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6 Tips That Make It Easy To Organize The Photos On Your Phone

organizing photos

I’m as guilty as the next person of putting off tasks that seem especially daunting, but organizing the photos on my phone is something I never like to leave on my to-do list for too long. Why? Because I know that the longer I put it off, the more disorganized they’ll get and the longer it will take me to dig myself out of the mess!

If you’ve been neglecting the collection of photos you have on your phone, it’s time to get your virtual albums cleaned up and sorted so you can navigate them more easily. With Christmas right around the corner, now is a great time to do it, especially if you plan on using your photos in any gifts you’ll be giving this year.

And you won’t need to tackle this task alone, because today I’m sharing 6 simple tips that are guaranteed to help you tame the chaos of your photo collection. The only thing you need to do is find the time to sit down and do it!

6 Simple Tips For Organizing The Photos On Your Phone

organizing photos

1. Edit Your Collection

Start with whittling down your vast collection and remember: less is more. Get rid of anything you don’t want to keep, like old memes you received from friends, screenshots you no longer need, and duplicates from all those times you took 7 photos just in case.

Don’t feel pressured to delete meaningful or sentimental photos, but for the things that aren’t as important, one or two good photos is usually all you need to remember the occasion.

Bonus Tip: Use an app like Remo to identify, preview, and delete your duplicates. It’ll save you a lot of time!

organizing photos

2. Create New Albums

If you have sets or collections of photos that you want to keep together and easily accessible, you may want to create separate albums to put them in. This could include big life events like weddings, holidays, or family trips, as well as images you’re keeping for easy reference later on. (Check out my big list of useful photos to keep on your phone at the link below!)

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organizing photos

3. Utilize Automatic Categories

Many smartphones today can accurately recognize faces, locations, and common visuals like flowers, dogs, food, and even handwriting, and they may even create categories of photos with similar visuals automatically. (Go to the Search tab in Photos on iPhone, or in the Google Photos app, to explore this feature.)

The next time you want to show someone a photo of your pet, garden, or a fancy dinner out, using the search function in your photo app can save you the hassle of scrolling back through hundreds or thousands of pictures.

organizing photos

4. Back Them Up

If you’ve ever lost a treasured video because someone taped over it, you know how devastating it can be. But thanks to modern cloud technology, you can avoid ever having to experience such a tragedy again!

Make sure you have your photos set to get backed up to the cloud through your Photos app on Android or Apple devices. For added security, you may even want to back them up again in a second location like Google Photos, Dropbox, Amazon Photos, or on an external hard drive.

Bonus Tip: Not sure if your photos are getting backed up on the cloud? iPhone users, go to Settings > Photos, then make sure the “iCloud Photos” toggle is on. Android users, open Google Photos, tap your account profile, go to Photos settings, then ensure the “Back up & sync” toggle is on.

organizing photos

5. Share And Enjoy

Why bother organizing your photos if you’re not going to take a trip down Memory Lane, either on your own or with the people you love? Make the most of those visual memories by showing your photos as a slideshow at your next family dinner.

Other ways to enjoy your photos include printing a few them to display in frames, displaying them in a digital photo frame, or turning them into custom photo gifts like a photo book, ornament, or mug.

organizing photos

6. Keep Them Organized

We all know from experience that it’s easier to keep something organized than it is to organize a big mess, and it’s the same with the photos on your phone. So once you have your photos organized, stay on top of it by deleting, tagging, and sorting your photos on a regular bases.

It’s a great way to do something useful during commercial breaks or when you’re waiting around for something. Making a concerted effort to keep your photos organized will make a huge difference in the state and quality of your collection!

Do you have any tips or tricks about storing, organizing, or displaying photos?

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