20 Clever Hacks That Make Summertime Even Better

Summertime Hacks For More Fun collage: beach towel with rolled up disposable diaper; lime halves dotted with cloves; woman holding a hamburger upside down

The Best Collection Of Summer Tips And Tricks

As warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor summer fun! Barbecues, days spent by the pool, and weekend jaunts to the beach are all a little easier when you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Make the most of your summer fun with these 20 creative and useful summertime hacks!

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20 Brilliant Summertime Hacks You’ll Use All Season

1. Remove Sand With Baby Powder

Did you know that baby powder makes it really easy to get sand off your skin? Carry a small bottle of baby powder with you to the beach this summer. It’ll help everyone get sand-free before they climb back into the car.

Summertime Hacks For More Fun - lime halves dotted with whole cloves

2. Keep Mosquitos Away

Before your next outdoor cookout, buy a couple of extra limes. Slice each lime in half, and press a few whole cloves into the flesh. Place the clove-studded limes around your food table to help keep mosquitos at bay!

3. Keep Mosquitos Away (Option #2)

Another natural way to repel mosquitos is to use citronella candles! You can find them in stores and online, but you can also make your own easily. They’re inexpensive to make, and smell lovely too!

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun gadget collage: coring a pineapple; slicing watermelon; hamburger press.

4. Use Helpful Kitchen Gadgets

We all love summer-specific produce like watermelon, fresh corn on the cob, and locally-grown tomatoes. If you’re eating a lot of summertime foods, you may benefit from a handy kitchen gadget! These tools will save you plenty of time and effort before the season is through. Check out some of my favorites at the link below!

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - homemade fire starter made from toilet paper tube and dryer lint

5. Make Your Own Fire Starters

Need a cheap, quick, and easy way to start a campfire? Use dryer lint! It catches quickly and you’ll have a roaring fire in no time.

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - holding a hamburger upside down so thicker part of bun is on the bottom

6. Flip Your Hamburger

When you’re eating burgers this summer, try eating them upside-down instead. The top of a hamburger bun is usually a bit thicker than the bottom part, so it will hold up better to all those toppings and sauces. (This is one of my favorite summer life hacks, as I hate struggling with a crumbling burger bun!)

Summertime Hacks For More Fun collage: ketchup and mustard in soap dispenser; mason jars with colorful paper straws

7. Be The Hostess With The Mostess

We love dining outdoors during the summertime, especially when friends or family are visiting. I have a few clever hacks that I like to use to make entertaining easy and stress-free, and you can find all my best summertime hacks for entertaining at the link below.

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - woman squeezing homemade sunscreen into her hand over beach towel and sunglasses

8. Make Some Sunscreen

Get the scoop on SPF from my blog post all about sunscreen by following the link below. You’ll learn what ingredients to look for, what to avoid, and even how to make a homemade sunscreen with zinc oxide!

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - smartphone in a ziploc bag

9. Protect Your Phone

Protect your phone from water, sunscreen, and all manner of other hazards by keeping a small ziplock bag with you. That way, whenever you find yourself in an environment that’s probably not great for phones, you’ll have something to keep it safe. (And don’t worry, you can still use the touchscreen when it’s in the bag!)

Summertime Hacks For More Fun - dollar store finds: totebag, goggles, pool noodle, flip flops, inflatable tube for pool

10. Shop The Dollar Store

You’d be surprised at the selection of summer essentials they carry in dollar stores these days! You can find party supplies, games, pool toys, flip flops, and so much more. Check out my complete list of summertime dollar store deals at the link below!

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - chips in bags rolled up from the bottom

11. Fold Bags Into Bowls

You can turn a bag of chips into a simple serving bowl with no extra materials needed! Push the bottom of the bag into itself, moving the chips towards the top as you go. Then fold the top of the bag down to give the top a nice, clean finish. Ta da! A simple solution that won’t dirty another dish.

Summertime Hacks For More Fun - putting a grill mat on the BBQ; cooking sliced veggies on grill mat

12. Grill Without The Mess

Grilling outdoors is a summertime tradition, but it’s also a pretty messy affair! You can keep the mess to a minimum by using a grill and oven mat like this one. You can place them in the bottom of a gas grill to catch drips, or use them right on top of your grill grates on any type of grill. Just toss the mat in the dishwasher to clean it.

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - rolled up disposable diaper with valuables inside

13. Hide Valuables In Plain Sight

There’s a simple way to know that your valuables won’t get swiped at the beach or pool… hide them in a diaper! Just place your valuables inside a clean diaper, then roll it all up and secure it with the tabs. No one wants to look too closely at a rolled-up diaper, so you can rest assured your valuables will stay hidden in plain sight!

Summertime Hacks For More Fun - camping food hacks including waffle cones holding marshmallows, slices of banana and chocolate chips; jar full of eggs ready to scramble; making camping tacos in a bag of tortilla chips

14. Camp Like A Pro

Going on a camping trip this summer? There are plenty of brilliant tips and tricks that can make it a great experience for everyone! Check out the link below to learn great hacks for meals, camp decor, activities, battling bugs, and more!

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - long exposure photo of people with sparklers spelling out USA in the dark

15. Shoot Stunning Sparkler Photos

Still have sparklers leftover from your Independence Day activities? Now is the perfect time to learn how to snap the perfect sparkler pic. Learn how to master a long exposure that will perfectly capture a message “written” in the air with a sparkler. You’ll be Instagram famous before you know it! ;-)

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - squirting DIY exfoliating scrub into palm; shaving leg

16. Get Smooth Summer Legs

Feeling wary of baring your legs this summer? You won’t be after you try my secret method for silky soft legs! Once you see how nice your legs look with a close shave and your softest skin ever, you’ll be ready to rock those shorts, no problem!

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - stack of towels with white vinegar and baking soda on top; towels hanging from pegs

17. Freshen Up Musty Beach Towels

We put our beach towels through a lot during the summertime, and they can start to smell a little funky after a while. If your beach towels could use some freshening up, never fear! There’s a simple process that will strip that smell out and get them smelling good as new again. Check it out at the link below!

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - cleaning grill with half an onion

18. Clean Grill Grates With An Onion

You can clean the grates on your grill with just a half an onion and a BBQ fork! Just stick the onion half onto the fork, then rub it along the grates of the grill. It’ll pick up all the gunk without the need for harsh chemical cleaners.

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Summertime Hacks For More Fun - popsicle in a cupcake paper

19. Catch Popsicle Drips With A Cupcake Liner

Frozen treats like ice cream and popsicles can melt fast under the hot summer sun! Keep the messy spills and drips contained by threading a cupcake liner or plastic lid onto the stick.

Summertime Hacks For More Fun collage: tying corn husks back with string; squeezing cooked corn out of husk; removing cooked corn on the cob from hot water with a layer of melted butter on top.

20. Learn The Best Corn-On-The-Cob Hacks

Everyone’s got their own methods for buttering, serving, and eating corn on the cob. It’s one of the trickier summertime staples, but well worth the effort in my opinion. :-) I’ve shared all of my best corn on the cob hacks in the post at the links below:

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Do you have any summertime hacks you’d add to this list?

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  1. You always provide AMAZING ideas that are so smart and easy to replicate….with life as hectic as it is I just want to say thank you!!!

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  2. Hello,
    Does the mosquito repellant work with lemons too?

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    • Limes are best, but lemons will still help if that’s all you have! :-)

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  3. That’s good to know that the cloves will repel wasps. I had a really bad bee sting last fall and it swelled up. I finally had to go to a take care clinic 2 Days later because it was still swollen. I also had it happen years ago when my foot was stung. I guess I’m allergic to bee stings.

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  4. Cloves also repel wasps!
    Will try out the onion BBQ cleaning hack.

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  5. I love the lime one for keeping the mosquitoes away. Those citronella candles if Im around them too long make me feel queasy. I for years have used the baby powder with cornstarch as a face powder and not just in the summertime. I love that I can use it as a body powder without worrying about talc .

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    • Christym, I love citrus fragrances, but hate citronella. There’s just something about it that’s different from other citrus fragrances.

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      • I agree. I can’t handle the citronella scent.

      • Makes my stomach feel
        queasy. Not a good feeling.

  6. The idea about flipping the burger bun is good one, if the bottom is JUST a bit thinner the top. One of my pet peeves with pre-sliced buns is that sometimes, the bottom is MUCH thinner than the top. My other gripe is that hamburger buns tend to be too soft to hold up under wet toppings like ketchup and mustard. I’d rather buy unsliced sturdier buns for burgers, so that I can make both halves even.

    The deceptive dirty diaper is a GREAT idea for hiding valuables! I would make it even more convincing by wetting the diaper so it’s nice and plump, then putting the valuables in a zipper bag before putting them in the diaper! A toddler diaper would be better for extra capacity for the valuables.

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