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feed the dog

Have you ever had to holler out, “Did you feed the dog?” just before rushing out the door? Mornings can be hectic, and no one wants their best friend going hungry.

With the help of today’s free printable and a couple of magnets, everyone in the house will be able to tell at a glance whether Scout, Fido, or Spot has been fed breakfast or dinner.

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feed the dog

“Did You Feed The Dog?” Printable

Download the printable and hang it on your fridge. After feeding your pup breakfast, place a magnet over the “breakfast” side of the page to indicate they’ve been fed that meal, then do the same at dinnertime. This simple system will help keep everyone in your household on the same page without having to holler across the house.

It can also be helpful to those of us who tend to forget whether or not we fed the dog, as well as people whose dogs like to try to score a second helping when they’ve already been fed. No more missed meals or double servings!

“Did You Feed The Dog?” Printable

Use this handy printable to keep everyone on the same page about feeding the dog(s).

Did you feed the dog?

Download The PDF

Has your pup ever tricked you into giving them seconds?

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