11 Reasons Why OGT Readers Love This Unusual Whisk

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

Last year I introduced you to a relatively recent discovery that has quickly become one of my favorite kitchen tools: the Danish dough whisk. In case you’ve missed my blog posts and newsletter segments on the topic, a Danish dough whisk is a long-handled mixing tool with a flat metal coil on one end.

The unique stacked coils are the key that makes this whisk particularly effective for mixing dough. The coils have a lot less surface area than other types of tools, allowing it to cut through sticky doughs and other mixtures that would prove troublesome to a balloon whisk or spoon. (For a more thorough overview, I highly recommend reading my introduction to the Danish dough whisk!)

And although I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this whisk in my own kitchen, I understand that it can be hard to imagine how an unfamiliar tool might be useful if you’ve never even seen one in action before. So today, I thought I’d share some of the many useful applications that OGT readers have discovered for their Danish dough whisk!

11 Brilliant Ways To Use Your Danish Dough Whisk

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

1. Meatloaf & Meatballs

“I mixed up a meatloaf with it and was very pleased with the results. It went through the ground meat very easily, and the best part was that I didn’t have to use my hands!” – Cynthia D.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

2. Biscuit Dough

“I used the Danish whisk for a biscuit recipe that said not to over-mix. It blended the ingredients perfectly.” – Pam O.

“I especially like it for mixing biscuit dough. Clean-up is so easy; the dough practically falls off the whisk.” – Judith A.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

“I used my whisk to make cookies, it works great! Cut right through the dough and mixed the chocolate chips in perfectly, without a lot of effort.” – Carol S.

“Incorporating nuts, cranberries and white chocolate chips in oatmeal cookie dough was so much easier and took less time and clean up is a breeze. I am raving about it to my whole family.” – Maryann O.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

4. Sauces

“I love my time in the kitchen, but I never looked forward to making gravy. Call me Mr. Lumpy. But no more! The Danish dough whisk proved to be a magical solution.” – Jim S.

“Tried it with a stir-fry sauce to incorporated the grated garlic. It didn’t cling to it like my regular whisks. Now I use it for all my sauces.” – Teresa R.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

5. Cream Cheese Desserts

“I was preparing a dessert that had cream cheese in it and I knew this would be a good test for the whisk. Usually I have little bits of cream cheese that just won’t blend in. Well, this whisk did the trick… the cream filling was smooth as silk for the first time ever!” – Collette E.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

6. Spice Mixes

“I had a spice rub mix that always gets caught in the whisk. Not a problem with this tool.” – Regcat

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

7. English Muffin Bread

“Bought this for my mother-in-law who loves your English Muffin Bread and said she wished she had the Danish dough whisk you mentioned. She was thrilled with the results and said it made the mixing much easier. We all love her bread and agree that it made a good recipe even better as it improved the texture.” – Jenn N.

“Love the way it gets down to the bottom of the bowl and I don’t have flour left because the whisk gets it all.” – Dianna M.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

8. Risotto & Other Whisking-Intensive Recipes

“I was making a wonderful baked risotto recipe that […] calls for a ‘vigorous’ 3-minute stir when removed from the oven. That was a challenge for me until I used this whisk!” – HP

“I used my new whisk to make a cornmeal dish called nachynka. You have to constantly stir while you incorporate the milk and eggs into the cornmeal on the stove. It was fantastic—no sticking, no burning, a perfect smoothness to the dish.” – Annette D.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

9. Cake Batter

“I used it to mix a cake without the mixer. It came out so fluffy it melted in your mouth.” – Gloria L.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

10. Cornbread Batter

“When I make cornbread, I use half whole wheat flour and half cornmeal. Believe me, [it’s] MUCH easier to mix with this tool than a big balloon whisk! No more constantly banging the tool against the side of the bowl to get the ingredients out of the middle of it! This tool rates 5 stars! Too bad I can’t give it 6!” – Eileen M.

Danish Dough Whisk Favorites

11. Pancake Batter

“I used the Danish whisk to make pancake batter. It works very well and it works with fewer strokes so the pancakes were very tender.” – Tracey L.

A close-up of a hand gripping a wooden-handled Danish dough whisk with a coiled metal head, set against a blurred kitchen background.

BONUS: It’s Comfortable To Hold And Use, Even With Arthritis!

This isn’t technically a specific use, but I wanted to mention it here anyway because of the sheer volume of positive feedback this whisk has received from arthritis sufferers. As someone who also deals with hand stiffness and pain, I couldn’t agree more — my Danish dough whisk is more comfortable to hold than almost any other kitchen tool!

Here’s a look at what other readers have said on the topic:

  • “I have arthritic hands that are also sensitive to cold. I bought this tool hoping it would help me to avoid having to mix foods directly with my hands, such as meatloaf. Boy did it work well. I was able to completely mix the meatloaf without any of the usual pain in my hands.” – NurzCris
  • “I have arthritis in my hands and I was amazed at how much easier the Danish dough whisk was to use than my old whisk.” – Linda C.
  • “I ordered the Danish dough whisk because severe arthritis has made it difficult for me to tightly grasp things. It looked easy to hold and use — and it is!” – B.
A Danish dough whisk is has a wooden handle and a stainless steel wire coil.

Try It For Yourself!


What other uses would you add to this list?

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  • I got one of these whisks based on your recommendation and it is now one of my favorite kitchen tools. It’s such a favorite that I got one for each of my kids and now include it with wedding shower gifts. It’s SO much better than any whisk I have ever used. My only regret is that I didn’t know about it sooner.

  • I love love love mine!! I was quite skeptical about it, but fell in love the first time I used mine. I ended up buying another to give as a gift. It’s become one of my most loved kitchen tools!

  • I love mine so much that last Christmas I gave them as gifts. I printed out a information sheet about Danish Dough Whisks and rolled it and tied it and put it and the whisk in a Christmas potholder and added a tag that said “Dough’nt be afraid to take a whisk” . I also made your English muffin bread for each person and tucked the recipe in the potholder too. They loved them!

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