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This Is A Dang Good Eye Serum, And It Cost Me $2 To Make

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One of the things I really love about making my own health and beauty products (aside from the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s going into them) is how versatile they are. The homemade eye serum I’ll be sharing with you in today’s post is a great example, because when I first encountered the recipe several years ago, it was originally intended as a basic face and body lotion.

But once I mixed some up to try it out, it occurred to me that it could actually make a really nice makeup remover. And it was only after I tried that that I realized it perfectly suited for the role of a moisturizing eye serum!

The purpose of an eye serum is to moisturize and revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes, and my homemade version is no different. But there are other reasons to go the homemade route that go far beyond what any store-bought serum can offer!

eye serum

Why Make Your Own Eye Serum?

There are plenty of benefits to making an eye serum rather than buying one, with the most obvious benefit being savings. Store-bought eye serums can go for anywhere from $20 to $100 (or more), while the cost of materials for my DIY version came out at around $2 total. (Yes, really!)

eye serum

The other major benefit of making an eye serum is customizability. For instance, I customized mine by adding one drop each of lemon essential oil (for its cleansing and stimulating properties) and lavender essential oil (for lash nourishment and skin-soothing effects), but you could just as easily use different oils or leave them out entirely!

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You should also feel free to adjust the formula based on your particular skin type and product preferences. If you prefer serums that are richer and more hydrating, you could use slightly more coconut oil than aloe vera gel, or vice versa if you want a lighter or less greasy serum.

So now that you know why making your own eye serum is a smart way to go, let’s get to the how! Here’s how you can make my all-natural eye serum at home. :-)

How To Make My All-Natural “Miracle” Eye Serum

eye serum


*Note: Amounts are intended to fill a 1-ounce glass dropper bottle. If you’re using a slightly larger or smaller bottle, just aim to use roughly equal amounts of coconut oil and aloe vera.

eye serum


Add the fractionated coconut oil and aloe vera gel to a small glass dropper bottle, then add the lemon and lavender oils (if using.)

eye serum

Secure the top back on the bottle and shake well to combine. Shake again before each use, as the ingredients are likely to separate over time.

eye serum

For best results, store your finished eye serum in the fridge. Not only will your serum last longer this way, but it will feel extra soothing when you apply it too! :-)

eye serum

Do you have a favorite eye serum that you use?

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  • I use this eye serum as a cleanser. I put it in a flip-top bottle rather than a dropper. Put 3-4 drops in the palm of my hand. Dab my finger in it to concentrate on eye make-up removal, then apply the rest to my face. Let sit 5-10 min, then rinse. My skin has become incredibly soft and supple since I started doing this!

  • I would hesitate to have essentials oils around my eyes so I would leave out, but coconut oil can cloud your vision as the oil will not dissipate on your eyes, could cause a film & blurriness. Take care not to get too close to eye.

  • I checked and I found a dropper bottle. I was about to shoot myself in the foot for throwing it out. I know some of items can be a little pricey. Nature’s truth has essential oils and fractionated coconut oil. I try to wait and buy my essential oils when they have a 2/10.00 sale . They also carry the almond oil and fractionated coconut oil for about 6.00.

    • I was just reading some older comments. I totally agree with what Toni said about the Waterproof mascara. I know it’s not the best- but when you live in the Midwest area with our crazy humidity it’s a must. My mascara would run down my face if I didn’t use the Waterproof kind.

  • Am I missing something here? According to your product links, I have to spend $32.50 on ingredients to make a $2 eye serum. I think I’ll have to pass.

  • I’ve actually made this before. I liked okay. I think I decided to
    toss it because of not having the right bottle to store it in. I recently started using Cerave’s eye cream . I needed something that would help with my puffy eyelids and dark circles. It is a little pricey but, a little bit goes a long way. It was either that or use a more expensive brand. So it’s nothing personal. I just needed something to address my aging eye issues and.my allergies.

  • Please advise people about the need for preservatives in any product that has water based ingredients. There are many bad bacteria that could result in infections or worse. If someone does not want to use preservatives then they should use only oils.

  • Ooooh sounds good. Thanks Jillee.

    Is it okay to put in plastic if using the essential oils? My current recipe, too heavy, went into a whole glass and essential oil thing and not to use plastic with E.O.s. I’m confused.

    Don’t forget to use sunscreen ladies. The lemon essential oil can make you photosensitive.

  • My name is Louise Trollip from South Africa I open your emails every morning and have found so many wonderful ideas. Your cream mixture with coconut oil, vitamin E cream and baby lotion is the best I have used so far. When shopping baking soda and vinegar is top of my list. Thank you for your wonderful advise.

  • I’m from Georgia and with the humidity a waterproof mascara, in my opinion, is a must. I have always hated taking it off. About 6 months ago I started taking about a almond size of regular coconut oil and rubbing it gently over my entire eye and I swipe over my lashes a few extra times then I either use a cotton ball or pad and usually with 1 or 2 swipes all my eye makeup slides off. I have oily skin and it doesnt make me extra oily at all. Bonus my eyelashes have gotten thicker AND longer since i have been doing this. .

      • Not that this recipe is a bad one, I haven’t tried it, but I think it does sound nice. However, I have a problem with oily film when using products on my eyes as well. A friend told me to use good ole baby shampoo. The “no tear” kind. Cheap and works excellently for me. Probably used it for 8-10 yrs now and no problem.

    • Coconut oil leaves a film on my eyeballs so I can’t focus. I’ve only ever found one eye cream that suited me and unfortunately it’s expensive. Shame I can’t use this recipe.

  • 1) so, fractionated coconut oil never hardens? What do they do to it??

    2) does aloe vera gel go bad? I have some that is years old(??)

    Thanks for the info!

  • I use a mixture of Jojoba oil and Rose Hip Seed oil. The oils are rapid absorbing and leaves skin baby soft. It has also shrunk my pores. This works for me and I have had very oily skin until using this. I usually put a couple drops of lavender in, I will look for the Coffee Essential Oil!

  • What is the shelf life of this? I typically avoid the aloe vera because of its tendency to spoil. (I know, it makes it sound undesirable but it should actually be a good thing, less preservatives)

  • I’d almost forgotten that I had tried this, a few years ago. I used almond oil when I couldn’t find the coconut oil for a good price. I finally found the fractionated coconut oil at Walmart the other day. It was about $6.00. It was a nice surprise.

  • Wonderful recipe. I just wanted to add that coffee essential oil completely deflates eye bags! I use it every morning, won’t live without it. This could be great added to your recipe :)

    • Catherine-I would love to know where you purchased coffee essential oil-I am tired of my eye bags and would love to try this remedy! Thank you-Laura

      • I don’t think it is coffee essential oil, but rather a coffee infused oil. I did some with olive oil; just put your grounds or beans in the oil and let it sit for 4-6 weeks, strain the coffee off and voila! coffee oil! I think next time I would use emu oil…it is a better oil for your skin than olive…or any other good facial oil would do. (almond, rose hip seed, etc.)

    • Yes Catherine – please share! What is your recipe? And what brand of coffee essential oil do you use? I did a google and Edens came up – I’ve purchase EO from them once before and was disappointed… so any helpful hints would be appreciated.

    • Where do you buy the coffee essential oil and what is your recipe? I too am tired of my eye bags but allergic to the new creams being sold to firm up the skin around my eyes.

  • Sounds lovely but can the Aloe. Era be changed for something else? (Allergic to it)

    Also is fractionated coconut oil the only form that works?

    Thank you!!!

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