The One Thing You Need To Try If You Have Really Dry Feet

applying plastic wrap over foot mask

Dry Feet And Cracked Heels Are No Fun!

Dry winter air affects all of my skin to some extent, but nowhere does it wreak more havoc than my heels! They get really dry and flaky, and if I’m not extremely diligent about applying lotion, they’ll even develop deep cracks that can make it painful to walk.

But I’m hardly the only one who suffers from dry heels, especially during the winter months. So when I recently came across an intriguing dry feet treatment that promised to help exfoliate and revitalize even extremely dry feet, I knew I had to give it a try so I could share it here with you—not just for my own sake, but for all of ours! :-)

So if you’re wondering how to get soft feet, read on for the details!

wearing socks over a foot mask

How Does This Dry Feet Treatment Work?

This exfoliating treatment banishes dead skin with the help of two household ingredients I bet many of you already have on hand: aspirin and lemon juice! Not only are aspirin and lemon juice widely available, but they’re also inexpensive and highly effective for fighting dry skin.

Aspirin contains aminosalicylic acid, a cousin of salicylic acid which is commonly found in acne treatments. Many products use salicylic acid for cracked feet and fixing cracked heels as well. That’s because this acid helps break the bond between rough, dead skin cells and the top layer of your skin, helping to slough off that tough layer on the bottom of your feet that can get so dry during the winter.

Like aspirin, lemon juice also contains natural acids that not only help to remove dead cells, but it also helps the aminosalicylic acid penetrate more deeply into the skin. The two work together to reveal soft, supple skin from beneath those layers of tough dryness.

So now that you know what goes into this treatment and how the ingredients work, it’s time to learn how to put it to good use! :-)

How to Make A DIY Exfoliating Treatment For Dry Feet

foot mask ingredients: plastic wrap, a lemon, aspirin, clean socks

You’ll need:

  • 5-6 non-coated aspirin (or 2-3 packets of BC Powder)
  • 1 lemon
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Foot bath, dishpan, or similar sized container
  • Towel
  • Plastic wrap
  • Clean socks
  • Pumice stone or foot file
  • Moisturizing lotion (the richer, the better!)


placing aspirin powder and lemon juice in a small bowl for foot mask

Step 1 – Prep

Place the aspirin tablets or aspirin powder in your small mixing bowl and set it aside, then fill up your foot bath or dishpan with hot water. (You’ll come back to the aspirin a little later, but it helps to put them somewhere easily accessible so you don’t have to go tracking wet footprints through the house later on!)

soaking feet in a tub

Step 2 – Soak

Next, soak your feet in the hot water for about 20 minutes. Just before you’re done soaking, squeeze as much of the juice from the lemon as you can into the bowl of aspirin. Use a fork or spoon to smash up the aspirin tablets (if using) and mix until the aspirin and lemon juice form a gritty paste.

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applying foot mask

Step 3 – Apply Aspirin Mixture

When your soaking time is up, take your feet out of the water and dry them thoroughly with a towel. Then scoop up some of the aspirin paste and apply to the bottoms of your feet, paying special attention to the dryest areas.

putting plastic wrap over foot mask

Step 4 – Cover And Wait

Next, grab the plastic wrap and use it to wrap each of your feet to hold the aspirin mixture in place. When your feet are all wrapped up, put a pair of clean socks on over the plastic wrap to secure it, then leave it on for at least 2 hours.

pulling socks over foot mask and plastic wrap

(It can feel a little weird and possibly slippery to walk around with the plastic wrap and socks on, so I suggest watching a movie, reading a book, or working on some other activity you can do sitting down!)

brushing heels after foot mask

Step 5 – Rinse And Exfoliate

When the treatment time is up, remove the socks and plastic wrap (preferably in or over your bathtub to avoid making any messes) and rinse your feet thoroughly. Follow up with pumice stone or loofah to help slough off the loosened skin, which should come off shockingly easily!

applying lotion to feet

Step 6 – Moisturize

When you’re all done, rinse your feet again and then apply a generous amount of your favorite rich moisturizing lotion. Your feet should be markedly softer and smoother, and much easier to keep hydrated!

So if you’ve been struggling with dry or cracked heels, give this extra-strength exfoliating treatment a try and let me know what you think!

What sorts of things do you do to fight winter dryness?

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  1. I actually tried the Gold Bond Healing Cream with Aloe. Unfortunately it must have something in it that irritated my skin. So I actually found a store version of Gold Bonds Eczema cream. I haven’t used it on my feet just my hands. O’ Keefe’s actually makes an Eczema lotion. I just wish all the great lotions weren’t expensive. I also get the little annoying loose bits of skin on my feet. They can be very painful.

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  2. With a congenital skin disease, ichthyosis, I fight thick, scaly skin all year. The best lotions I have used list urea as at least the 3rd, but should be 2nd ingredient. Currently, Gold Bond has an excellent lotion to use after any foot treatment to maintain soft skin: In a tube, it is “Healing Foot Cream Aloe” and it also has lactic acid in the formula. With regular use, it’s very good. By the way, many people don’t know that their dry skin can be “ichthyosis vulgaris” (common form); it’s a somewhat unknown genetic skin condition. It came down our fair-skinned family line through my father, and if my mother also had the gene, it explains why I inherited such a life-long nasty case of it. Another symptom is “chicken skin” bumps on back and arms. My back feels like sand paper! As a person with ichthyosis ages, he gets “actinic keratosis” spots which are known to be precancerous.

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  3. If you have occasion to visit clinics or hospitals that provide no-slip socks while you are undergoing testing or treatment, make sure to keep them. The providers will not mind, and you will have a way to diminish slipperiness a little bit. I say “a little” because the mixture and the plastic wrap will still give you a bit of a wobble, so be careful in any case.

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  4. I wonder if this would work on dry cracked toes? I love O ‘ Keefe ‘s. I haven’t used their foot formula yet . I’ve lived in Denver before too, like Julie but it’s been a longtime. My main problem is I’m on my feet all day at work. And that can do a number on your feet. I’m actually a KC girl now. I do have some dry skin issues – but it’s more humidity in our climate. It can get frigid cold.

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  5. A much easier solution is to use O’Keefe’s Healthy Feet nightly. It’s the best food cream out there and it says “for extremely dry, cracked feet”. Many people in my dry climate of Denver swear by it!

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    • Thanks for sharing this Julie. With this recipe, many people probably have all of these ingredients at home already. I love the results I get with using this process and I like to make homemade remedies when possible.

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  6. Hi Wish you a Merry and bright Christmas. Your trick seems to be great. But there is one thing that worry’s me. Some aspirine will be absorbed by the skin. As it may sound danger less. A lot of people take medication that could come to contradiction. You should write at the top of your post. Make sure that aspirine is safe for you. I’M an Emergency room registered Nurse and wouldn’t want people to have health problems for that (Sorry for my English, I’m French). I love all your post and read them all the time!

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    • Lyne, thank you for this very important tip. Based on your tip, my recommendation would be for anyone that is on medication, they consult their doctor before trying this. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. :-)

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