13 Easy Ways To Save While Shopping At Target

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Who doesn’t love a good Target run? Back when my kids were little, running to Target was about as much “me-time” as I ever got, and it retains some of those “happy place” vibes to this day!

Despite all the jokes about Target being a trap for impulse purchases and overspending, there are plenty of ways to save money while shopping there! And we’ll be exploring several of them in today’s post, which is jam-packed with Target-specific shopping tips that will help you make the most of your next visit.

(Also, I should mention that this post isn’t sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Target in any way. I just like shopping there, much like I like shopping at Costco!)

13 Highly Useful Tips For Shopping At Target

target tips

1. Check The End Caps

When you’re cruising through the aisles at Target, be sure to check out the end caps! These shelves on either end of every aisle are often stocked with good deals and sale items.

The end caps that face toward walkways are typically stocked with new, featured, and sale-priced items. And the end caps closest to the walls often carry clearance items, making it well worth your time to take a spin around the perimeter of the store!

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target tips

2. Read The Price Tags

While you’re at the end caps checking out the clearance selection, take a close look at the price tag. The number in the upper right corner will tell you the percentage of the discount on that particular item.

For example, if the tag shows a 30 in the upper right corner, that means the clearance price you’d pay is 30% less than the retail price. You can find clearance discounts of 15, 30, 50, 70, or even 90% off!

Take note of the price itself on clearance items too. If the price ends in a 6 or an 8, it will get marked down even more if it doesn’t get purchased soon. If the price ends in a 4, that means it’s on final clearance.

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target tips

3. Use Target Circle

Target recently streamlined its various rewards and savings programs into the Target Circle program. It’s free to sign up and offers some attractive incentives for frequent Target shoppers!

When you’re checking out, open the Target app and scan your barcode to earn 1% back on your purchase. You can redeem your earnings on future Target purchases, and get access to special deals and offers (like a 5% discount on your birthday!)

target tips

4. Stack Coupons

You can stack coupons to save even more at Target. Combine a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, and even a Target Circle offer to score the best possible price!

You can learn more about Target’s coupon policy on their Help page.

target tips

5. Shop After Holidays

If you’re an avid shopper of post-holiday clearance sales, then be sure to stop at Target! You’ll find the best selection the day after the holiday, but wait a week if you’re looking for the deepest discounts.

Most stores stick to the following schedule when marking down prices on holiday items like food, decor, gift wrap, clothing, and more:

  • The day after the holiday – 50% off
  • Three days after – 75% off
  • One week after – 90% off
target tips

6. Expand Your Search Radius

Had your heart set on an item that’s out of stock at the Target location you usually shop at? Use the Target app to find out if it’s in stock at another store nearby.

Just look up the item using the search function in the Target app. If it shows up as “out of stock” at your usual Target, tap “Find at another store” to see if any other stores in the area have it in stock.

7. Know The Best Day To Shop

Markdowns happen in different departments on different days. With any luck, you may be able to time your shopping trip just right to snag deals before other shoppers!

Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of when and where to check for marked down prices:

  • Monday – Electronics, accessories, kids’ clothing, baby stuff, books
  • Tuesday – Domestics, women’s clothing, pet supplies
  • Wednesday – Men’s clothing, health & beauty, lawn & garden
  • Thursday – Home goods, lingerie, sporting goods
  • Friday – Auto, hardware, jewelry
target tips

8. Bring Your Own Bag

Don’t forget your reusable bags! When you shop at Target, they’ll give you a 5-cent discount on your purchase for each reusable bag you use.

It might not be much, but it adds up on those trips where you’re really stocking up. (Not to mention that using reusable bags is something we should all be doing anyway!)

target tips

9. Follow On Social

Target is all over social media, and following their social accounts can pay off! It’s an easy way to stay up to date on sales events, and to learn about deals on specific items that you might not have known about otherwise.

Just search “Target” on your favorite social channel—they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!

target tips

10. Get The Best Price

One of the easiest ways to save money while shopping at Target is to take advantage of their price matching policy. Just bring in the advertised price from another store and they’ll match the price on that item!

You can also take advantage of price adjustments for 14 days after you purchase something. That means that if you find a better price on something you bought at Target within the past two weeks, you can drop by customer service to get a refund for the difference!

target tips

11. Get Free Gift Cards

If you shop at Target frequently, keep an eye out for special offers that include free Target gift cards. Usually worth around $5-10 each, these cards are typically earned by spending a certain amount on products from a specific brand (like in the “spend $50 on LEGO toys, get a free $10 gift card” example shown above) or within a specific category (like women’s clothing, personal care, etc.)

While Target’s free gift card promotions tend to be particularly abundant during sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can also find them at just about any time of year. Check out the Top Deals page on Target’s website to find current free gift card promotions.

target tips

12. Fill Prescriptions, Get Rewards

Using the CVS Pharmacy inside Target will not only save you an extra trip, but it can also save you money too! With the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program from CVS, you’ll get a $5 off coupon redeemable at Target with every 10 credits you earn.

Credits are earned by utilizing pharmacy services like filling or refilling prescriptions (1 credit), getting a flu shot or other vaccination (3 credits), and more. It’s convenient and a money-saver all in one!

target tips

13. Check Out The RedCard

And finally Target devotees may want to consider applying for a RedCard. It offers several valuable benefits, like a 5% discount on in-store and online purchases, free two-day shipping, and an extended return window.

(Not interested in getting another credit card? No problem! They now offer a debit card option that features all the same benefits as the credit card.)

Do you have any other Target shopping tips to add to this list?

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  • Wow, love this post, Jillee!! In 1972-74, I was in high school and worked at Target. I went from cashier to management and LOVED it all. It was not only a great place to shop but work, as well. I still love to shop there on occasion. Where I live in Iowa, we have a Walmart right across the street from our Target, and many times I find I have to go over to Walmart because Target doesn’t have quite as many choices as Walmart. I don’t know if it is the size of the store or what? Anyway, I still love it and when they have those rows with all sorts of stuff marked down, I have found AMAZING buys there. Turn me loose in those aisles and I’ll still be looking at stuff hours later!!! Fun! :-)

    • Exactly. Where I live it’s Walmart that’s the worst as far as the number of lines being open. Target has been faster even during this Pandemic.

  • Also, you really don’t want something not tied down in your car, in case of a sudden braking or collision. It can fly all over the place, causing whoknowswhat damage. First thing I learned when I began driving.

  • Target just had a special 10 off for the military. Products that support certain groups?? Double standards?? They donate all to all kinds of organizations. That’s what part of the Target Circle is, voting where the money goes. Do your homework.

    • We always welcome people’s constructive criticism and opinions. However, the comments are meant to be helpful to our OGT community. We all have different opinions on different matters… When there are negative comments that do not add value or a comment leads to multiple other comments that take the subject off topic from the post, we will remove the comments. My goal is to try to stay positive and I believe it is more necessary now, with the tough year we have had.

  • Thank you so much for the great tips and many ways ways to save. I have always had very positive experiences with this store , but there is so much I didn’t know and will now use on my future trips to Target! Thank you for this wonderful post. :)

  • I love Target. I grew up with it in Denver. It was our major big store in town. My city we now live in didn’t have one for several years. I love their cheap deals section lots of great stuff. It’s fun to check the red tag prices on clearance items. I’ve heard some of the negative stuff before about Target. I like that you can check out fairly fast. I would rather go to Target for items. We do have Walmart, but it just takes longer to shop there.

    • The other thing t love about Target is it’s also one of those stores I can go to get checked out fairly quickly . I’m also not going to be one to boycott them to be PC .

      • I also love Targets website. You can look for items that they carry and it will tell you if the store in your area carries. It makes it a lot less frustrating if you can check
        before heading out.

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