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I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting on social media lately talking about how their goal for this year is to read more books, and as a voracious reader myself, I’m delighted by this unexpected trend. Whether you prefer to feel the pages of a physical books between your fingers or you like to listen to audiobooks while getting things done around the house, you’re benefitting from exposing yourself to new information and new points of view.

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I’m personally in the “listen to audiobooks while getting things done” camp, and while this practice has enabled me to read many more books than I would otherwise be able to, I’ve found it hard to remember the titles of the books I’ve read beyond the 2 or 3 most recent ones. I think a lot of people who read a lot experience this issue, so for this week’s digital download, I thought I’d take the opportunity to whip up a simple solution to this problem.

reading log

“Books I’ve Read In 2022” Printable Reading Log

Allow me to introduce you to my printable reading log for 2022! I’ve kept it simple by including columns for the book title, author, the date you started and finished the book, and a column where you can rate each book out of 5 stars to keep a record of how well you liked it.

There are 17 rows on this 2022 reading log, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can only read 17 books this year—you can always print out another copy of it if you need more rows!

reading log

How To Use It

The most obvious way to use this reading log is to keep track of your own reading throughout the year, but that’s definitely not the only way you could us it. Print out a copy and give it to your kids or grandkids who are avid readers—I know I would have loved having an “official-looking” reading list like this to fill out when I was a little bookworm!

And if you have kids or grandkids who could use some encouragement in the reading department, you could turn it into a challenge by offering a reward if they can read enough books to fill up the entire sheet. (Yes, this is essentially a bribe, but we all know bribery is okay if it’s for educational purposes.)

Or if you’re part of an active book club, you could use the reading log to keep track of the books your group reads this year and the general consensus of how the group felt about each. Like I said, there are all sorts of ways you could put it to good use, so download your copy by hitting the button below!

“Books I’ve Read In 2022” Printable Reading Log

Download a PDF file of my “Books I’ve Read in 2022” reading log. Print it out and use it to keep track of your reading progress all year.

Reading log: Books I've read in 2021

Download The Reading Log PDF

Are you planning on reading more this year?

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