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15 Ways To Get More For Your Money At Walmart

Save money at Walmart by checking the clearance items and learning the price codes. Walmart brands of gluten-free foods are often half the price of name brands.

Score Great Deals With These Walmart Tips

I’ve already written posts full of tips for shopping online and in store at Costco and Target, so it’s high time I shared some pointers about how to save money grocery shopping at Walmart! Between their online grocery shopping options and great deals, there are plenty of ways to save on your next Walmart purchase.

I personally have a bit of a soft spot for Walmart, because it’s the only big box-type store in our town! Before that store opened up here, I had to drive 20-30 minutes in one direction or the other to get anything I couldn’t get at the grocery store (which was a pain, to say the least!)

In addition to being a valuable part of my town’s retail landscape, Walmart is a budget-friendly place to shop for just about anyone. Use these 15 Walmart tips to make the most of your budget!

15 Walmart Shopping Tips You Need To Know

Walmart has convenient, free online grocery shopping.

1. Free Online Grocery Shopping

Don’t have time to wander the grocery aisles at Walmart, or maybe you just don’t want to? Do your grocery shopping online via the Walmart website or app instead!

Not only is Walmart’s online grocery shopping option convenient, but it’s free too! Just shop for your groceries, pay online, then pick up your stuff at the store — at no additional cost!

Save $10 off your $50 order at Walmart with the code WOWFRESH.

2. Save $10 On Groceries

If you’re new to grocery shopping online at Walmart, you can save $10 on your first order of $50 or more! Just enter the coupon code WOWFRESH at checkout to get the discount.

You can get pickup discounts on some items at Walmart.

3. Choose Store Pickup

Walmart has been known to offer discounts on select online-only items when you choose pickup over shipping. Pickup discounts aren’t huge, but when you factor in the money you’ll save on shipping costs, it can add up!

On the other hand, if you do want to have your items shipped to you, there’s an easy way to score free shipping! Those in the contiguous U.S. get free 2-day shipping on orders over $35 on Walmart.com.

Don't be afraid to try Walmart brands -- they're better than you might think.

4. Shop The Store Brand

Walmart’s main private label for grocery items is the Great Value brand. Apparently, it’s an open secret that many Great Value items are manufactured at the same facilities as Conagra brand items!

Several sources claim that Great Value brand spices are the same as McCormick brand, canned vegetables are the same as Green Giant, and whipped topping is the same as Cool Whip. I can’t personally verify the accuracy of these claims, but it certainly can’t hurt to give them a try!

The number the price ends with at Walmart will tell you a lot about discounts on that item.

5. Clearance Tags Decoded

The prices listed on clearance tags can tell you more than just how much the items costs! Prices that end in 7 reflect the item’s original price, while prices that end in 5 signify the item has been marked down.

If the price ends in 0 or 1, that price is a final markdown. The price won’t go any lower, so snap it up if it’s something you want!

Walmart will pay you the overage if you have a coupon worth more than the item costs.

6. Coupon “Overages”

Store policy at Walmart allows something called “overages” when it comes to using coupons. For example, if you have a coupon for $2 off a loaf of bread, but the price of the bread is only $1.97, that extra $0.03 would be considered an overage.

Walmart’s policy allows overages to be applied to the other items in your purchase, which is a nice little bonus!

You can get really good buys on bakery and meat items that are close to their sell-by date.

7. Discounted Meat & Bread

If you’re willing to take a chance on meat and bread that’s close to its expiration date, you can save up to 50% off! Check the day-old racks in the bakery for 50% discounts on bread, and look for markdowns in the evening on meat items.

If you can't find the price on an item at Walmart, you can check the price on your phone.

8. Price Check On Your Phone

Can’t find the price for an item when you’re shopping at Walmart? Use the scanner feature in the Walmart app (located to the right of the search bar) to find the price!

Holiday items are marked down as much as 90% once the holiday has passed!

9. Post-Holiday Discounts

At Walmart, the best time to score deep discounts on holiday items is 3 days after the holiday. Holiday items are marked down 50% the day after the holiday, but they get marked down 90% after 3 days, so it may be worth it to wait!

Walmart's gluten free items are as much as half the price of other brands.

10. Go For Gluten Free

When it comes to Walmart’s Great Value brand, the greatest value of all is on their gluten free items! Gluten free items from Great Value are often half the price of their name brand counterparts.

Always keep an eye on the end caps at Walmart for big savings on seasonal clearance items.

11. Keep An Eye On Clearance

It’s always worth a trip to the end-caps to see what’s on clearance! Clearance varies greatly by store, but here’s a general idea of what you can expect to find during different times of year:

  • February to March – Coats, winter clothes, boots
  • Late August to September – Swimwear, summer decor, pool toys, dorm decor, school supplies
  • Late October to early November – Fall decor, summer clothing and shoes
Use ibotta to get cash back from shopping at Walmart.

12. Use Ibotta To Get Cash Back

Use the Ibotta app when you shop at Walmart to earn cash back on all sorts of items! Add the offers to your account in the app, then just snap a picture of your receipt within 24 hours of your purchase to earn cash back!

Learn more about using Ibotta on their website.

When you create a baby registry at Walmart, you receive a free baby box.

13. Free Baby Box

If you or someone you know is expecting, start a baby registry through Walmart and they’ll send you get a free Baby Registry Welcome box. According to those who have gotten one, the boxes include free samples of stuff like pacifiers, bottles, wipes, diapers, nursing pads, etc.

To learn more and sign up, visit Walmart’s baby registry page.

Get generic prescriptions for as little as $4 at the Walmart pharmacy.

14. $4 Generic Prescriptions

Walmart pharmacies offer tons of generic prescription drugs for just $4, which can save you a ton of money over name brand ones! Check to see if generic versions of your prescriptions exist, then look at Walmart’s $4 generics list to see if yours are listed there.

Occasionally a higher price sticker will be put on top of a clearance sticker, so be sure to check that out by peeking!

15. Sneaky Clearance Stickers

According to at least a couple of unhappy shoppers online, there have been cases where a higher priced clearance tag was placed over the top of a clearance tag with a lower price. So if you’re perusing clearance items at Walmart, you may want to peel back part of the clearance sticker to make sure you’re getting the lowest price!

Do you have a favorite Walmart tip or trick?

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  • As a longtime Walmart + member, I can say the membership is worth the price. Years ago I broke my ankle and couldn’t drive my manual car. I signed up to get my groceries delivered and couldn’t be happier. The online prices are usually less than the instore ones. If you use Honey, you earn cash back on each purchase. Plus, it helps me stay on budget by not going into the store. The only downside is that you miss clearance items.

  • Walmart is my go-to when stocking up on groceries/health items. Not all WMs are alike – I’ve been to a couple both here & in Fla. I went to one in a neighboring state (it’s a 20 minute drive) where the state tax is lower. I listened in on a couple of employees and they were happy with their jobs. There’s one close by that I only go to in a pinch (sorry for judging but the customers leave a lot to be desired!) and a Super center about 10 miles away that I love. I’ve never had a problem with their Great Value brands- they are as good as name brands and cost far less. Even brand names are cheaper. Their paper goods (tissues, t.p.) are the same quality as name brands. What I do refuse to do is self-checkout but even CVS has them. I don’t work for them, don’t get paid by them plus I might be doing someone out of a job. We have a surplus of jobs in my state with no one to fill them. I don’t buy clothes but every place, not just Walmart, has clothing (even top of the line), made in China or some 3rd world country. I doubt that anybody who knocked WM for “Chinese goods” doesn’t have something in there home that isn’t made elsewhere.

  • I am sorry to read so much negativity about Walmart in these comments. They are one of the largest employers in many states, and even added jobs during this virus crisis. I think that is saying a lot. Personally, I am very happy to have a store near where I live. Buying groceries there costs 20 to 30 percent less than any other store in my area. Every single time. I just can’t pass up savings like that since we live on a fixed income. I gladly shop there, and the folks at my local Walmart are glad to work there.

  • Walmart is like any other place and you just have to use your common sense. I worked for them for years and was full time. 40 hours and not a minute more. Wages were not that great and neither were raises, but it was the only game in town for a new military mom that needed a job. If your dept manager liked you, you were okay and if not then keep your head down and just do your job. We had a decent manager, but the assistant manager was a joke and made things bad for everyone. My main grip was each year they made billions and it went to all of the family members. This was after Sam died because it was never like that before. Also he was proud of the fact that lots of his items were American made. Now it all comes from China or other countries and they have no quality control so you get what you paid for. So it’s up to you to do your homework and make sure what you buy is worth what you’re going to pay. There are very few items I shop for in that store anymore and that’s tough for me to say cause I still own a good share of stock in that company. But I think every store has the same truth in it somewhere. Wouldn’t you agree?

  • I was at Sam’s club(owned by Walmart) yesterday and saw they had a machine to get a free coupon. They recommended downloading their Freeosk app. They have certain locations at Sam’s club and Walmart where you can get free samples and/or discounts. I thought I’d share.

  • I actually didn’t grow up on Walmart. Living in another state we had Target. I had heard of Walmart but hadn’t ever been to one until we moved to the Midwest. I love that their great value brand water filters are good and about 1/2 the price of the name brand.Some of the name brand beauty stuff you can find comparable stuff under the great value brand . One great way to save money on Vitamins is their Spring Valley brand which often has lower prices for certain supplements. I don’t shop at Walmart very often, but I know the items that can save a lot of money at Walmart.

  • Being retired, I’m always on the lookout for bargains. Also, being retired, I have the time and patience to shop around. Wally World is not the end all, be all for bargains. As mentioned by Modaca, their “clearance” item offerings are a joke. Half the time they put stuff there with no pricing, so you have to hike off to find one of their poorly placed price scanners to get a price, and then that “clearance” price is mostly no bargain at all. As for marked down meat or bakery items, our store almost never has any meat marked down, and when they do, on rare occasion, it’s still pricier than other stores in the area. As far as their “day old” bakery items, you’re far better off at Kroger, where they do a 50% markdown on i, and it’s generally better quality.

    • You can use the Walmart App to scan prices. Often the clearance items have been marked down even lower but staff has not tagged them with the lowered price.

  • Sorry, disclaimer, I don’t like Walmart. I don’t shop ever at Walmart. They are fair employers. There employees have to use food stamps and work under full time so Walmart doesn’t have to pay benefits. They are pushing out small US businesses and most products are manufactured overseas that use near slave labor.

    • They sometimes have good workers work 40 plus hours a week. For two or three weeks, then cut them to 15 hours one week, then back to 40. That way they are not full time. And forget about asking for time off. They ignore the request. If you have a doctor’s appointment, scheduled three weeks in advance, they will schedule you for that day and time.

    • I have to disagree. I have a son that works full time at Walmart and has serious health issues and Walmart has bent over backwards to help him and has never cut his hours. They have been more than fair to him.

      • My Son graduated from University last Dec.. He put in an application a week after and 3days later he was hired parting. Two days later he was put on full time.
        We have at least five good stores we can shop at; and often do. Sometimes Wal Mart has the lowest price, sometimes not. More often than not the discounted items help with the items that cost just a bit more. As with getting deals do your homework, know your prices and products. Make informed purchases.
        One of the many things I like is I can usually do all my shopping; grocery and clothes, hardware, home etc., in one trip.

      • He prob Started full time Im thinking. its hard to get full x if you start part time. They wouldnt let me apply for a position in store for full x till Id been there a year. Ladys rite about scheduling drs appt 3 weeks in advance too. I among others, know, it works that way. Guess disabled or anyone with health issues better make sure they put that in writing in beginning,then its a breeze?

    • This is true, but do you shop at Amazon? You should hear the horrific horror stories about working there. It’s online if you’re interested. How about how Chinese workers are treated? Most of our stuff still comes from China and we all buy it. I can’t not go some place because of how they treat their employees because it’s everywhere.

      • That may be one reason more people are shopping on sites like Etsy, where they can buy things made by hand, by people who work out of their homes or have just one small local shop. Things cost more than on Amazon (or from Wal-Mart) but at least we know where they were made, by whom and out of what materials. We may have to get over our “entitlement” mentality in regard to low prices if we want to see a return to better quality products and better treatment of employees.

  • This is a great article, and I learned a lot. Thanks for all the work you do, Jillee, in researching such things for those of us trying to save a few pennies here and there. My husband frequently gets off from work at 9 in the evening and I send him over to Walmart to pick up a couple items on his way home. He almost always stops by the rotisserie chicken section to see if any are left. Last night he scored four chickens for $2.49 each. They then go into our freezer for those hectic days or when unexpected guests show up at meal time.

  • I love the Great Value brand of most everything at Walmart and my father-in-law said the same thing about that brand. He was a truck driver and would see many different labels on cans that all came out of the same factory!

  • You can earn $1.00 through your ibotta app with the online grocery shopping and pick up. Just be sure to launch the ibotta app first and then select the Walmart Grocery pick up option (it’s different than the ibotta Walmart shopping option). As long as you’re working through the ibotta app to do all the online grocery selection, you’ll earn the dollar. It’s worth it though. My Walmart only requires a $30 order to do the pick up and I earn $1 every time. Plus, it’s currently the only way to use the ibotta app with Walmart online grocery pick up.

  • Hi Jillee – I am often surprised at what eclectic things I can find at Walmart… from Organic Aloe Vera to organic produce, to household items that I frequently can’t find anywhere else. I learned several things from your article here (I did NOT know about the ending price… – or the markup on “clearance” items. Thanks so much for the information! Carol

    • I’m sorry to see how many “thumbs-down” your comment received. I refrained from posting my opinions (I never shop Wal-Mart anymore) but I’m with you.

      • When Sam Walton came up with a “big box” store it was intended to be an all American made company and he would purchase from the “Mom & Pop” stores.
        Since he passed, his heirs became extremely greedy, so hence they began their “made in China” scheme! All they thought and think of is “bottom line” and “profit”!
        They even purchase meats and poultry from Mexico!
        I love great deals and discounts… but NOT at the cost of displacing our fellow Americans! I mean look at what happened to our Automobile Industry… that’s horrible! Also, let’s not forget that most of our OTC meds and quite a few of our prescriptions are also made in China and Mexico! Those poor people work in horrid conditions and it isn’t only the adults but children as well!
        I’m not here trying to incite anything negatively, political, cultural or appear racist! Just calling it as I see it and I’ve been around a very, very long time!
        Miss Jillee, thank you so much for your tips and advice on so many topics! Just gors to show you that “indeed you can teach an old dog new tricks” of course meaning me!
        May God Bless all that reads this and may Peace ✌ follow all of you!

      • Yes, reading “The Wal-Mart Effect” was even more eye-opening for me even after I didn’t shop there anymore.

  • >