How To Neatly Fold A Fitted Sheet In No Time At All

How To Neatly Fold A Fitted Sheet

Of the two closets in our house that I would consider “storage closets” (meaning they aren’t inside a bedroom), one is in the mudroom/laundry room and one is in the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. So as you can imagine, both closets serve a wide variety of different functions.

Although I often refer to the hall closet as the “linen closet”, it also houses office supplies, extra toilet paper, my sewing machine, and more. To prevent that closet from turning into an unmanageable nightmare, everything has to be neatly stacked or folded.

See my fitted sheet folding hacks in action in the videos at the end of the post!

fitted sheet

The Ultimate Folding Challenge: The Fitted Sheet

And that brings us to today’s post, where I’ll be demonstrating how to tackle the most challenging fold of them all: fitted sheets. Being able to fold a fitted sheet plays a crucial role in keeping my linen closet in order, and learning how to do it can do the same for you!

And honestly, it isn’t all that difficult to do! Once you’ve read through the steps in the tutorial below and watched the video to see the steps in action, all you’ll need is a little practice to pull it off yourself. :-)

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet Like A Pro

fitted sheet

Step 1 – Straighten Out The Top Edge

Start by locating the top or bottom edge of your fitted sheet, then put your hands into the corners along that edge.

fitted sheet

Spread your arms out to flatten out the top edge, then carefully set the fitted sheet down on a flat surface.

fitted sheet

Step 2 – Corners In Corners

Next, grab the opposite end of the sheet and place your hands into the two corners on that edge.

fitted sheet

But this time, do it so that the corners are inside-out, then tuck the corners you are currently holding into the corners on the opposite edge of the fitted sheet.

fitted sheet

Step 3 – Fold Along The Elastic

Set your sheet back down on the flat surface like you did in Step 1, holding your arms out to create a straight(ish) edge at the top.

fitted sheet

Then grab the two ends of the elastic and bring them together, folding the sheet in half along the elastic edge.

fitted sheet

Step 4 – Make A Rectangle

Then, holding the sheet in front of you with the elastic edge at the top, put your hand into the corner of the sheet, lining up all four corners.

fitted sheet

Adjust the fitted sheet in your hands so that the top edge lines up with the corners, creating a straight-sided rectangle.

fitted sheet
fitted sheet

Step 5 – Fold In Thirds (Twice)

Set the sheet down again, and fold it in thirds (like you would fold a letter) to create a long, narrow rectangle.

fitted sheet
fitted sheet

Finally, fold it in thirds again. Then be sure to give yourself a hearty pat on the back, because you just successfully folded a fitted sheet! :-)

fitted sheet

Want To Learn How To Fold Something Else?

While I’m sure that your current methods of folding clothes and linens are serving you well enough, it never hurts to learn another way to do something! After all, you never know when you’ll come across a method you like better (for whatever reason) than the one you’re currently using.

For more tutorials on how to fold everything from ankle socks to jeans, check out this blog post!

What’s your best tip for keeping your storage closets in order?

YouTube video

Here’s a variation on the method shown above that involves a stair railing (though the back of your couch would work just as well!):

YouTube video

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  • The easiest way to combat the dreaded fitted sheet is to wash, dry and put right back on the bed! Other than that I just fold it in half, lay it on the bed and fold in the sides and then fold the rest in a square as best as possible. I then lay the flat sheet down so it’s in a rectangle put fitted sheet along with the pillow cases and fold the top back over for the square. All is tucked inside for the next use. I’ve seen people put the sheets in the pillow cases and that is just to much work and then taking them out really doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Love the video (with audio)! It’s a little easier to understand than the text description for those of us who are visual learners, or just a tad slower!

  • This works best on fitted sheets that have elastic only at the corners. I have one set with elastic all around and when I try this folding method they still are pretty much just a slightly more organised lump of cloth.

  • No matter how I do it, my fitted sheets end up being rolled in to a ball and shoved in the cupboard next to the perfectly folded flat sheets.
    How do you do it? I’ve been told to put one corner inside another so the elastic “corners” lines up one on top of the other, but it[‘s still very lumpy.
    I see loads of other people’s all nice and flat so I can’t even tell if it’s fitted sheets or flat sheets!

  • I fold the sheets so that they will fit inside one of the pillow cases and put the fitted sheet, the flat sheet and the other pillow case inside the pillow case. When I want that set of sheets they are all together.

      • Google it . . . there is a You Tube video by another blogger. I saw these methods on line several years ago. Even Real Simple has a You Tube video.

  • I have been folding my fitted sheets this way for 40 years but I have an addition to the process.
    When I am about to make the final folds I tuck my flat sheet and pillow cases inside the fitted sheet so when I pull my sheets out the entire set is tucked in a neat package.
    Thanks for all the great tips!

    • My trick, has been similar to Bonnie’s but a little twist. I fold the flat sheet , then to the best of my patience , fold the fitted , then one pillow case to kind of match the folding of the sheets. Then I stuff those three in to the remaining pillow case, put on a bed and lay on it to take a bit of air out …this does not come out real pretty, but I figure whomever is lurking in the linen closet, probably won’t care…

  • I made some baskets out of chicken wire to hold sheet sets. As my linens were on a shelf over my head I needed to see what was in them and have them be lightweight so I could get them down and put them away easily. A basket that is 12″ wide x 12″ deep by 15″ long will hold 2-3 queen size sheet sets. I was also able to group them by which ones were complete and which were missing the fitted sheet, so I didn’t unfold the wrong sets! I did have to be careful that the wire didn’t snag the fabric when taking sets out or putting them away, but wrapping the wire carefully and then painting the baskets when they were finished helped with this.

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