How To Put Your Duvet Cover On The Frustration-Free Way

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How To Put Your Duvet Cover On The Easy Way

If you are a “duvet person” like I am, you probably already understand why I have a love/hate relationship with my duvet cover. While I love using a duvet on my bed because of the fluffy, cloud-like sleeping experience it gives me, it can be quite frustrating when it comes to putting the duvet cover on!

In fact, I try to wash and dry my duvet cover when my husband is out of the house. He has a history of losing his cool while trying to help me put the duvet cover back onto the duvet, so it tends to go more smoothly as a solo act.

The 5-Step “Roll & Stuff” Method

But recently, I came across a downright ingenious trick that makes it much easier to put your duvet cover on (especially if you’re doing it alone!) It’s such a game-changer that I couldn’t help but want to share it with all of you here.

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Step 1 – Spread

Spread the duvet cover out on your bed so that it lies flat, then lay your duvet insert out over the top of it.

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Step 2 – Roll

Roll the duvet insert up starting from the top and rolling down, towards the bottom of the duvet cover where the opening is. It should look like a rolled-up cylinder.

duvet cover

Step 3 – Stuff

Stuff the rolled-up duvet insert into the opening of the duvet cover. (It’s easiest to do this one end at a time.)

duvet cover

Step 4 – Tuck

Locate the two corners of the duvet insert and tuck them into the two bottom corners of your duvet cover.

duvet cover

Step 5 – Unroll

Grab the two corners of your duvet cover—ensuring that the corners of the insert are in your grasp as well—then raise your arms and give it a good shake! This will let gravity do the work and cause the duvet to unroll inside the cover. 

You may need to make a few small adjustments to ensure each edge of the insert lines up with the seams of the covers, and that all the corners end up where they are supposed to be. Do up the buttons, ties, or snaps on the cover, and you’re done!

duvet cover

Even though there are five “steps” to this process, it only takes about a minute to accomplish. This brilliant tip has already saved me a lot of time and effort, and made the prospect of putting my duvet cover back on my duvet much less daunting!

Now I can enjoy the benefits of a freshly laundered duvet without winding up a sweaty, flustered mess. :-) Give it a try, and I’m certain you’ll find this tip as useful as I do!

Do you prefer duvets, comforters, or quilts?

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  • Of course I remembered you had a post on this today….AFTER….I fought to get my comforter back in the duvet cover! LOL! But, I think this idea is awesome! I also like the idea of sewing the ties in the corners and on the comforter if they aren’t already there…and then doing the roll…inside out…I think that’s the way I read to do it! LOL! Anyway, next time is going to go much smoother! Thanks Jillee!!!

  • Hi Jillee,
    I really enjoy your newsletters.

    Speaking of duvets, my problem is getting the filling to stay in the one place. It usually ends up all scrunched up in the bottom and I have to give the duvet a really good hard shake to try and get it to fall back into place and this isn’t always successful.

    Do you have any thoughts, please?

    Kind regards,

    • I sewed ties on the inside of the duvet at each corner and ties at each corner of the insert. Turn the duvet inside out and tie the top 2 corners. Turn the duvet right side out over the insert and tie the bottom corners together. Your insert will stay in place. Now, I’m not sure how you can roll the insert from the top to the bottom like this site suggests but I never have had a problem stuffing the duvet anyway. I guess you could roll it from the bottom up after tying it and shake it down. I’ll have to play with it next time I do it.

  • i have used this method for years. I first saw it on The Chew, then looked it up online. Let me start by saying, I have a king-size bed and live by myself. I turn my duvet cover inside out, which has ties in each corner and my comforter has places on each corner where these ties can be used. I also put the top of the comforter at the bottom of my bed, which makes it easier to roll. Then, I lay my comforter over it and make sure that the sides of the duvet and comforter are even. As I roll, I pull the comforter towards me. Doing this I only have to walk from one end of my bed, instead of going from side to side, to keep the roll tight and somewhat even. After that I do the same steps as Jillee. I cannot do it in a minute, but at my age everything takes longer.

  • This sounds great but I’m confused on how you get the corner ties tied after you shake the rolled part into duvet? That’s the part I always have a problem with. My comforter won’t stay in place unless I tie them.

  • Great idea! I’ll have to try it!

    I had a problem when the corners of the comforter would come out from where I put them in the cover and wad up. I got the elastic with clips on each side that are used for holding sheets on a mattress. I cut the clips off.

    This is how I solved my problem: Turn the duvet cover inside out on the bed. Lay the comforter on top of the cover and use your clips to attach the four corners of the cover to the comforter. Reach into the duvet cover and grab the two ends farthest from the bottom opening. Pull the whole comforter right-side out. Your four corners will stay put.

  • Jill, duvets are very popular, but I don’t get it. Anything more than a thin coverlet plus a top sheet offers more than enough warmth in summer months. Yes, we have air conditioning—lol. But I don’t understand how anyone, especially a husband, can stand a thick comforter until winter. Tell me how this works for you and the vast majority of the public.

  • I love the duvet because I hate making the bed and all I have to do is pull it up when I get out of the bed and it’s done!

    This is the method I use… similar to yours. I’m still not entirely sure how/why it works, but it does, so I’m going with that.

  • I read this just in time to try it out today. Actually I use a heavier duvet for winter and a much lighter one for summer. I usually clip a duvet into the inside out cover corners and shake it down into position, but this approach has somehow never worked well on the lightweight duvet. I think it’s due to the lack of weight. However, today I used your new rolling method and unrolling it inside the duvet just works perfectly…….the roll lends weight to the process, and it’s so much easier! Thanks so much, Jillee! xx

  • I prefer a comforter or quilt. Our family recently rented a place for our Vacation that had Duvets. We would’ve been fine if there had been a top sheet and not just the Duvet. We had to use blankets on top because we weren’t allowed to touch the AC controls. The covers for the Duvets were pretty and I can see why some people like them. We are definitely not Duvet people.

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