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9 Important Things You Should Replace In Your Bathroom

When To Replace Bathroom Items - collage: mason jar with a toothbrush; loofah in a laundry basket; picking up the corner of a bath mat.

Wondering When To Replace Bathroom Items? Find Out Here

The bathroom serves a vital function in any home, and that means we need to know when to replace bathroom items that have a finite shelf-life. It’s important that the items we use while answering nature’s call, getting ready for the day, and preparing for sleep are clean and hygienic, whether that means washing them regularly or replacing them as needed.

While replacing bathroom items isn’t an exact science, there are general standards for some things, like how often bath towels should be replaced and so on. To ensure that we’re all armed with the information we need, I’ve put together a list of guidelines for replacing 9 common things needed for your bathroom!

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9 Important Guidelines For Replacing Bathroom Items

When To Replace Bathroom Items - loofah in a laundry basket

1. Loofahs

If you use a loofah or washcloth in the shower, make sure to rinse it well after each use. You can also help extend the lifespan of loofahs and washcloths by soaking them in white vinegar every other week.

When To Replace: Replace loofahs and washcloths every two months or so, or whenever you notice a buildup of product residue or a smell.

When To Replace Bathroom Items - woman going through her makeup bag

2. Cosmetics & Skincare Products

Cosmetics and skincare products don’t last indefinitely! Take an inventory of these products every couple of months to make sure none of them are past their expiration date.

When To Replace: Replace after the expiration date on the package (especially if the product is in a tub or pot, rather than a pump bottle.)

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When To Replace Bathroom Items - toothbrush in a mason jar

3. Toothbrushes

Toothbrush bristles wear down over time, and frayed and worn bristles can’t clean your teeth properly! That’s why it’s so important to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly.

When To Replace: Replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every 3 months or so, and after you’ve been sick.

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When To Replace Bathroom Items - turning up the corner of a bath mat

4. Bath Mats

Since they spend most of their time on your bathroom floor, it’s important to wash your bath mats regularly. But some bath mats have backing layers that don’t do well in the wash, which can make things difficult.

If you’re shopping for a new bath mat, look for one that is lightweight and machine washable. The easier to it is to wash and dry, the better off you’ll be!

When To Replace: Replace your bath mat when it is visibly damaged, or if it isn’t as absorbent as it used to be.

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When To Replace Bathroom Items - two towels hanging from pegs in a bathroom

5. Bath Towels

Wondering how often bath towels should be replaced? If they’re well cared for, bath towels can last 1-3 years before you need to think about replacing them. If you find your towels have developed a musty smell or aren’t as absorbent as they used to be, try this method to fix them.

When To Replace: Replace bath towels when they are are frayed, have holes, or are otherwise physically damaged.

When To Replace Bathroom Items - woman in front of a shower, brushing her hair

6. Hairbrushes

Like bath towels, a good hairbrush can last also last for years with proper care! The most important aspect of caring for hairbrushes is keeping them clean.

When To Replace: Replace your hairbrush when the bristles are damaged or the bed starts cracking.

When To Replace Bathroom Items - using a toilet brush in a toilet

7. Toilet Brush

Your toilet brush is a crucial part of keeping your toilet clean and sanitary. Make sure to keep it clean by soaking it in hot water with a couple of capfuls of bleach about every other week.

When To Replace: Replace your toilet brush if the bristles are damaged, or if someone in the house has had a stomach flu.

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When To Replace Bathroom Items - disposable razor and shaving creams on a bathroom sink

8. Disposable Razors

As their name suggests, disposable razors don’t last forever. The blades dull with every use, and shaving with dull blades can lead to skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and other unfortunate side effects.

To ensure your razor or razor cartridge lasts as long as possible, allow the razor to dry out completely between each use.

When To Replace: Replace disposable razors or disposable cartridges every 5-7 shaves to avoid irritation.

When To Replace Bathroom Items - makeup brushes

9. Makeup Brushes & Applicators

The rate for replacing makeup brushes, sponges, and other applicators depends on both the quality of the items and how often you clean them. Quality brushes can last for a year or more if they are washed regularly!

When To Replace: Replace lower quality makeup brushes and less durable applicators like beauty sponges every 3-4 months.

Do you have a system you use to remind yourself when it’s time to replace something?

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  • I’ve actually been marking with a little label and tape the dates l purchase new cosmetics. It’s for me a way to see how fast I go through certain items. I’ll spend more on some items if they’ll last longer.

  • I’ve always kept my cosmetics and other beauty stuff in my. bedroom. I’m one of those that it hurts if I have to stand to apply makeup. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve used a lighted makeup mirror. I also have a good lamp next to it. It’s just more comfortable for me to apply my makeup sitting down. I have the mirror on my desk. Thats the main reason why I’ve never kept my makeup in the bathroom.

  • One thing I do with all my items that have a shelf life, from medications to skin care and food items, is I write the exp date on the item with a Sharpie… makes it SO much quicker & easier to determine what is getting close & needs to be used up first.

    • Lisa…I just started doing that. I cleaned out my pantry recently only to have to throw away so many items because I let them expire. Now when I walk in to look for ingredients, the expiration date is staring me in the face LOL

  • I’ve replaced synthetic shower poufs with sea sponges. They’re natural and sustainable, and they can be disinfected on a regular basis. When they start to fall apart they can be shredded and put to other uses like pillow or toy stuffing as they don’t burn.

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  • I was also a little confused about the advice on replacing the washcloth you use in the shower ever couple of months. I don’t use the same washcloth in the shower for two months. I use it on my face only in the shower and rinse thoroughly and hang it up on a hook, and usually put it in the laundry after 2-3 uses and get a fresh one. But I launder my washcloths and they last for years. As for the mesh loofahs (or shower sponges, whatever they are called), I rinse mine pretty well in the shower after use and hang on a hook to dry. I also use bar soap instead of shower gel which doesn’t create as many suds throughout and makes it easier to rinse. Bar soap also creates less packaging waste. I also pretty much don’t replace my mesh sponge until it starts falling apart. I do think soaking it in something to sanitize is a good idea every week when you clean the shower is a good idea, but I haven’t done that. I wonder if they could go in the top rack of the dishwasher?

  • Jillee said: If you use a loofah or washcloth to clean your skin in the shower, make sure to rinse it well after each use. You can also help extend the lifespan of loofahs and washcloths by soaking them in white vinegar every other week. Replace it every two months or so.

  • I use a clear plastic liner behind my fabric shower certain. I replace them after they are washed a few times. They are inexpensive so sometimes I just toss them when I feel lazy. PS I always cut away the magnets from the hem & use on the fridge.

  • Great reminders! A clean bathroom brings household peace and health. I wash the shower curtain rather than replace. To reduce stress on the garbage stream, rejuvenate – repurpose – recycle anything and everything. Loofahs can be tossed into the laundry and sun-dried. Donate old rugs and towels to the animal shelters. Where I live, a city could be built on what is put curbside!

  • This is interesting. I’ve never kept my skincare or makeup in the bathroom. I’ve always had to share a bathroom.Its just not practical for me. I’ve heard the steam from the bathroom can make cosmetics not last very long. And my main reason is I’ve always done my makeup in my bedroom .

    • I meant most of my skincare products for my face. I still will keep body lotion for after bathing.Replacing razors after 5-7/ shaves. I’ve never done this. Razors are expensive. I also would tend to get more nicks on my sensitive skin if I replace my razors this frequently.

  • >