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[New!] The One Huge Announcement I Never Expected To Make

Essential Oils by Jillee

I have a very exciting announcement(!!!) to share with you today that I’ve been sitting on for a while now! And it all starts right here, with OGT. For several years now, I’ve used this blog as a platform to explore and share my various passions, including do-it-yourself recipes and homemade solutions.

As you know, many of the DIY recipes that I share require the same types of materials, like essential oils, spray bottles, and more. I’ve always sought out reputable sources for the items I use in my projects and recommend to my readers, and it’s something I take very seriously! So it’s always bothered me a little that I couldn’t personally ensure the quality of the products that those companies offered.

Between you and me, I’ve always had a secret dream of one day being able to offer those products in a shop of my own. I knew it would be the only way that I could personally ensure that I was recommending the best possible products to my readers. And now my little blog has grown up quite a bit, thanks to all of you! And I finally find myself in the fortunate position where I can do something about it.

Essential Oils by Jillee

Introducing Essentials by Jillee!

I am very pleased to introduce you to Essentials by Jillee, a brand new line of essential oils for DIYers, makers, and experimenters like me. Which obviously includes all of you! :-)

These essential oils and oil blends are tailor-made for use in all of the homemade cleaning, health, and beauty recipes I’ve shared over the years here on OGT, or any of your own DIY concoctions!

I take pride in both the exceptional quality of the Essentials by Jillee oils and oil blends, and in the useful accessories, tools, and other items you’ll find in the new “by Jillee” shop!

Discover What’s In Store:

Essential Oils by Jillee

Essential Oils

In my humble opinion, the Essentials by Jillee oils and oil blends are the crown jewels of my new shop. Before I put my name on these products, I wanted to be certain that they would meet my own high standards for quality and purity. That’s why Essentials by Jillee oils are 100% pure, authentic essential oils, verified by GC-MS (gas chromatography–mass spectrometry) testing from an independent laboratory.

While purity was my top priority, I also wanted to ensure that my oils were aesthetically appealing. Something you could feel good about sitting on your bathroom or kitchen counter.  I’ve always felt that most essential oils labels could use a bit more flair in their design, and I think we’ve achieved that with our design. :-)

I’m confident that you’ll love Essentials by Jillee oils as much as I do. In fact, I’m so confident that I actually guarantee it! (It’s not called “Jillee’s Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee” for nothing!) ;-) If you give these oils a try and aren’t satisfied for any reason at all, just send them back within 90 days to receive a full refund. It’s as easy as that!

Essential Oils by Jillee

Kits, Accessories, & More

To provide useful options and better value for you, we’re also offering essential oil kits! Whether you want to try a variety of single oils, a collection of oil blends, or you want a kit for a specific purpose like cleaning, you’ll find the perfect kit for you in my shop!

I’ve also filled the shop with useful accessories for making, storing, and using any of your DIY essential oil concoctions. There are gorgeous amber glass bottles in a variety of sizes and styles, like spray bottles, roll-on bottles, and more.

Essential Oils by Jillee

OGT Plus Member Benefits

The launch of my new shop also comes with some exciting benefits for OGT Plus members! Here’s what OGT Plus members can expect from the shop:

  • 20% off every order from the shop for the duration of your membership
  • Early access to new products as they are added to the shop

Consider these benefits a token of my sincere appreciation for involving yourself in the OGT community! :-) (And speaking of discounts… don’t miss out on a very special offer for all OGT readers at the end of this post!)

Essential Oils by Jillee

…And I’m Only Getting Started!

Launching this shop is incredibly exciting, but a little bit nerve-wracking too. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m looking forward to learning more and helping this shop grow. But in order to do that, I’ll need your help! Any feedback, comments, and suggestions you have about the shop or the products in it are very welcome. Your input will be invaluable to me as I make decisions about the growth of the shop.

For example, because this shop is so new, our international shipping options are currently limited to Canada, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Outlying Islands. For those interested in receiving shipping to other countries, your feedback will help me decide where to expand our shipping options in the future.

You can submit that feedback (or any other feedback about the shop) by emailing shop@byjillee.com, or by filling out the form on the shop’s Contact page.

So take a look around the new “by Jillee” shop, find something you love and keep an eye out for future product releases! I am forever appreciative of your support, and I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey with you!

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Bright Ideas

  • Congratulations, I’m so happy for you even though I don’t know you personally :) I’m always happy when one of us girls gets to live her dream, wishing you lots of happy days.

  • Many congratulations, Jillee! I wish you great success with your new shop and all your endeavors. Thank you, too, for your wonderful blog and all the helpful things you share with your readers. Happy for you!

  • Hi Jillee! I just ordered the Good Night Sleep Kit. I’ve been looking for a quality diffuser, but through my research, feedback says they break after a few uses. I’m excited to have your product! I suffer from insomnia, so I’m hoping this will help!

  • Congratulations Jill’s, I proud of you, I’m your follower and fan number one ☝️. I’ll check your essentials oils, because I can’t live without essential oils, thanks to you I knew more about the, and carrier oils , I’m happy for you.
    Success… xoxo xoxo V.D

  • CONGRATULATIONS, JILLEE!!! See, I knew that you would succeed in everything that you do! Keep up the precious good work! As I told you when I just met you, you have what it takes to succeed! You succeeded in letting go a long time ago of something that was not good for you, and that determination made you the best that you can be! May the Lord continue to bless you, and the Holy Spirit guide you, always, in Jesus’ name!!! Love, Jean.

  • So Happy for you Jillee. What a Giant step for you. I wish you all the Best in your Journey with Essential Oils. Now let me get to Shopping….

  • Congratulations! One question: Will you be selling an oil blend that I think you mentioned several years ago — possibly sold by a relative — and it was used to help manage anxiety? I think you said a child rolled it on the soles of his/her feet at night and applied it in the morning under socks, and that it did wonders. I bought some and can’t find it! If you won’t be selling it, can you please repeat where to buy it or how to make it? Thank you so much.

  • Congratulations on your success and developing your own product line. Your blog is fantastic. I hope you collect advertising dollars from the companies whose products you reccomend. Your new line is an organic product and food grade, not only tested for its purity but also for pesticides and additives. When I started using CBD and Medical Marijuana for pain and neuropathy, I found so many of the vape oil products were tested for purity, but not for other additives and pesticides. Particularly for a product which is injested this is necessary if you want the product not to create additional health issues while curing another. I rejoice at your openness and creative spirit in creating OGT to start with. I have been in a variety of health related professions for over 30 years now. Anytime you would like to pick my brain I’m willing to help you or direct you in the right direction or help you with the information you need

  • This is so exciting! Now one place to find all the products from your recipes (many which I use on a daily basis). Your label design is cheerful and fun, and the website is easy to get around. Congratulations, now I need to go shopping …

  • This is great news. I was excited to see you carry the cap adapters and bigger spray bottles. I have ordered some of the blends like the sleep and hormonal one from sparks Naturals.

  • Hey, this is great news! Congratulations! I do have a question, are your oils able to be taken internally as in some of your wonderful remedies?

    • Good question! Please never ingest essential oils. I love Jillie and so many of her ideas, but no matter what company the oils are from, the marketing will say “brand x is the best and only one safe for ingestion”. Just because we don’t immediately see or feel the effects on our internal doesn’t mean it’s safe in the long run. Please be careful.

    • Hi Karen :-) As more research is done on essential oils, I’m starting to reconsider ingesting them. Over the next little while, I’ll be removing old posts that suggest ingesting essential oils. From my research, we just can’t say for sure that it is safe – and the safety of my readers is too important for guesswork. So while these oils are absolutely of the highest quality, I personally do not suggest taking them internally. :-) Feel free to email me at jill@byjillee.com if you have any other questions!

  • Jillee congratulations on creating your own line of EO’s! What a wonderful new chapter in your already busy life!

    I, like a few others, would like to know where the oils are harvested from. I have a sister who sells EO’s from a top rated company. She is always informing me not all oils are equal. She knows exactly where her oils are harvested from and what process is used. I appreciate that type of information so I know what I’m putting in me ken hat I’m cleaning with.

    Will you please share where your oils are harvested from?

    Thank you, and again, congratulations!

    • Hi Penny. I actually have a contract that prevents me from sharing the parent company, but I want to assure you that I did my research and feel confident that I found the best supplier! Sorry I can’t share more!

      When it comes to the extraction process, it depends on the specific oil – you can find out more on the page for each oil on the store :-)

  • So happy for you! You have a wonderful website – I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. Although I am not ready to buy anything today, I did visit your virtual shop and it was easy to find things and I loved the descriptions for uses of the oils.

  • So, your blog today is just one long advertisement for your new store. I’m afraid your blog will be less believable since you have a financial interest in the products you mention, endorse, etc. I don’t think so..

    • Hi Linda :-) I have always shared products that I truly believe in. I want my readers to know about something that I support and love! My essential oil line is no different – these are great oils that I can truly vouch for the quality. Instead of suggesting an essential oil that I don’t know much about, I can know suggest something that I know works perfectly! And yes, today’s blog post is just about the launch of my store, but luckily I post 7 days a week – you’ll be right back to regular posts tomorrow :-)

    • @ Linda – considering the title of this blog post I don’t understand the need to complain about it. No one said you have to buy from Jillee to try the suggested uses of oils or products shared in her posts. I do think it’s awesome that she can speak from first hand experience of how her specific oils perform in the different ways they’re used. I also think it’s awesome that she can sell these oils & grow her shop. In all the years I’ve followed her blog I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of comments from people that would love to buy from her because they don’t have items available where they live, or even just comments that if she sold a certain mixture they’d buy it instead of having to by the individual items needed to make their own products.

      Who cares if she has a financial interest in her products. This blog is a full time job, after all. Do you work for free?

    • Hi Kathy :-) The shipping costs will be calculated once you enter your address – it depends on where you are, in particular. The cost of shipping may be as high as $50 – for now, I’m not able to bring that shipping cost down, but I am hoping to soon! Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

    • Hi Sharon! I am so sorry, but I have a contract that prevents me from sharing the company. I can assure you that I did thorough research, and I feel so confident in the company I chose! I hope that helps, and I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. :-)

      • I apologize, and I understand that you might choose to shop somewhere else because of that. I’m sorry I can’t share that information. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about the oils – I’d love to answer anything I can!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sooooooo nice and soooooooooo happy for you!!!

    Just a tiny note…would be nice if you could have an icon on your shop’s page that we could choose the ‘currency’ in order to see the prices in CAD for example and also have the ‘shipping fees’ for Canada or elsewhere in the world. I live in Quebec, Canada and I am sure that you have a lot of friends in the rest of Canada!

    Congratulations to all of you ladies and THANK YOU!!!

      • Hi Linda! The shipping costs will be calculated once you enter your address – it depends on where you are, in particular. The cost of shipping may be as high as $40 – for now, I’m not able to bring that shipping cost down, but I am hoping to soon! Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

    • I just added that to the store! There’s a button in the top-right corner with some dots and lines – just click that and select the currency you prefer! :-) Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Bless your heart!! What a fun announcement! And yep, I’m gonna be shopping! ‍♀️ Congratulations on this new endeavor! It’s really going to fly! Just watch!!

  • Congratulations Jillee! I think this is a very needed thing for your readers. It. Will be easy to get things we need to make the great cleaners and many DIY recipes recommended in your blog. Thanks!

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