“Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” – Part Twenty-One

why didn't i think of that?

Can you believe this is the 21st installment of my “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” series? I just keep finding great tips that I can’t bear to throw away. This time I’ll share some simple and simply amazing tips for keeping your shoes clean while you paint, the right way to use your rearview mirror, organizing condiments, and a lot more!

Missed the last installment or want to check out the rest of the series? You’ll find a link to the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” series archive at the bottom of this post!

why didn't i think of that?

1. Skincare Shelf Life Symbol

Have you ever wondered what the mysterious “M” numbers in or around an open jar symbol on your skincare products mean? They are the suggested shelf life—6M equals 6 months, 12M equals 12 months, and so on. After that time the components in the product can start to break down, so check your lotions and makeup for these M numbers. If there’s anything marked 12M that you’ve had so long you can’t remember when you got it, it’s time to replace it.

why didn't i think of that?

2. Flip Your Rearview Mirror

Did you know that the little tab on the bottom of your rearview mirror changes the mirror mode from “day” to “night”? In day mode the mirror gives a strong reflection, and when you flip the tab it tilts the mirror to prevents bright headlights from blinding you from behind. Try it and see!

why didn't i think of that?

3. Quickly Steam Wrinkled Clothes

Did you ever forget to take your clothes out of the dryer on time and found them all wrinkly? Instead of starting all over or getting out the iron, just throw a few ice cubes in the dryer and turn it on. As the ice melts and turns to steam, it will steam those wrinkles right out of the fabric. It doesn’t work as well on heavier items, but it’s like a miracle for lighter items. Best of all, it only takes about ten minutes for it to work!

why didn't i think of that?

4. Easy Dry Erase Board

I love dry-erase message boards, but they aren’t usually very attractive. I solved that problem by making message boards out of picture frames! Just grab an old picture frame and some nice paper, cut the paper to fit the frame, and set it behind the glass. The glass is an excellent surface for writing on with dry-erase markers, and the frames look great on a counter or hung on a wall click here for instructions.

why didn't i think of that?

5. Organize Your Condiments

Do the bottles in the door of your refrigerator tip over and rattle around when you open or close the door? Those little jars and bottles can be hard to corral, but the solution can be as close as your recycling bin! Grab an empty six-pack bottle carrier and use it to organize those wayward bottles in the door. This is also a fantastic way to transport condiments to a backyard barbecue or a picnic!

why didn't i think of that?

6. Hang Your Bananas

Hanging your bananas helps them ripen evenly and last longer, so I really wanted to get a banana tree. However, counter space is at a premium in my kitchen, so instead I added a small adhesive hook under the cabinets and hung my bananas from that. It keeps the fruit off of the counter, and works just as well as a banana tree. When it isn’t in use, it’s completely hidden from view, and I didn’t have to drill holes in the cabinets either! I just love Command hooks and I use them all over the house—these medium wire hooks are perfect for hanging bananas.

why didn't i think of that?

7. Flip A Coin

If you’re having trouble making up your mind, it’s possible that you are overthinking it. Try the age-old trick of flipping a coin—while you’re waiting to see what the coin decides, your mind will automatically start to wish for a certain result. Problem solved!

why didn't i think of that?

8. Cover Dirty Laundry Smells On The Road

You don’t always have the opportunity to wash your clothes when you’re traveling, which means you end up hauling a bag of dirty laundry around. We all know dirty laundry can smell, especially after being stuffed in a bag for a while, but there’s an easy solution. Just put a bar of scented soap in the same compartment or bag as your dirty clothes, and it will help keep things smelling fresh!

why didn't i think of that?

9. Protect Your Shoes

Have you ever accidentally splattered your shoes with paint while you were working on home improvement projects or your favorite crafts? Try this trick before you get out the paint cans next time—just pull a big or stretchy pair of socks on over your shoes to keep spills and splatters off them. Socks can be very handy—here are some more great uses for them.

The “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” Series

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  • I really enjoy your ideas! The framed dry erase board is great. But you don’t need paint – you could simply put a piece of colored paper behind the glass. Most of us have SOMETHING that could be used. I mean, if you have paint and want a color you don’t have, great. But even the back side (recycle) of a colored page would work. Or a brown paper bag, cut to fit. Or a plain piece of wrapping paper or a large gift box. So many easy options other than paint.

  • For #3 I use wool dryer balls so if I forget a load I just take out 1 ball and run water over it. Not much of it gets wet but what does works wonders as a steamer. It also works on heavy loads if you get a little more water on it or use more than 1 ball. As for condiments, I have a plastic tub that I put all my jars in then it’s easy to pull out for meals, like pickles, relish, salad dressings. You name it, it most likely will be in the tub. That frees up my door space for other things. I really like these articles and hope you keep them coming.

  • Love your blog Jillee! But on your “Why didn’t I think of that” Number 2 1, be careful putting socks over shoes to avoid getting paint on your shoes. Be sure to use socks with some kind of “grip”, silicone or even dried hit glue, otherwise they are extremely slippery on uncarpeted areas and could send you flying!

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