7 Practical Fashion Tips That Will Liven Up Your Look

practical fashion tips - collage: woman wearing a bright pink cardigan; woman holding her pleated plaid skirt out to the side

Practical Fashion And Style Advice To Look And Feel Your Best

While there are many things we can’t control as we age (achy joints and thinning hair spring to mind), there are plenty of things we can! While age comes with unparalleled wisdom, there are definitely benefits to maintaining a vibrant or youthful energy.

Personally, I feel much more confident when I’m wearing something lively and energetic. And I don’t mean wearing the latest trends or shopping where a twenty-something would — I mean wearing outfits that have personality, but that are still sophisticated and age-appropriate.

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If you could use a confidence boost in the form of a style tune-up, you’ve come to the right place, because there’s some great practical fashion and style advice in the list below! These 7 simple tips aren’t hard-and-fast “fashion dos and don’ts”, but rather are easy strategies you can use to liven up your look and feel your best!

The 7 Best Fashion Tips For A More Vibrant Style

practical fashion tips - woman wearing a white collar with a turquoise cardigan

1. Illuminate Your Face

The brighter your face looks, the more youthful and positive you appear. Having a pop of white near your face is an easy way to achieve this brightening effect, so try layering a white collared shirt underneath a sweater or cardigan.

Your makeup and personal care routine can play a big part in your overall appearance as well, so you may want to make sure you’re avoiding common grooming mistakes that can make you look older.

practical fashion tips - woman wearing jeans, a navy striped mock turtleneck, and white sneakers

2. Don’t Overlook Jeans

The classics are often classics for a reason, that includes classic wardrobe staples like jeans. A good pair of denim jeans can do double-duty by emphasizing your figure and camouflaging areas you feel less confident about. Throwing on a pair of jeans with a fun top is an effortless outfit choice for daily errands or casual gatherings.

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practical fashion tips - woman wearing a leopard print pencil skirt, white tee, and bright pink cardigan

3. Pop In Bright Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors! I love adding a pop of color to my look, usually in the form of a cardigan or lipstick. Turquoise, fuchsia, orange, and periwinkle are all bold options that can add a lively feel to your look! (To avoid going overboard, pick one or two brightly colored items to be the focal point of your outfit.)

practical fashion tips- woman wearing jeans and a navy striped turtleneck

4. Avoid Black

Black can be chic in certain contexts, but its severity can make it less flattering for older women and men. Wearing black can actually magnify the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and even make the circles under your eyes appear darker too!

I used to wear a lot of black around the time that I started blogging, because it was a practical fashion choice I’d always heard was “slimming” and “chic.” But once I started embracing brighter colors (thanks to a push from my friend Carol Tuttle of Dressing Your Truth), I realized that all that black clothing hadn’t been doing me any favors.

If black has generally been your neutral of choice, try swapping out those staples for charcoal gray or navy blue instead. Both are softer and more flattering than black, and pair well with many other colors.

practical fashion tips - woman holding her pleated plaid skirt out to the side to show its fullness

5. Add A Little Movement

If your style seems stuck in once place, adding some movement can go a long way! Pleated skirts that swish and swing as you move are infinitely more fun and vibrant than boxy or shapeless skirts.

practical fashion tips - woman wearing sea green jacket and black glasses

6. Update Your Readers

For eyeglass-wearers (including those of us who only use them for reading), swapping out drab or simple frames in favor of a bolder shape or color can update your whole look! For a great example of this, look no further than Prue Leith, one of the judges of the Great British Baking Show (Bake-Off for you Brits), who sports an ever-changing array of fun and fashionable frames.

Consider trying a pair of cat-eye frames, as they’re flattering on almost everyone. And good news for bargain hunters—discount stores like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx often carry very affordable options!

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practical fashion tips - woman putting on a large necklace of three layers of pearls

7. Simplify Your Accessories

Stick to the “remove one item” rule when deciding how to accessorize your look. If you have a necklace, bracelet, watch, belt, and bag that match your outfit, put them all on and then remove at least one.

An abundance of accessories can easily date your look, or at the very least make it appear “busy” in the wrong ways. You can absolutely keep wearing all your favorite accessories — just try not to wear them all at once!

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What are your best fashion tips?

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  • I think a lot of it for me is knowing what colors look good on me. I keep up with the trends, but I’m not going to wear the trendy colors unless they look flattering on me. One thing that I’ve added to my makeup routine is Highlighting powder. It really helps to bring out my eyes. I also add a small amount on my chin and nose. I add some to my cheeks after my blush. I don’t have prominent cheekbones and I’m naturally fair skinned so anything to give some extra color really helps anything to give me a healthy glow so l don’t look sickly.

  • A pop of color is always an eye-catcher when played against neutrals (jeans/khaki/black/navy/white/cream). I don’t wear black tops without a colorful 3rd layer, scarf, or necklace, but black pants/skirts are a standard in every closet at any age. Try a color eyeliner (plum/green/navy/taupe) too for softer eyes – black eyeliner isn’t the only option and it can be harsh looking.

    That pleated, plaid skirt looks like the 70’s. Pleats make everyone look wider – not an optimal choice. There are flowing fabrics, gored construction, and cuts-on-the-bias skirts that move beautifully. My knees aren’t optimal, so skirts hit at the bottom of my knee (at the shortest) at age 70.

  • I’m a “young?” woman in her mid 80s, no gray hair, and I do not dye it, but I do get a great hair cut from a fabulous hair dresser/sylist to whom I have had cut my hair for over 18 years. First she would give me a perm, but as my hair thinned she told me that a perm would make my hair turn to frizz and said that she would just give me hair cuts. I love her honesty. Her son and family moved to CA and I told her, “You can’t move to CA until I die.”
    I still love jeans, white in the summer darker jeans in the autumn and winter, paired with a dressy tee along with a blazer or cardigan.
    I still have sheath dresses that are over forty years old. I still wear them as they do not go out of style.
    Being short and slender (5′ tall, and 92 or 93 pounds, sometimes up to 95) I do not wear my dresses very short, probably a few inches past my knees.
    I love cardigans and blazers.
    As for jewelry, I wear three pair of earrings, pearl, gold cubes, and small gold hoops. I wear a silver chain with a silver heart with a small diamond in the center, my husband gave that to me before we were engaged. I, also, wear a gold chain with a heart with a blue pearl given to me by a much, much younger but dear friend and a thicker gold, shorter necklace. I never take them off, unless I wear my late mother-in-law’s two stranded pearls given to me by my late father-in-law.
    I always wear my engagement ring and the wedding band.

  • I stopped.putting eyeliner on lower lashes. That really helped perk my face up. I wear fun earrings to draw attention. I have a theme color each week to make getting ready easier. Dark jeans for sure.

  • Great ideas. I’m mid 50s and wear black sometimes. I have an outfit with a black sweater but, the front panel is sheer with embroidery. It looks really pretty if I wear a top underneath with one of the colors. I think wearing certain lengths of skirts is an individual thing. I don’t have the best legs so I won’t wear the very short ones. Plus it also involves wearing full length stockings which just aren’t comfortable. When I didn’t the Dressing your truth online. I decided that I probably fit more into the type 1 category. I do have a sweater in the pink shade Jillee is wearing. Also of the girls in my family I tend to be more adventurous and not wear plain colors as much. I definitely wear more bolder style jewelry than my sisters. My 70ish mom is actually the one in our family with the most big, bold type necklaces.

  • Wait, Teri…didn’t Jillee just tell us be careful of the bling?? LOL…I’m kidding! I think the one thing that really dates a woman is her makeup choices! By a “certain age”, uh-hem…uh we tend to be pretty set on how we should look. Sometimes it’s the look we’ve been sporting for YEARS!! So, like with jewelry, we need to take some off, and scale it down to simplify our look. Maybe?

    • Heh…depends! I enjoy making jewelry, and love wearing it. I don’t layer it, but it’s usually got some sparkle. If I was still employed, I might tone it down. I’ve already stopped wearing skimpy shirts and mini-skirts (actually I stopped long ago
      :-D), I can’t give up everything!

  • Rule #1:Above all, go for comfort.

    Rule #2: Dress to please yourself, not others, noting the following caveat:
    If it causes lumps, bumps, or shortness of breath, refer to Rule #1.

    Rule #3: If you like a little sparkle, just remember:
    “There is no such thing as too much BLING!”

    Prime Directive: Enjoy your life!

    • So true, I am in my 80s and a colorful pleated skirt would look ludicrous. Yes, I wear black but enhance it with a colorful scarf or a chain with a heart and blue pearl given to me by a dear, but much younger, friend.
      I do still love my jeans, but if and when I can dine out again at my favorite restaurant, I may wear a sheath dress, or black dress slacks with a lacy top.
      Above all, ladies, if you are over 50, cut that hair. An older face with the same style that you wore in your 20s or 30s, just does not work any more.

  • Jillee, you are beautiful! And I really loved seeing this post with you showing vibrant colors, you rock! Thanks again for your OGT, it is brilliant. Have a great day!

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