coring and slicing a pineapple with a special tool; slicing a watermelon inside the rind; using a hamburger press to form and store patties

These Useful Kitchen Gadgets Are Ideal For Summer

We eat a lot of produce and do a lot of grilling during the summer, so I have a few useful kitchen gadgets that I tend to use more frequently during the warmer months. With that in mind, I thought that today I’d tell you about some of the most useful ones!

While coming up with the list below, I made an effort to feature summer kitchen gadgets that I either own and use, or could honestly say I would use if I did own them. I also set a price limit of about $15 for each item, because if you’re going to buy a seasonally specific kitchen tool, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on it!

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So without further ado, here are my top 10 kitchen gadgets for summertime and outdoor cooking. They’re sure to make your summertime food prep quicker, easier, and more enjoyable! :-)

10 Useful & Affordable Summer Kitchen Gadgets

Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - collage: using a hamburger press that lets you make a whole stack of patties; three hamburger patties on a paper plate

1. Hamburger Patty Maker

This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets that I’ve bought recently. It’s called the Patty Caddy, and it makes it so easy to make your own burger patties.

Just divide your prepared and seasoned meat mixture into equal-sized portions, then add them to the the patty maker one at a time, layering the included discs between each portion. Then just put the plunger on top, press down, and voila — perfectly formed burger patties, ready for the grill.

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Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - collage - a watermelon cut up inside the rind with a special curved knife; bowl of watermelon chunks

2. Watermelon Slicer

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve cut a watermelon and ended up making a sticky, soupy mess of kitchen. This watermelon slicer all but eliminates the mess, because you can slice the watermelon while it’s still in the rind! (I haven’t been able to get perfectly cubed pieces yet using my watermelon slicer, but I’ll take oddly-shaped watermelon pieces over a messy kitchen any day!)

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Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - using a special tool to core and slice a pineapple simultaneously; bowl of sliced pineapple

3. Pineapple Corer

You can save a lot of money on pineapple by buying whole ones and cutting them yourself, and this pineapple corer/slicer makes it easy to do. Just slice the top off your pineapple, insert the corer, and press down and rotate. This nifty gadget removes the tough, fibrous core and slices the pineapple at the same time!

Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - special s'mores maker on the grill with six s'mores inside

4. S’mores Maker

You don’t have to have a campfire to make s’mores — you can use this nifty little s’mores maker to make s’mores in your oven or on the grill. Just assemble them, lock them in the cage, and cook until the chocolate is melty and the marshmallows are gooey.

(Or for a super fast and mess-free way to make s’mores, try a microwave s’mores maker. Yum!)

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Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - BBQ that is also a meat thermometer

5. BBQ Digital Temperature Fork

I love outdoor cooking gadgets that do double duty, like this barbecue fork that doubles as a digital food thermometer! Use the fork to move, flip, and turn food on the grill, and use the thermometer function to check the temperature of your meats.

Using a digital thermometer is without a doubt the easiest way to ensure your meat is perfectly cooked! We have a small digital thermometer that we’ve used for a couple of years now, but it’s small and easy to lose track of. I think this barbecue fork would be a great a solution, since it would be much harder to misplace!

Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - telescoping roasting forks for marshmallows, hot dogs, etc

6. Telescoping Roasting Sticks

These roasting sticks first caught my eye because of their fun colors, but I really fell in love with them when I read that they were extendable! They extend from 12 to 32 inches, so you can adjust the stick itself instead of moving closer to or away from the fire. Great for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, or whatever else you like to roast, and everyone can claim their own favorite color. (I call dibs on the yellow one!)

Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - avocado tool that pits and slices in the rind

7. Avocado Slicer

Avocados are a little tricky to slice, and when a sharp knife is involved, things can get ugly! (In fact, a few years back my daughter Britta cut herself with a kitchen knife and needed stitches, and the Urgent Care doctor asked her if she’d been trying to slice an avocado. She hadn’t been, but it goes to show how common avocado accidents are!)

This 3-in-1 avocado tool is much less sharp than a kitchen knife, yet does it all — the slicer edge slices through the tough skin, the round grabber tool pops out the pit, and the fanned section evenly slices the flesh. It’s an especially handy tool to have if you’re working with a lot of avocados, so guacamole lovers should take note! ;-)

Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - pineapple ice cube molds

8. Pineapple Ice Cube Mold

So perhaps this item doesn’t necessarily qualify as something that would make your life easier, per se… but it is really cute! :-) Pineapples are a symbol of friendship and hospitality in many places, so I love the idea of offering visitors a refreshing beverage filled with fun pineapple-shaped ice cubes.

Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - strawberry huller with strawberry tops and hulled berry

9. Strawberry Huller

If you’re making filled strawberries, strawberry shortcake, or any recipe that uses a lot of strawberries, a strawberry huller is a must-have. It makes the work so much easier, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one! (I use mine when I’m making my favorite homemade strawberry ice cream — check out the recipe below!)

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Must have kitchen gadgets for summer - fruit infusion lid for mason jar

10. Fruit Infusion Lid For Mason Jars

During the summertime when so many fruits are in season, I love making fruit-infused water. This fruit infusion lid is perfect for that, and it fits right on the top of your favorite mason jar! Just pour some water into the jar, add some fruit, and pop the lid on. The lid allows the water through while keeping the fruit inside the jar.

Do you have any favorite summer kitchen gadgets or outdoor cooking gadgets?

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  • When I find ground beef on sale, I like to bring it home and cook it. Then I drain it and add whatever seasoning I like (think taco) and freeze it in individual Food Saver bags for a later use. I picked up the dollar store version of the Hamburger Helper Meat Chopper, and it’s been such a time saver. I also use it for guacamole, egg salad, etc.

  • Take a tip from restaurants and stores that cut up fresh fruit, you don’t need watermelon slicer. Cut the top and bottom off the melon (any melon not just watermelon) and stand it up. Using a sharp knife cut away the rind by slicing down from the top to the bottom. When all the rind is cut away you can now slice steaks and cube them one at a time or in a stack (clear the seeds first for cantelope and similar). Once you have done this a few times it is very fast, no mess and no fuss.

  • Personally, I don’t need any of those. I tried that strawberry huller once, it didn’t work. I have a simple tweezer-like one that is small and cost a dollar or two. I try to stay away from things that are one use unless it’s something I do all the time.

  • I actually have the roasting sticks. They are great for kids to use. I bought one last year and bought 2 more this year. My sisters family is living with us for awhile – new to our area. Her kids will have fun with them.

  • I have the avocado tool and the pineapple one, they are great. For strawberries I use a straw, pops the core and leaves out easy peasy!

  • I live in Garden Grove, CA. I am really interested in the watermelon slicer, the strawberry huller and the pineapple corer. Can you please tell me where I can find them in my area?

  • I am an avocado lover, but I almost love my avocado tool MORE than avocados! I have the exact version shown above. Beware, the blade may be plastic but it is still very sharp! I love only having to clean one tool, or just pop it in the dishwasher. It’s one of my favorite gadgets!

  • I especially like the watermelon slicer! Sounds like a great idea. I’ll be on the watch for one of these. Thanks Jillee! You come up daily with amazing things!

  • I love these gadgets. will get a few of them. Especially the avocado as I also had a bad cut two years ago trying to remove the stone. I look forward every day to your amazing ideas! Thank you Jillee

  • Just got the pineapple gadget! Adore pineapples but always hated cutting them!!! This thing is an absolute dream come true! I wondered whether I would have the strength to use it? Easy peasy! Takes about a minute from start to finish! Money well spent!

  • Love this. We actually have two of the tools at our house. The Pineapple slicer-different version and the Avocado slicer- slightly different version. We love these two gadgets.

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