This Exfoliating Leg Scrub Will Make You Look Forward To Shaving

This easy to make DIY leg scrub will make your legs smoother than they've ever been.

The Best Homemade Leg Scrub For A Super Smooth Shave

While the very act of shaving your legs does exfoliate your skin to an extent, it turns out that exfoliating before shaving is the way to go! Removing dead skin from your legs with an exfoliating scrub before shaving means a closer shave and smoother skin. And lucky for us, making a great sugar scrub for legs is dead simple!

The very first time I used it, I was certain that I’d never enjoyed as close a shave, nor smoother legs afterward! Try this homemade sugar scrub for legs and give it a try the next time you shave — I’m positive you’ll be as thrilled by the results as I was (and continue to be!)

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How To Make An Exfoliating Sugar Scrub For Legs

All you need to make this Exfoliating Scrub is sugar, oil, and citrus juice or essential oil.


  • 1 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup olive oil (or coconut oil, baby oil, canola oil, etc.)
  • 3 tablespoons lemon or lime juice OR 20 drops lemon essential oil
I made my Exfoliating Scrub in a mason jar to make it easy to mix just by shaking.


Combine all the ingredients and mix well. (I just put everything into a mason jar and shook it up!)

putting your Exfoliating Scrub in a squeeze bottle makes it easy to use.

Transfer the finished sugar scrub to a plastic squeeze bottle for easy application.

You won't believe how soft and smooth your legs are after using this leg scrub before shaving.

How To Use Your Homemade Leg Scrub

For best results, soak in the tub for at least 5 minutes before using. (If you’re taking a shower, you can wash and condition your hair first to give your legs a chance to “soak” a bit.) Then apply the sugar scrub to your legs and massage it in.

You can use this sugar scrub elsewhere as well — feet, arms, or anywhere else you could use some exfoliation! The sugar will scrub away dirt and dead skin while the lemon juice (or lemon oil) acts as a mild skin peel for brighter, smoother skin. The oil not only helps restore moisture to dry skin but will also help your razor glide over your skin once you get to shaving!

Shave your legs AFTER using your exfoliating sugar scrub.

After massaging the scrub into your legs for a few minutes, shave as usual. You can then wash off and go about your day, or go for extra smooth legs by repeating the whole process!

Note: Check to make sure the bottom of your tub or shower isn’t oily or slick after using this sugar scrub. If it is, use a good grease-cutting cleaner so that the next person doesn’t slip and hurt themselves!

Store your homemade sugar scrub in a squeeze bottle and shake it up before using.

When you get out of the bath or shower, apply your favorite lotion on and enjoy those silky-smooth legs! (And for more great bath and body DIYs, be sure to check out my e-book At-Home Bath & Body! You can buy it in my shop, or download it for free if you’re an OGT Plus member!)

Do you exfoliate before you shave your legs?

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  • Hi Jillee, I love that this is natural and would love to try it out however I would like to know if it’s suitable for hair removal creams as well? I do have sensitive skin therefore i want to make sure that it would not burn my skin or be harmful in any way.

    • I have sensitive skin and this does not burn my legs. I don’t use hair removal creams because they have given my sensitive skin chemical burns in the past, so not sure how the two would interact with your skin.

  • Oil, of any kind, even liquid, is not good for your plumbing! Coconut oil is a no brainer, since it solidifies. But over time, liquid oil gunks up the pipes, causing debris to be trapped and before you know it, you have a clog! I no longer use oils in the bath or shower. And the dish soap that “takes grease out of your way”? It doesn’t magically disappear. It goes down the drain. We always wipe grease/ oil off of our dishes with a paper towel before washing them, and no longer have problems with clogs.

  • I made some using lemon essential oil instead of juice, which made it less liquid. It won’t pour, so I put it in a small plastic container to use in the shower and will refill it as needed. It smells delicious and works great on my legs, feet and heels which get a lot of exposure in the summer. The one caution that I didn’t think Jillee stressed quite enough is that unless you clean your tub/shower after you use it, the tub/shower will be VERY, VERY SLIPPERY and dangerous due to the oil. Please be aware of this issue, so you don’t fall or another unsuspecting family member. I have been following Jillee for several years and have received many great tips.

    • I’ve always used it up before it’s gone bad! I would assume that it doesn’t go bad for at least a few months, but you could keep it in the fridge to make it last longer. :-)

  • I don’t know that shaving twice is a good idea. Or did I read that wrong? Shaving twice will irritate some skin despite the oil. That’s why you should always use a very new razor blade. So you only have to go over each section of your skin once.

  • Can you post a link for the squeeze bottle? Seems to have a somewhat longer, “skinnier” opening that would lend itself better to oil use. Thanks!

  • First of all, if I get in the tub for a soak, I won’t be able to get out :) Secondly, hair doesn’t grow on my legs anymore—maybe something for you young ladies to look forward to. BUT I think I can handle the scrub just fine anyway and as soon as possible, maybe in 5 min., I think I will and enjoy doing so!

    • LOL Gladys! While mine hasn’t disappeared completely, I have noticed a lot less. That being said, it seems to have simply moved to my upper lip! *stomp* The unfair deets of aging sure seems to be outweighing the perks! :(

  • I’m looking forward to trying this after I wax my legs! Not before. The oil will prevent the wax from working properly. I usually multitask when I wax- put color on my hair and brows, whiten my teeth and wax. I’m always done waxing by the time the color is ready to rinse off.
    The worst part is cleaning the bathroom floor afterwards- so I clean the whole bathroom!

  • This sounds like a good idea. However, my leg area is very sensitive. Plus I’ve had a bad exzema rash for the past few years. I have to agree about the lemon juice stinging. So we’ll see if it makes my skin flare up.

  • This sounds awesome! I’ve been making home made sugar scrub for awhile now. I love lemon anything so I can’t wait to try this one. I have some health issues that cause my legs to be ugly and painful at times. Bad veins that cause bad circulation that leads to fluid retention and causes a raised blister like surface. I have found that exfoliating with a scrub and luffa really helps. It gets all the dead skin off and makes my razor work better and last longer. Also. My daughter is a hairstylist and owns a tanning salon. She says that if you exfoliate well before you tan you will tan better and faster. I love your daily emails and look forward to new good things every day. Thank you. God Bless.

  • I’ve been doing this for years, but leave out the lemon juice. It stings real bad sometimes, if you have the slightest nick anywhere, and I haven’t noticed a difference not using it. I also keep it in plastic, I don’t like having slippery glass in the bathroom ;)

  • FYI/reminder that citrus oils such as lemon EO and plastic containers don’t play well together. :)
    It otherwise sounds lovely and I’ll likely be trying this out – thank you for sharing! xo

  • >