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This DIY Is The Unexpected Solution To Your Sleep Problems

salt soak

Taking a relaxing bath isn’t just good for your mental state, it’s good for your body too! Studies have shown that heat therapy in the form of saunas and baths can help reduce blood pressure and improve other symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Another study found that hot tub therapy helped Type 2 diabetics lose weight, sleep better, and experience higher levels of well-being. And even if you don’t have cardiovascular disease or diabetes, a hot bath does a body good!

Today I’ll be showing you how to make a simple bath soak that is designed to ease tension and inflammation in your body and relax your mind. Your nighttime soaks in the tub are about to get a whole lot more relaxing! :-)

salt soak

What Is A Bath Soak?

For the purposes of this post, I’m defining a bath soak as “something you add to your bathwater.” However, unlike its close cousin bubble bath, a bath soak generally doesn’t produce bubbles or lather in the tub.

salt soak

The bath soak that I’ll be showing you how to make today couldn’t be simpler! It’s made up of just two ingredients: Epsom salt and essential oils. Here’s a quick overview of what these ingredients bring to the table (or in this case, the bathtub):

  • Epsom Salt – Also called “magnesium sulfate,” Epsom salt has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe soreness, reduce bruising, and even improve skin conditions like sunburn.
  • Slumber Essential Oil Blend – This relaxing blend contains lavender, cedarwood, lime, bergamot, marjoram, and vetiver essential oils, which can help ease away stress and promote restful sleep!

(Author’s Note: If you’d like, you can swap out the Epsom salt for magnesium flakes, which provide more of the magnesium that supports many of our body’s vital functions! But since magnesium flakes are both more expensive and harder to find than Epsom salt, I’ve decided to focus on Epsom salt for this particular post.)

salt soak

How To Make Your Own Relaxing Bath Soak


2 cups Epsom salt
20 drops Slumber essential oil blend


Add the Epsom salt and essential oils to a jar and screw the lid on. Shake well to combine the ingredients, then leave the lid on until you’re ready to use it.

This recipe makes enough bath soak mixture for two uses. Feel free to adjust the amounts to make more or less as needed!

salt soak

How To Use Your Bath Soak

Add one cup of the bath soak mixture to a tub full of warm (not hot) water and stir to dissolve. Then sit back and relax while you soak for 20–30 minutes.

salt soak

Following your relaxing bath, rinse your skin with cool water. Pat yourself dry with a clean towel, and then it’s off to sleep!

Shower Hacks For Glowing Skin

Bonus Tip: Add an equal amount of fractionated coconut oil (or your preferred carrier oil) to a handful of your bath soak mixture to make a nourishing and exfoliating body scrub!

salt soak

Customize It With Optional Add-Ins

One reason the recipe I provided is so simple is that it makes it easy to customize! Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding different essential oils, herbs, flowers, colors, and other ingredients to your bath soak.

Here are a few things you might consider adding:

  • Food coloring (for color)
  • Powdered milk (for softer skin)
  • Dried flower petals (for added luxury)
  • Apple cider vinegar (to soothe itchiness)
  • Bentonite clay (for detox)

salt soak

4 Bonus Tips For Making The Most Of Your Bath Time

Unlike bath time for the kids, bath time for you should be a peaceful, quiet, and deeply relaxing experience. Here are some tips that will help you maximize your bath time and its benefits!

Tip #1 – Take Your Time

Set aside 30 minutes to an hour for your soak. Anything shorter is rushing it, so take the time to relax!

Tip #2 – No Phone Zone

Leave your phone outside of the bathroom during bath time. You’ll find it easier to relax if you’re not checking your phone (or accidentally dropping it in the tub.)

Tip #3 – Set The Mood

Create a spa-like environment by dimming the lights, lighting a few candles, and queuing up some relaxing music.

Tip #4 – Make It A Habit

Create a weekly bath ritual for yourself and make time for it. For instance, some people like to take Sunday night baths to help them recharge for the week ahead!

salt soak

How often do you enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub?

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  • I wish I could take a bath! I get so antsy and stressed out that it defeats the purpose. If I’m wound up and can’t sleep, sometimes I will take a shower with a lavender scented DIY bath bomb on the shower floor. And when I change my pillowcases, I first sprinkle lavender scented arrow root powder or cornstarch on them.

  • I can’t stand the smell of lavender either. I don’t have the essential oil blend that you mentioned. How can I make this without your blend? Thank for all of your tips, and recipes !

    • You can add any essential oil to the recipe. The combination of the oil, warm water and epsom salt is why the bath relaxes you and makes your body feel better.

  • Love this. My mom is one who loves to take her nightly bath. She says it helps her to relax. I like the blend idea – but’s it’s a little pricey for me. Any other ideas. I’ve had sleeping problems too. I think it’s probably due to approaching menopause.

  • I haven’t taken a bath in a long time…for me the goal is to get the hair washed, etc., and have a few minutes to read (maybe) before falling asleep. Still I love clawfoot tubs and have acquired one for our next house. I’ve been looking at Houzz for years and a few articles talk about how a tub is so “yesterday” and how to get rid of it, but blogs like this one are a reminder that yes, people still do take baths, and maybe we should all slow down and enjoy a good soak once in a while!

  • I’ve always found that an Epsom salts bath eases the pain of arthritis and was told that magnesium is absorbed through the skin. It’s an old remedy for arthritis. I’m addicted to this site – thank you all so much from Pat in the UK

    • Pat, thanks for sharing. I am so happy that you enjoy my site, my team and I are here to make people’s lives easier with solutions to everyday homekeeping, beauty routines, recipes, natural products and more. :-)

  • Please be careful of hot soaks! I was unaware that my blood pressure would be temporarily lowered after giving blood at a donor session (it’s not in their literature in UK) came home, had a hot soak (also unaware that drops blood pressure too ) so fainted when I came out of the bath.

    Love your stuff Jillee so no intention to criticise or nit-pick but were’t you uncomfortable and unable to rest your head too in that bath with the tap at your back?

  • Hi Jillie, I just wantes to pop in and say I’m 5’8″ living un an apt. If I tried to soak in the tub only half of me would enjoy it the rest of me would be cold. Knees bent top half sticking out above water level. I love baths too.

  • This soak sounds wonderful. A note about Epsom Salt which anyone can find any day, anywhere, BOIL IT. I had a very painful infection in my toe and was so frustrated because soaking in Epsom salt water just wasn’t working. My cousin who was taking a class in natural healing, told me to boil it and let it cool enough to put my foot in and I know it sounds gross but, within just a few minutes, I could actually see the infection come to the surface, pop and drain. If it draw out infection like that, just think what adding the boiled Epsom salt water to your bath would do – draw out the stress.

  • >