11 Creative Organizing Tips For People Who Love Mason Jars

mason jar organizing

Nothing beats a mason jar in terms of versatility—canning and food storage are just the tip of the iceberg for these iconic jars. Today we’ll be focusing on their usefulness as an organizing tool, and if you don’t think of mason jars as an organizing tool now, you will by the end of this post.

Today I’m sharing 11 brilliant and, more importantly, easy ways you can use mason jars to get organized. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using mason jars to keep things neat and tidy around the house, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or even the laundry room.

I hope these tips help you make good use of your mason jar collection in the fight against household clutter and chaos!

11 Ways To Organize With Mason Jars

mason jar organizing

1. Store Coffee And Tea Fixings

Transferring your coffee or tea fixing like creamer, sugar, cinnamon, etc. into mason jars is a great way to eliminate bulky packaging and make them look nicer on your countertop, but sometimes it can be hard to tell what’s in a jar just by looking at it. An easy solution is to use the original packaging to make a quick label for the top of your jar by tracing a canning ring onto the product name on the box or bag.

Cut out the traced circle, set it on top of the jar lid, and use the canning ring to secure it in place. With the label clearly displayed on top of the jar, you’ll never have to wonder what’s stored in there.

mason jar organizing

2. Make A Bathroom Set

Use mason jars to create your own matching bathroom set. You can even save a few bucks by making your own mason jar soap dispenser at home. (Get the full instructions for that at the link below.) Finish off your set with smaller jars of necessities like cotton swabs, cotton balls, and cotton rounds.

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mason jar organizing

3. Hold Cupcake Liners

A small mason jar is the perfect size to hold your collection of paper cupcake and muffin liners. Not only does it look nice, but you can see all your options from the side, which makes it easier to pick one. Plus, the sealed jar will keep your liners nice and dry.

mason jar organizing

4. Keep Produce Fresh

You can use mason jars to help keep certain produce items fresh longer in your fridge. To keep celery, carrots, and radishes fresh, trim them down so they’ll fit in a jar, cover them in water, seal the jar, and keep it in your fridge. They’ll stay fresh for a surprisingly long time this way!

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mason jar organizing

5. Store Dry Ingredients

Store dry foods and ingredients in your pantry in mason jars, rather than the packaging they came in. This will help keep flours, sugars, nuts, beans and legumes, rice, pasta, oats and other foods fresh longer. Jars also look nice in your pantry too, especially with a few cute labels attached.

mason jar organizing

6. Keep Cooking Utensils Handy

Keep your kitchen utensils organized with a few large mason jars. You can keep your go-too cooking tools in one and your baking utensils in another to stay organized and keep everything easily accessible.

mason jar organizing

7. Store Spices

From your standard spices to homemade spice mixes, mason jars are the perfect storage container to keep them fresh. In fact, all of the 10 homemade spice mixes featured in the post at the link below fit in regular-mouth mason jars of various sizes, and you can even download printable labels for each that fit right on the jar lid.

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mason jar organizing

8. Make A Silverware Caddy

Place a few mason jars into a small caddy or organizer and fill the jars with forks, knives, and spoons. Tuck some napkins into the caddy, along with straws and other useful items if you want, and you’ll have a great silverware caddy you can pull out whenever you have guests over to eat.

mason jar organizing

9. Store Laundry Items

Use mason jars to keep things organized in your laundry room. Set a few jars on a shelf, windowsill, or cupboard, and use one to hold any loose change or other items you find in pockets, one to hold your clothespins, and one for any other collection of items that may be useful in your laundry room.

mason jar organizing

10. Store Small Craft Supplies

Smaller, shorter mason jars are perfect for storing small craft items like buttons, pompoms, and beads. You can also use taller mason jars to hold markers, pipe cleaners, paint brushes, and other longer items.

mason jar organizing

11. Organize Your Desk

Mason jars are great for keeping work desks and study stations organized. Set out a few jars to keep your supplies handy or even for decorative purposes. Use a 16-ounce jar for pens and pencils, a 4-ounce jar for paperclips, binder clips, or push pins, or even a 24-ounce jar as a vase for fresh or dried flowers.

How do you use mason jars to stay organized at home?

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