15 Ways To Make Your Mason Jars Even More Useful

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It’s no secret that I’m a BIG fan of mason jars. I’ve featured dozens of projects over the years that utilize mason jars for different purposes, but I’ve never dedicated an entire post to them. Until today, that is! :-) It’s time to throw out those canning rings, and learn about the many different, ingenious ways to use and transform these iconic glass jars!

I’m sure you all know by now that I love a good DIY project, so I’ve included lots of links to DIY projects about transforming mason jars. But I’m also a big fan of online shopping, and when I find a good mason jar accessory online, I can rarely resist snapping it up! So I hope there’s something for everyone in this post, whether you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer, or more of a Buy-It-Yourselfer. ;-)

15 Ways to Transform a Mason Jar

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

1. Juicer

This juicer attachment fits right on top of wide-mouth mason jars, so you can juice your favorite citrus fruits right into the jar. Juice several fruits at a time to store for later use, or juice a couple of lemons into the jar to make your own fresh lemonade (just add water and sugar to taste!)

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

2. Water Bottle/Beverage Cup

Turn a mason jar into a water bottle with a lid and a silicone sleeve. Using a glass container as a water bottle not only ensures that your water won’t absorb any metallic or plastic taste, but it also enables you to add a drop or two of essential oil to flavor your water. (I love adding a drop of lemon oil!)

If you’re not worried about spilling, there’s an easy DIY to turn a mason jar into a water cup. Just use a hole punch to make a hole in the center of a mason jar lid, then seal up the jar and place a straw through the hole. Simple!

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

3. Salads & Snacks

Mason jar salads are very popular right now, because it’s an easy way to take a salad to work without it getting soggy or wilted before you get a chance to eat it. This special cup sits inside a wide-mouth jar, suspending your dressing or dip above the rest of the food to keep them separate.

You could DIY this by just placing your dressing or condiments inside a plastic condiment cup and putting it on top of the food, but you would probably want a cup that had a lid, to avoid any spillage.

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

4. Piggy Bank

Save your coins in style with this adorable piggy bank mason jar attachment! It fits regular-mouth pint jars, and has a slot for slipping your coins inside.

Of course, you could very easily just store your coins in a standard jar with a standard lid, but where’s the fun in that? ;-)

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

5. Salt & Pepper Shaker

This product is too clever! Not only does it turn a standard mason jar into a combination salt and pepper shaker, but it also has a special dispenser that allows you to pour out both at once!

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

6. Bean Sprouter

This sieve-type lid is designed to help you sprout and drain seeds and beans, like alfalfa, mung beans, or broccoli. You can also use it to sift flour or soak and drain nuts!

I’m sure you could pretty easily DIY this lid. Maybe you could place a small piece of mesh over the top of the jar and secure it with the jar ring!

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

7. Lights

Light up your backyard or campsite with this fun LED light mason jar lid. When you turn it on in the dark, it looks kind of like a jar full of fireflies!

I did feature a DIY project a few years back about making your own solar lights using mason jars, but it ended up being trickier than I anticipated.

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

8. Sippy Cup

Mason jars aren’t just for adults! Turn any size of jar you happen to have on hand into a kid-friendly sippy cup with this silicone sippy lid. These lids fit very snugly and are easy to clean.

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

9. Fresh Herb Keeper

You can keep fresh herbs for weeks with this simple herb-saving attachment for wide mouth jars. The base holds water, while the jar acts as the lid to keep the moisture contained.

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

10. Honey Pot

Turn a jar into a honey pot with this clever honey dipper lid. The dipper sit snugly in the lid, so you can always have honey ready at hand, without worrying about the dipper falling in.

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

11. All-Purpose Dispenser

One of my favorite ways to use mason jars around the house is as a dispenser. I keep baking soda, baking powder, flour, and lots of other things that I tend to buy in bulk in mason jars, with these clever flip top dispenser lids that makes them easy to use. You can also make your own dispenser lid using an empty juice carton!

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

12. All-Purpose Sprayer

If you make a lot of your own cleaning products, chances are you never have enough sprayer bottles around the house. You can easily turn any regular-mouth jar into a spray bottle with this great sprayer cap!

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

13. Soap Dispenser

Turn any regular-mouth mason jar into a soap dispenser with this pump adapter. If you have an extra soap pump on hand, it’s not too hard to make your own mason jar soap dispenser!

Ways To Transform A Mason Jar

14. Nail Polish Remover

Removing nail polish can be really smelly and really messy! Keep the smell and mess contained by turning a small mason jar into a nail polish removing aid.

15. Herb Garden

Use your collection of mason jars to start your very own indoor herb garden! It’s surprisingly easy to do, even for those without a “green thumb!”

What’s your favorite way to use mason jars?

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  • Have you actually tried the herb keeper? The first one I got, I couldn’t get apart. The second one does not fit any mason jars that I own.

  • I love mason jars. On #12 in that a regular size mason jar? It looks smaller then a pint size. I would really like to use those for so many things. Thank-You

  • I’m a big fan of reusing Mason jars for storage, but wow! Great ideas here!
    I really like gifting recipes of pre measured dry ingredients and adding homemade labels for my friends and family. So easy and adding decorative touches makes it so personal!

  • The silicone sleeve is ingenious. I was just thinking yesterday about how to sew a “cozy ” for my mason drinking jar to help with condensation containment. Still may sew something rather than order the speedy sleeve, but it is an option!

  • The top of a Parmesan Cheese shaker (you know, the green top) fits a mason jar. This allows a shaker side and a pour side. Very useful for many cleaning recipes from Jilliee

  • I loved some of these ideas, so clever! My fav were the honey, salt & pepper, piggy bank, and the water bottle with silicon sleeve. Such good ideas!

    I have to admit though, when I got to the one about turning a glass mason jar into a sippy cup, I gasped. Little ones tend to throw things all.the.time. Plus putting a glass jar in their hands seems like a recipe for disaster. The glass jars would be much heavier for little hands to grasp and handle, especially when first learning sippy cups. Just use with caution. I know I just wouldn’t feel safe doing that with our little one.

  • Yesterday I saw a neat idea for a mason jar crab salad, however going to try it with something else like tuna or chicken. The cocktail sauce they used was frozen in ice cube trays and then the day needed placed in the jar first and other ingredients on top. They were using it for a picnic but would guess it could also be used for work. Save a lot of money on eating out and also quantity control for those watching calories.

    • You can find some at home goods stores, but Amazon is your best bet! All of the items in this post have Amazon links in green, underlined text. :-)

  • It took a minute to pick my favorite! I had seen the salad dressing put in the bottom and the bottom of the vegetables were standing in it. It worked. I like this better and have some of those little containers for the dressing which helps to better control the dressing for my spinach, feta, tomato, walnut salad which I carry for lunch. Thank you for all of them!

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