8 Money-Saving Secrets Every Amazon Shopper Should Know

Saving More on Amazon

While I tend to shop on Amazon because of the convenience factor, that doesn’t mean I don’t care about getting a good deal! Due to my slightly obsessive nature, I’m as hungry as ever for a good deal.

But taking advantage of low prices isn’t the only way to save money on Amazon! In this post, I’m sharing 8 tips that can help you spend less and save more on your Amazon purchases. Get the most bang for your buck by using these nifty tips and tricks!

8 Smart Ways To Save Money On Amazon

Saving More on Amazon

1. Take Advantage Of Included Services

Prime members have access to a variety of services that are included in their memberships. Stream TV shows and movies with Prime Video, stream music with Prime Music, get exclusive video game promotions and discounts with Twitch Prime, or borrow books and magazines on your Kindle with Prime Reading — all at no additional cost!

Saving More on Amazon

2. Choose No-Rush Shipping

At checkout, Amazon offers a few different shipping options, including “No-Rush Shipping”. It’ll take a few extra days to get your order this way, but the upside is that you’ll earn a $1 reward towards select digital items like videos, e-books, music, and apps.

If you’re buying something you don’t necessarily need ASAP, choosing No-Rush Shipping can help you save on digital buys down the road!

Saving More on Amazon

3. Use Coupons

Another way to save some money on Amazon is to look for items with coupon offers. When you find an item you want that has a coupon offer, all you have to do is select “Clip Coupon” to apply the discount! Check out popular coupons currently available on Amazon.

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4. Ask Alexa About Deals

If you have any Alexa-enabled devices, you can use them to ask Alexa about deals. Just say, “Alexa, what are your deals?” She’ll let you know about the best deals currently available on Amazon, and she can even apply any discounts or coupons that are available. It’s an easy, hands-free way to score a great deal!

Saving More on Amazon

5. Subscribe & Save

Save on the items you buy frequently by taking advantage of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. Depending on the frequency you choose, you can save between 5-15% on every order. You can even stack certain coupons on top of your Subscribe & Save discount to save even more.

Saving More on Amazon

6. Consider A Credit Card

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you can earn a lot of cash back with the Prime Visa Signature Card. New cardholders typically receive an Amazon gift card as a bonus on approval — I got a $70 card when I signed up, but they were offering a $150 gift card at the time of writing!

Cash back bonuses include:

  • 5% cash back at Amazon.com and Whole Foods Market
  • 2% cash back at restaurants, gas stations, and local transit
  • 1% cash back on everything else
Saving More on Amazon

7. Pay Less For Prime

Amazon offers a couple of different discounted Prime memberships for those who qualify. Income-verified individuals and those receiving government assistance can sign up for a Prime Access membership for just $6.99/month.

College students and young adults between the ages of 18-24 can sign up for a Prime Student membership, which includes a 6-month free trial and costs $7.49/month after that.

Saving More on Amazon

8. Buy At The Right Time

Between constant price fluctuations and inflated list prices, it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good deal on Amazon. Luckily, CamelCamelCamel is there to help! This tool tracks prices on items over time, and can even alert you when the price on an item you’re interested in drops below a certain threshold.

Also, you can get Amazon products like Kindle and Echo at a significant discount during big sales events like Prime Day and Black Friday. You can save 20% or more by waiting to buy these items during a big sale!

Interested in perusing some of my favorite Amazon purchases? Check out my storefront!

Do you do much shopping on Amazon?

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  • Prime pantry no longer exists, you should update the post. Plus the price of prime has changed, thus all the prices for students and Medicaid etc have changed.

  • Regarding the Amazon rebate points that you build up with their Visa card. If you just turn around and use them to buy more stuff from Amazon, do you realize that you aren’t getting any 5% rebate on that money? Instead, when the rebate points are posted to your card, use them to pay down your card balance, and stick to using the card for your purchases so that you still get that 5% back . Also, if you are a Sams Club member and have their Master Card, you get lump sum cash back in February of each year. They now just pop it onto your card so you cand spend it easier. But just as it is with Amazon, if you use it to shop, you are getting no rebate on that money. You need to go to the service desk at the club to have them apply the rebate $$$ to you card balance. And something else some people may not know about the Sams Club card. When you are purchasing gas or diesel for you vehicles, you want to use the Sams card to pay as you get 5% rebate on your gas purchases. Yes, that’s 5%, not just 5 cents per gallon as many of the stations offer if you use their loyalty card. What that means is if you pay $3 per gallon, while the station loyalty card gives you a nickel per gallon, the Sams card is giving you 15 cents. At todays gas prices, that 5% can add up quickly. And as I said, you get that at any gas station by using the Sams M/C, not just the Sams Club stations.

  • Ebates has been perfect for me, as I shop at Vitacost every month. I got the Ebates credit card, which doubles your money back. So I get 6% back on everything through Vitacost. Every 3 months I get a check for at least $20 from Ebates.

  • Thank you for the information about discounted prime membership for those on medicaid. I never would have know this if i hadnt been following your extremely helpful ogt page.

  • I don’t like Amazon Prime with what it costs $12.99 a month. With me it is cheaper to pay the shipping charges when I purchase anything if I have to pay. I look for dealers that offer free shipping, it may take a little longer to get my order but pays off much better and also much cheaper.

  • I use Honey! It’s a little doodad that you put on your computer that causes no trouble whatsoever. When you shop online ANYWHERE (whether you’re buying stuff on Amazon or a pizza from Pizza Hut!), it will let you know if there are any coupons and will apply them automatically! I got $7.00 of a my glasses from Zennioptical, and $2.00 off an order at ThredUp! You won’t be saving hundreds, but every little bit helps! Here’s the link if you want to join, and it explains how it works (no I don’t work for them, nor am I getting anything for telling you this):

  • I live in a rural town….about a half hour from everything. Any trip to a store of any size is $6 in gas and then you have to hope they have what you want in stock. I do a vast amount of my shopping online as everyone seems to have free shipping. I even have cat food and litter delivered lol. Its not practical to spend all that time and gas “shopping” around in stores anymore.

    Thank you for the mention of the Prime membership price reductions. I’m on Medicaid for a bit due to some health issues that cropped up. I had just paid my new (and higher yearly subscription). I contacted them and they refunded my year payment and set me up to apply for the cheaper rate.

  • This is very helpful but #1 is a little off. The Prime Movies, Music, Twitch are not free services under your Prime Account. They are monthly subscription services after a free trial. Just be aware if the trial end dates before you get billed.

    • I use both Prime movies and music without paying any extra. There are so many free movies. You have to look for the included with prime section. You can also listen to music for free.

      • Exactly. Just as it is with almost all “free” services, you only pay more to get more content. With prime, you still get free movies and music. You just don’t get the absolute latest movies, and some of the features on the music are only available with the extra cost membership.

  • I check both Amazon and Walmart before placing an order. Walmart has the advantage of Ebates which Amazon doesn’t. But Amazon has the advantage of Subscribe and Save. And then, of course, there is Jet for fresh groceries. I don’t know what I would do without Amazon and Walmart as the prices in the New York City markets are so high.

    • I do that too only I also check the original website for some items. They are sometimes cheaper and/or have cheaper if not free shipping. You wouldn’t think so but it works out that way at times. I also check eBay against Walmart and Amazon.

      • I never think to check eBay. Shall put a Post It note near the computer to remind me to do so. Thanks.

      • Jet.com is awesome sometimes they have good sales . They offer all kinds of stuff worth checking. No membership fees. They ship super fast. I’ve done a lot of orders through them

  • >