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The One Thing That Will Simplify Your Life & Protect You Online

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Running a blog requires a surprising amount of behind the scenes work, and nearly all of it takes place online. But luckily for me, I have a wonderful team of people who help me keep track of it all! :-)

Between the site itself, web hosting, social media, and the many other tools we use, we have a lot of account names and passwords to keep track of! We eventually started using a password manager called LastPass to securely store and share those logins, and I liked it so much I started using it for my personal accounts too!

Having a password manager has made my life easier and my online activity safer. And in today’s post, you’ll discover why you should be using a password manager too!

4 Reasons Why You Need A Password Manager Immediately

password manager

1. Better Security

Using a password manager makes it easy to take control of your personal cyber security, no matter how many accounts you have! If you have weak passwords or ones you’ve used in multiple places, a password manager can generate strong, randomized passwords for you to replace them with.

On top of that, a password manager stores all of your passwords for you in an encrypted vault. Only the person with the master password (i.e. you) can access that vault, which means you can rest easy!

Many password managers also give you the option to enable two-factor authentication. This adds an additional step to the sign-in process after you provide your master password for another layer of security.

password manager

2. Less To Remember

It’s hard to remember a bunch of different passwords, which is why so many of us use the same one for everything! But that makes it all too easy for someone else to gain access to our sensitive information and accounts.

The nice thing about using a password manager is that you’ll still only need to remember one password: your master password! The manager will remember all of your randomized, super-secure passwords for you, keeping you safe without making your life more complicated.

password manager

3. Simple Sharing

Using a password manager makes it easy to share passwords with others safely. Whether you want to share your Netflix account, bank account info, or your WiFi password, you can do it securely from your password manager so your sensitive information is never exposed.

If you change the password to a shared account but still want the other person to have access to it, the new one will sync automatically. You can also remove someone’s access to an account by changing the password and choosing not to sync it with others.

password manager

4. Secure Storage

Another handy feature that many password managers offers is secure storage. You can store credit card information, PDFs, photos, and more in your encrypted vault for safe keeping (and easier online shopping!)

While you probably won’t want to use it to store all of your personal information, it’s a useful feature to have at your disposal!

password manager

Which Password Manager Should I Use?

There are a lot of password managers to choose from, and they all have different pros and cons. To help simplify things, here’s a quick look at some of the most popular password managers and their features:

▶︎ LastPass

LastPass is one of the most popular options, and it’s the one I use for both my personal passwords and my business accounts. It works with all the major platforms and most of the features are available with a free account.

Learn more about LastPass by visiting their website.

▶︎ 1Password

If you’re looking for a more customizable experience, check out 1Password. For $36 per year for an individual, you’ll have complete control over where your data goes and who has access to it.

With 1Password, you also have the option to store your data locally instead of on a cloud-based server, if that’s important to you. Learn more about 1Password by visiting their website.

▶︎ Dashlane

In addition to password management, one of the standout features that Dashlane offers is site breach alerts. They monitor the web for data breaches and stolen information, and will notify you if your data has been compromised.

While Dashlane does have a free account option, these alerts are only available with the Premium version for $5 per month. You’ll also need to get the Premium version to sync all your various devices. Learn more about Dashlane by visiting their website.

password manager

While getting started with any password manager requires a certain amount of time and effort, the benefits of having one are more than worth it. And with as many important things we do online these days, it’s important to do them securely!

Do you have a favorite password manager?

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  • I’ve been using passwords on my iPhone. It keeps track of all of my passwords and generates new ones when I need them.

    It shares on all my Apple devices, my phone, tablet, notebook, and iMac.

    It’s free.

  • Good to know. I had been frustrated not being able to remember all my passwords. One of my brother in laws has told me about the password managers but wasn’t sure what would be best for my devices.

  • Free and open source KeePass Password Safe (find it at KeePass.info, other sites may be imposters). It is software you can run on your PC, tablet, phone directly, or from a usb stick, it isn’t limited to a web browser. I use it on all my PC’s, laptops, tablets, and phones.

    I keep not only all my userids and passwords, but ALL important info such as my parents’ ssn’s, medications, health policy numbers, etc. Also my credit card and bank account numbers, financial and medical accounts. I keep all secret questions and answers, and more, in the notes. Basically any information I wish to have immediately at hand, is stored in there.

    The information stored is not only for me. I’ve shared the master password with my significant other and a trusted friend, as either is authorized to act on my behalf if I become incapacitated or worse. They may need certain information right at their fingertips and this is where it will be.

    KeePass is easy to use if you have just one phone or computer. If you’re not a little ‘geeky’ you might need a help from a tech savvy friend to get a more complex setup. There are good plugins for KeePass including backup and sync with online services such as Google and Box, and to sync your vault with your mutiple devices easily.

    Just a Happy KeePass user 15+ years.

  • We have used LastPass for years, and are very happy with it. One of the things I like is the password generator – makes it so easy to create a strong password.

    • I’ve used LastPass for years, too, and love it. I’m always recommending it to others. You can have the app on multiple devices or access it from the web.

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