9 Useful Products That Will Solve Your Everyday Problems

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There are lots of useful products out there that can help make your daily life easier. But how do you find out about them in the first place? Today the answer is simple: just read this blog post! :-)

Today I’ll be sharing 9 useful products that are designed to make some facet of daily life just a little bit easier. And since the most expensive product on this list is just under $40, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get them!

Forgot About Father’s Day?

First off, no judgment here! I’m not exactly proud to admit it, but I’ve personally forgotten a few special occasions over the years (and those happened during much less tumultuous times!)

My go-to move for a salvaging gift-giving mishap is to order a gift online, print out a picture of it, and include the picture in a nice card. If you need a very, very last minute Father’s Day gift, feel free to apply that tactic to any of the gift-worthy items below! :-)

9 Useful Products For Solving Everyday Problems

amazon gadgets

1. Phone Screen Magnifier

Price: $16.89

As someone who can’t functionally use their phone without my reading glasses, I understand how frustrating it can be to try to make out what’s going on on a tiny phone screen! But this phone screen magnifier makes an inexpensive and highly clever solution to that problem.

Just set it up, prop your phone on the stand, and the screen will magnify the image so it appears 4-6x larger. It’s perfect for watching videos or movies on your phone, and as an added bonus, it also blocks blue light!

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2. Reusable Gel Tape

Price: $8.59

This clear, double-sided gel tape is both removable and reusable. You can use it to hang seasonal decor, secure rugs to the floor, putting up organizers, and much more.

When you want to remove it, just peel it off the wall and give it a good rinse. Allow the gel tape to dry completely, and it’ll be clean, sticky, and ready to reuse!

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3. Laser Guided Scissors

Price: $9.90

If cutting in a straight line was never your strongest suit, you’ll love these laser guided scissors. The laser on this pair of scissors projects a straight line onto the surface of the paper (or whatever material you’re working with) so you can cut a stick-straight line every time!

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4. Nail Clippers With Catcher

Price: $16.99

Do you or someone you live with struggle to prevent nail clippings from going everywhere when you clip your nails? This set of nail clippers has a catcher compartment that can eliminate that problem entirely.

The compartment wraps around the sides and bottom of the clippers, and it slides right off when you’re ready to empty it. Brilliant!

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5. Clip-On Desk Light

Price: $23.99

The features, size, and portability of this clip-on desk light make it useful for all sorts of different situations. From lighting up your reading or crafting area, to providing flattering lighting for your next video call, this little lamp can do it all!

You can choose from white light, warm light, or white warm light, and each setting has 10 brightness options. So no matter what sort of light you need, this powerful little lamp is sure to provide it!

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6. 4-in-1 Travel Dispenser

Price: $8.99

Believe it or not, of all the products on this list, it was this little travel dispenser that delighted the OGT Team the most! It houses four 40 mL pump bottles, and includes a set of label stickers so you can easily identify what’s in each bottle.

To use the dispenser, you just twist the top to line up with the product you want and press the button down to dispense it. Whether you use it for travel or for everyday use, this dispenser offers a space-saving way to carry and use your go-to toiletries.

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7. Light Blocking Stickers

Price: $6.49

We all have different preferences when it come to our sleeping environment. The light-blocking stickers are tailor-made for those who need the room to be as dark as possible!

These stickers are designed to block out those annoying LED lights on electronics that are always lit. For just a few dollars, you can deal with those glaring little LEDs and improve your sleeping environment.

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8. Charging Station

Price: $36.99

If you’re the type who can’t stand the sight of a tangled mess of cords and cables, you’ll love this charging station! It’s a great way to declutter and streamline an area of your house that’s already being used as a “charging zone.”

Instead of dealing with a bunch of cords and plugs, this charging station has 6 slots and cables (short ones!) to accommodate your phones, tablets, and other devices. It’s an easy way to keep your gadgets charged without added clutter.

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9. Defrosting Tray

Price: $24.99

Whenever I make a meal using something from the freezer, I rarely have enough foresight to move it to the fridge the night before so it can thaw safely overnight. If you struggle with the same problem, this defrosting tray will make your life a lot easier!

Just set frozen food onto the tray and it will thaw out in a fraction of the time it would normally take. It’s a great way to safely speed up the thawing process without your food ending up both unevenly thawed and partially cooked. (I’m looking at you, microwave!)

What’s the most useful product you’ve bought lately?

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  • If you have two defrosting trays and sandwich them around the frozen food then the defrosting time is reduced greatly e.g steak completely unfrozen in approximately one hour! The same effect can be achieved with the frozen food placed on a metal baking tray with a heavy steel pan on top. It works by induction.

    Love and thanks to Jillee for her daily inspiration…

  • I’ve used the light blocking stickers. They are awesome!!! My favorite use is the clock sized ones. Made my clock that doesn’t dim enough for me just right. If one of the stickers doesn’t block the light enough on some of those super bright LED standby lights on electronics just add another on top of it.

  • OH my goodness!! Those light blocking stickers!! You just made my life sooo much better for about $7!! Lots of great tips. Thank you Thank you!! :)

  • I haven’t bought anything recently. I did get the regular size magnifier years ago with a gift card. It works great for trying to read stuff with small print- especially certain emails. I always bring it with my reading material on trips. It’s really great for using with maps.

  • It’s so funny… Years ago, I found a little thawing tray similar to that one in a thrift shop. We fell so in love with it that we bought another one as well and frequently use them both :). They will also defrost containers of goods, not just flat ones.. Thanks for the tips!

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